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Gerrad is a great captain and player,highly inspirational player, in fact is the best whenever is on the pitch i fell cool watching the ball.- Oludare Alabi
31st Jul 2013 9:56
31st Jul 2013 11:36
"The only major mistake BR has made so far was to sell Shelvey. He was the understudy to Gerrard and would have gone on to achieve as much, if not more than SG. You mark my words, he will go on to be one of the best players in the Premiership within the next 3 years and the naysayers will hang their heads."
31st Jul 2013 13:47
"Best LFC player for me. Loyal a great servant of LFC. My only regret for Stevie is he may retire without winning the coveted lge"
31st Jul 2013 14:00
31st Jul 2013 15:27
"never on the field of football conflict was so much owed by so many to just one person (stand up for Steve G)ynwa"
31st Jul 2013 16:03
"Stevie you are the greatest player our Club has ever had. Your leadership and inspiration has given all LFC fans so much pride over the years. If only you had had 10 great players around you -well who knows Enjoy your day, you deserve it."
31st Jul 2013 16:51
"#the greatest"
Bib l f c
31st Jul 2013 17:39
"Absolute LEGEND.........."
31st Jul 2013 18:49
"Stevie G is the legend, he is just the best!!! Am seeing a possibility of him lifting the premier league trophy. With the right combination of our current team, am seeing the potential, Suarez will even later love the Reds"
31st Jul 2013 18:51
"I could fill columns recalling "Gerrard inspired" moment,s aside from the Istanbul final,cup final v West Ham,Olympiakos etc,but i,d be no different from any other red!World class players change massive games and Stevie G obliged!QUALITY!"
31st Jul 2013 19:36
"He is Mr LFC. Just like the fans in the stands - he gives his heart and soul for the club, just like another player than has recently retired. LEGEND - YNWA!"
31st Jul 2013 23:31
"SG - A true LFC legend and born leader."
1st Aug 2013 3:44
"Some were lucky enough to live through the Shank's and Paisley era... watching some of the most hard nosed and brilliant football ever played... I myself can just say I was lucky enough to be born at a time that allowed me to watch OUR captain, our Steven Gerrard play and lead our team to 5 in Istanbul"
1st Aug 2013 8:15
"Supporting Liverpool since 1971 - Without doubt Steven Gerrard is our greatest player in that time and probably in the history of Our great Club. Thanks StevieG"
1st Aug 2013 8:25
"Stevie you are still one the best players in the world ! A great Captain and very talented midfielder. Who has stuck with Liverpool all his career. You still scoring goals and you have won many a game for Liverpool in the past single handed. Like the Tina Turner song goes- YOUR SIMLPLY THE BEST . BETTER THEN ALL THE REST! YNWA."
1st Aug 2013 8:29
"Every body sing = Simply the best, better then all the rest !! Thanks Stevie. You are a great player , world class. " YOUR NEVER WALK ALONE ""
3rd Aug 2013 9:53
"Stevie has been annd is the most prolific player and captain LFC has ever seen. Yes, we have had some superb captains at Liverpool buut his commitment has far exceeded not only his dreams but the fans as well. Have a great testimonial today and sorry i can't be there as i have my grandchildren staying. All the best Mr G. You are a true legend."