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Great words from a great,but Roy Evans was looking at starting Stevie soon but he left and it fell to houllier to give him his chance it wasn't as if no one tought Gerrard was not got enough everyone at the Acadamy knew stevie was going to be a great player.I still think winning old big ears was the best night of his life stevie is just being nice to houllier for giving him his chance,,YNWA
31st Jul 2013 11:28
Mr Ostrich
31st Jul 2013 16:38
"Best day of his career = receiving captaincy. Best day of his life = Istanbul."
31st Jul 2013 18:01
"Great article.."
31st Jul 2013 19:08
"Made Steven captain at 22/ but it was no gamble,Houllier knew then he was a born leader."
31st Jul 2013 21:09
"Houllier should have been made England manager before Capello, a total anglophile who new the players and their capabilities. A great opportunity missed."
31st Jul 2013 22:32
"Yes- Mr Gerard Houllier, The BIGGEST UP You Made as our manager was when for whatever reason NOT making ANELKA'S Loan Deal Permanent after HE Help-pt US Finish 2nd in PL!!!! Anelka was STILL in his PRIME then. ANELKAS Class and GOALS Would Have Helpt Stevie G WIN ThE PL By NOW! "
31st Jul 2013 22:32
".....Even in his BOOK, SG said HE was Shocked YOU DID NOT KEEP ANELKA- All Because HE would have Cost US 15 Million. Instead You Opted To Buy The Two UNTRIED/UNknown SENEGALESE (World Cup Heroes) "
1st Aug 2013 2:53
"Lol Red-Coutinho and Mr Oscar....traits of a great leader isn't it saying the right things FOR the right person. Personally I have all round respect for Steven Gerrard as a human being, a family man, a footballer, a club/national footballer and a leader. "
1st Aug 2013 3:00
"Sorry Me Ostrich ..not Oscar :) "
1st Aug 2013 4:30
"Whatever, the boy is just too good!! "