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Brender is our new bill shankly,.,i just strongly belive success is on the way for us, as long as we trust in Rodgers
1st Aug 2013 10:09
Craigus Maximus
1st Aug 2013 10:58
"Brenda is not the new shankly you cant compare him to a great legend Shankly would not of treated Reina the way he has after 8 years of being one of top 3 keepers in the league. Sahin saying honour to wear the liverpool shirt yet Brenda played him out of position and never spoke to him to answer why goes to Broussia and plays champioins league and shows a decent player Brenda is out of his depth"
1st Aug 2013 12:17
"CraigusMaximus: How on earth do you know that? stop reading silly things in the tabloids, and so should all the other negatives, its his first year for gods sake ! give the man a chance."
Craigus Maximus
1st Aug 2013 12:34
"With Rafa came in with vertually no buys when houl left charge went on won Champs league. How can Brenda say he wants depth then sends reina away and now skirt both to napoli on loan. Rem chan5 Brenda says carroll part of his plans sends him to west ham on loan with only 1 striker left! sounds like a manager knowing what hes doing right? "
1st Aug 2013 12:34
"Gandaf- Would you please stop insulting Shankly."
1st Aug 2013 13:40
"I have so much faith in Brendan. If we leave him to grow and develop the club and himself I thoroughly believe we'll be successful - YNWA!"
1st Aug 2013 14:43
"Rafa bought in players straight away, and Pepe on loan makes sense considering a)many fans-not me-have been saying he should be sold and b)he wants 1st team football before the World cup. Could that be a positive for Pepe and Rodgers? Not in your book obviously!"
Craigus Maximus
1st Aug 2013 16:35
"2005 players dudek finan carra riise hypia traore gerrard kewell& baros was there before rafa so only garcia& alonso rafa players basically houls team. Brenda has ripped apart a team now loosing agger and skirt! Can you honestly see LFC mounting a challange for top 4 even top 5 with spuds chelsea man y arse & united already strong & strenthening yet were loaning world class players im gutted! "
1st Aug 2013 19:32
"Reina on loan now Robinson on loan who else does he want to loan out -S.Gerrard. New B.Shankly - I don't think so. Please don't insult Shanks !!!!!"
2nd Aug 2013 1:01
"It is pathetic to read so called fans comparing BR to Shankly. Arguably alongside Paisley the best manager this club has ever had. What has BR achieved so far? 7th place. Either these fans are young or of the plastic variety. "