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BR,s philosophy of giving home developed youngster,s is to be applauded.They are managed well,gain confidence in performing and don,t suffer "burn out".I have every confidence in how Lfc nurtures our young stars.
1st Aug 2013 9:15
1st Aug 2013 8:38
1st Aug 2013 9:36
1st Aug 2013 9:42
"ianrushthegreatest shut up you mug!"
1st Aug 2013 9:56
"yeah! cos that's what this column is about innit!!! muppet!"
1st Aug 2013 10:05
"In reality he was overplayed last year until he was injured. But let's not allow facts to get in the way of creating the legend of BR. I'd rather wait until he has actually achieved something other than merely to reduce costs."
1st Aug 2013 13:24
"Good article - BR has made very difficult decisions look easy. Keep up the good work BR."
1st Aug 2013 13:31
"Would tend to agree with wayshapeform..."
1st Aug 2013 14:40
"Excellent article, well thought out with superb points. I think BR has a very progressive footballing brain which will really benefit us assuming he is given that really precious commodity - TIME!! "
1st Aug 2013 14:57
"sterling played until he signed a new contract, br did handle the situation well. He also played suso for the same reason. "
1st Aug 2013 15:10
"I have to agree I am liking the fact that Rodgers is giving these lads a good run out and gaining plenty experience to set the Anfield stage alight. I really liek the look of Sterling and Ibe, two very gifted players that have a huge career ahead, I hope we get to see the best of them in the seasons ahead. "
1st Aug 2013 17:41
"Ianrushthegreatest OUT! 'Negs' still here then? I wonder if we start well what they'd say-the same as when we were playing very well at the end of last season I guess."
1st Aug 2013 17:49
"I would also add that, the lack of success on the side, I enjoyed last years football on the pitch more than ever. "
2nd Aug 2013 8:12
"Excellent article!"
2nd Aug 2013 11:16
"Are we building and progressing? There's differnces of opinion, but I'd say our end of the season was great possession football(actually we had over 50% of possession for the whole season) and getting points. It's whether we can continue that into the coming season, but I think we can."
2nd Aug 2013 11:34
"'Negs' said we weren't going to try to spend any more money because we had none. Seen the latest? 21.8m for A Madrid's Costa. Must be hard for them being right all the time! "