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I like this guy...give him three or four years and he'll be ripping the Mancs to shreds
30th Jul 2013 13:30
30th Jul 2013 14:49
"Great young talent.But i have got to ask what is with all these young players wearing carpets on there heads?"
30th Jul 2013 16:42
"With LFC very few players made it to the senior team..hope we unearth some gems and give them a chance to shine...BR seems to like buying youngsters from other teams...think Gerrard, Carragher, Fowler, Owen, McManamman"
30th Jul 2013 23:25
"Nice interview from young Wilson. Just read he got on the scoresheet. Must be talented. Hopefully one day he'll make it to the 1st team squad along with the rest of the hardworking youngsters."
31st Jul 2013 7:55
"Where are the naysayers now? With their King Kenny favourite misfits? So called super fans! I am the super fan, not you. I know more, me. ME! "