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That's great it is only loan deal probably with option to buy so if he does well LFC can buy him but for now no outlay of money to buy only wages which LFC have money for since Reina gone on loan.
30th Jul 2013 11:26
30th Jul 2013 11:31
"I really don't see if we're going in right direction but this season I hope we win cup we play for and top-four still look difficult after missing out on star signing and seriously I won't support BR on Reina loan move."
njero 8
30th Jul 2013 11:38
"Unproven manager makin decisions 4 da mighty lfc,in brendan I dnt trust.luk at da signings n da handling of pepe reina,pepe says he's hurt of hw he has bn treated.ian n br not pipo u can say shud b makin decisions 4 our club.luk at our signingsNo wanda suarez wants out,we haven't shown any ambitions in dis transfer window"
30th Jul 2013 11:40
"Ok, You know my support for the club, BR & the players but we could really do with another attacking player of high quality. preferably an attacking midfield/playmaker who gets goals. I'd even say 2. "
30th Jul 2013 11:41
"If Spurs sell Bale they'll snap up our potential targets in a heartbeat. "
30th Jul 2013 11:48
"is anyone out there starting to feel very worried about the penny pinching way we are having to go about our business to of load Pepe like we did smaks of desperation to off load his wages i dont think the Fenway Group have the money to compete with mid table teams so i think its prob correct that they are looking to sell"
njero 8
30th Jul 2013 11:48
"It might jst b 1 of da longest season in terms of struggle,suarez not hapi,sturridge injury prone,borini hehe not near our standard,aspas nt yet tested,I fear if coutinho/gerrard r injured then I dnt knw,we need 1 more big name striker n a commandin box 2 box midfielder 2 make even top 4,honest speakin even norwich n swansea hav signed beta than us."
Natural Poolie
30th Jul 2013 12:00
"This is nowhere close to the quality of player we need to be looking at! Up to now this transfer window has smacked of profiteering from fsg. You don't even know what to believe from any of their mouths anymore, am a very worried LFC fan!"
njero 8
30th Jul 2013 12:05
"Frm havin benitez 2 hodgson,kenny,brendan,hw tym flies careful wat u wish 4,benitez wil oways b worldclass manager,wat he did at chelsea 4 6 months n nw luk at all da signings he's makin at napoli,frm havin playas lyk,pepe,torres,mascherano,sissokho,riera,garcia,hyypia,arbeloa,aurelio,kuyt,bellamy,alonso to nw allen,downin,borini,hendo,spearin,etc I fear 4 us..."
30th Jul 2013 12:10
"wen fsg came in there motto was we are winners wat happened ,they knew nothing about football and still dont ,they brought in brendan an unproved manager at our level (probly because hes a yes man),brendan as changed his story on things so many times it becomes unbelievable ,noe we cant compete with mid table teams for players ,not a happy bunny ."
30th Jul 2013 12:15
"njero8... what are you talking about? weve signed a excellent keeper, a top defender for free and 2 promising attacking Spaniards! one of whome seems to be scoring(al be it against lesser teams) but scoring...cont"
Gitsy weafer
30th Jul 2013 12:17
"njero 8 what are you talking about in BR i dont trust look at he's signings i would say pretty good signings coutinho is a class signing and sturridge and now migolet kolo toure and im sure aspas and luis alberto will be quality aspas has showed some good early signs of he's quality in pre-season support your manager and team or go support someone else..........YNWA"
30th Jul 2013 12:20
"whats the problem with you guys? until now it's a decent transfer window. kolo seems to turn out a massive transfer for us and he came for free, mignolet is a superb gk, aspas scored 3 goals in preseason and assisted as well, alberto looked ok. the squad has totally improved. with just need 1 attacking midfielder and maybe a replacement for suarez and we have still 1 month to go. CHILL"
30th Jul 2013 12:21
"<... if barca call on pepe's services he would be off in a shot BR did the right thing getting cover for him... he's been a great servant for years but as deffo gone off the boil in the last 2 seasons... he's been on his way out for a while, BR's done him and lfc a favour "
30th Jul 2013 12:35
"This guys is not a left back he is a left winger. As demonstrated when put out on loan 2 yrs ago top goal scoring for his team and most assists ensuring his team did not get relegated. The Benfica manager has tried to turn him into a left back and failed. Again no investment in the team as the transfer window closes "
30th Jul 2013 12:41
"this guy looks pretty good but lets see what happens instead of guessing!.... we don't have a bottomless pit of cash. fsg have learnt from the mistakes made by previous managers, they're not Arabs with oil money."
30th Jul 2013 12:49
"We need someone to interview BR & Ayre who is not afraid to ask the tough questions that the fans really need to know."
30th Jul 2013 12:52
"we did spend 22M in jan, granted but there is alot of penny pinhing which may mean prudence & preparation or to money going back into the business. Apart from Henrikh BR has almost got ev'yone he & the team identified. "
30th Jul 2013 12:54
"It remains an attacking Midfielder player to come in. We will then have a good squad but i am concerned w/ the contribution from Downing & Borini. Not sure it will be enough. but will support anyway. "
30th Jul 2013 12:54
"they would lie if it was in the best interest of the club to do so, bluffing and fibbing are all part of management in many professions, from the prime minister down, lying is part of the job! "
30th Jul 2013 12:54
"Goodluck mate, I don't really rate Enrique, too slow and clumsy for me..."
30th Jul 2013 12:56
"njero 8, please go back to Manchester, we have no idea what you are talking about and neither do you it seems."
30th Jul 2013 12:58
"Can't believe some of the tripe written on here...we haven't even started new season yet...Pre-season games have been exceptional, we look amazing. Get behind your team fans! "
30th Jul 2013 13:02
"The good news about this is, if we flops this season we can just send him back. Try before you buy is a great way to judge players before spending any cash, just make sure the price is agreed in case he turns out like Coutinho who must be worth at least double that we bought him for. YNWA"
30th Jul 2013 13:08
"Njero 8. Less of the pesimism. Still a long way to go in this window. More proper grammer also. Thanks,. "
Natural Poolie
30th Jul 2013 13:08
"DjafulLFC - Mignolet is a good goalkeeper, no doubt but we had to get rid of another to get him. Kolo may prove to be a good acquisition, all others have still to prove themselves. We have had a 100% per season but against vastly lesser teams and have seen nothing to make me think..."
30th Jul 2013 13:09
"Maybe Fsg could make another statement about how their running lfc on a shoe string budget.sell up Henry cus your bs ain't washing with me,record sales on merchandise this summer and a net spend of 3mil says it all.Anyone who thinks we're going places with these owners need to have a word with them selves."
30th Jul 2013 13:09
"njero 8: Learn how to spell before making any stupid comments. BR has made good signings so far with little financial backing. Get behind our team or go and support another club!"
30th Jul 2013 13:11
"Can't believe some of the tripe written on here...we haven't even started new season yet...Pre-season games have been exceptional, we look amazing. Get behind your team fans! "
30th Jul 2013 13:15
"I am behind brendan and the team,brendan has got us playing some great football and on a budget.However the team still isn't good enough to get in the top 4 as it stands,we need at least 2 top class signings to have a chance.not being negative just very realistic!"
Natural Poolie
30th Jul 2013 13:17
".....we could challenge any of the top 5. Of our recent buys, Coutinho is our one shining light. If we are to improve enough for the top 4, we need quality, pure and simple. There is still time and I will reserve my final judgement for the end of the season. "
30th Jul 2013 13:22
"A dynamic player that would suit BR's style well. "
30th Jul 2013 13:31
"Yesssssssssss get in. Please be true"
30th Jul 2013 13:42
"The season will not be defined by this signing but by the continuation of the playing style From the second half of last season. The benefit of a fully fit Kelly and Lucas will strengthen the defence together with a refocused Skirtel. We will score goals and be better defensively, which pre season has already shown."
30th Jul 2013 13:53
"Is he as close to signing as Mkhitryan was? They said m/k will fly to Liverpool in 3 days time for medical and look at where he js now."
njero 8
30th Jul 2013 13:54
"Pliz dnt question me,m a true fan so I won't suport any hw,yes we'v made sum 'good' signings but dats not all we need 2 make dat top 4.we need top class players n we hav 2 kip suarez.I criticise coz we as lfc deserv beta n we need 2 show sum ambition.we sopz 2 b in europe,so u fans dat r lyk br n ian without ambitions keep dreamin while us wit ambitions speak da truth "
30th Jul 2013 13:56
"Cant believe how much people are panicking. Wait til the window closes before passing so much judgement. I'm impatient too but I'm not gonna start venting. Keep the faith"
30th Jul 2013 14:12
"Ok so we bought in the young talent which is great and they all have showed fantastic potential but we have also been told time and time again that there will also be TWO yes TWO marque first team signings for instant impact so where are they? Eriksen is all we need to sign now to make this a proper top 4 contention team so Bren do it for the fans and get him in asap!!! "
30th Jul 2013 14:21
"njero8... you think that fsg, br and ia are all hoping for another mid table end to the season? & reduced income? I'd say br has plenty of ambition, there's a general buzz of optimism about lfc and the coming seasons yet kids like you(I presume you're a kid because you type like my 13yr old niece texts)just keep laying down the negativity! be careful what you wish for eh "
30th Jul 2013 14:42
"Montyspop someone with a little sense thank god. Some fans think money grows on trees as well and most probably have never run a business, people talk about millions as if it is nothing. What's wrong with a loan it's far less risky and if the guy is good then buy him next year, I am sure there is a clause at a set price."
30th Jul 2013 14:49
"and as for the bigger signings, people have to understand that we are not in the CL and getting the people we want isn't going to be easy, I am sure they want them as much as we do because one more year without CL will hit the club financially "
30th Jul 2013 15:13
"What kind of a club are we becoming under FSG and Brendan Rogers all we are hearing now are loan deals something a few years we would not entertain only to send our players out and something the other lot across the park used to. do all the time. "
30th Jul 2013 15:53
"Bondy9: i know what you're saying but the thing is maybe we should have been getting players on loan with a view to buy because what we were doing was either get a player on a free with a massive wage (Cole) or paying out big money on potentials (Hendo). maybe this is a good thing... "
30th Jul 2013 16:08
"Hope he s a gud player"
30th Jul 2013 16:13
"The problem is if suarez leaves. Not mny top strikers r lft in the market. I just dont wanna end this window without a striker to match what suarez brings to the field. Who will v gt if he duz leave.??"
30th Jul 2013 16:44
"liv4lfc problem is who will come to us without CL. LS will I believe leave although I do not see what he would gain by joining Arsenal, I could understand it if he went to Barca, Real or somewhere like that. Wenger will never win the CL in a million years. Without CL we cannot get the players we want or need"
30th Jul 2013 16:47
"having said that what we have bought seems to be an improvement on what we had but we do need two decent players to make the mark and if LS goes we need 3 and that's going to be difficult to find."
30th Jul 2013 17:01
"FSG net spend is less than middle of the table clubs Suarez can see this don't blame him for wanting out just the manner and way he made it public hope their is some truth in club for sale talk as long as its not absentee yanks unwilling to speculate and get us back where we belong "
30th Jul 2013 17:31
"hahaha we can all have our say surely, one thing is true we have been out the top 4 now for acouple of seasons , some very bad buys from KK , GH and BR , Allen, Henderson, Assisdi etc and that's down to managers, but no CL so where Man City, they spend the money and now champs runners up .. so FSG need a wake up call"
30th Jul 2013 17:35
"oops and the big failure BORINI"
30th Jul 2013 17:44
"Where are the 2-3 high quality first team signings? This better not be one of them, this is only backup for Enrique after all, which seems a waste as we already have Robinson. Need Eriksen and Alderweireld (or Papadopolis)& Soldado. Would like Keisling or Toivonen."
30th Jul 2013 17:47
"Why doesn't Brendan get a 3D printer and print us a Lionel Messi?"
30th Jul 2013 17:50
"Binzer 30th Jul 2013 12:35, Just like Glen Johnson but on the left side of the pitch. "
30th Jul 2013 17:54
"FSG (John Henry) said about 2yrs ago that LFC should be competing for top players with Milan and Real Madrid. Surely that has proved to be filling our heads with false hopes?"
30th Jul 2013 18:28
"Mayb, just mayb ( n i'm bng rly optimistic here..) LS wil c dat des no pt joinin d gooners ovr us...betr chance of dat happening if we can up wit a world class signing....n as a result a much betr chnc of a top 4 finish.."
Save us Kenny
30th Jul 2013 18:58
"Can only presume Downing will be sold, because this bloke is the same thing, but even worse."
30th Jul 2013 19:57
"Some fans are pitiful. Don't know why you waste your time if you think we'll fail before every season starts! I can't speak for Melgarejo, but Benfica are known for Portuguese and South American talent, and this looks like a steal considering the fact we're only paying his wages, and if he flops, he'll return to Benfica. Enrique will be the starter, but you'll have a hungry player behind him"
30th Jul 2013 20:03
"After a bit of research, it looks like Melgarejo was converted from left back after being a star on the wing. I think he's the type of player BR is looking for in that he's a versatile left sided attacker. Read this: it basically says it all."
njero 8
30th Jul 2013 20:05
"I mean our signings are gud but not gud enuf 2 make us reach top 4,wat we need nw are thoz exciting players br promised us.remember we can't afford 2 lose suarez huh.wat I hav seen is dat br is jst a yes boss,yes boss manager coz he's told us da fans so many lies,wen he came he said,'we are close 2 signing dis excitin player only 2 find its borini,we shall sign winers oh pliz brendan,shut up"
njero 8
30th Jul 2013 20:16
"Montyspop or wateva u r called dnt cal me a yungstar lyk yo kid,u r inled 2 yo own opinion,I luv liverpool n if u think I'll shut up wit all these lies we are being told then u r a wr r da marquee signings o da so called exciting players we wr promised.its so pathetic 2 think da ians,fsg,br knw wat they doing,it dnt mata hw I print as long as u undastand n get it"
30th Jul 2013 21:10
30th Jul 2013 21:42
"From the signings we are making, got a feeling we will be playing a lot of 3-5-2 this season, eapecially if we get papadopoulis as well who is very versatile for his age and can play centre half and dm at such a young age and in a top league already.."
Save us Kenny
30th Jul 2013 21:48
"Suarez is an ingrate, Reina was an ingrate, Aggers an ingrate, Skrtels an ingrate, Gerrards an ingrate, in fact, why not sell them all? We can get the wage bill much lower, in fact, do we really need a manager? Surely the players could organise themselves? "
Save us Kenny
30th Jul 2013 21:50
"After the Reina debacle, I doubt any decent player would want to come here, thats why we'll end up with a boat full of bananas."
30th Jul 2013 22:21
"FSG please I have a win win advice 4 u. Sell Suarez 50m, pocket 30m out of the money and sell the club to one of those Arab oil rich suitors (400m)Everybody win. Oookkkk "
30th Jul 2013 23:08
"For everyone complaining about the Reina loan, read all he said before making a comment. He was happy to fight for his place only if Barcelona didnt come calling. If they had it was bye bye Liverpool. He made it very clear for a long time where his loyalties lay. Well done BR. "
31st Jul 2013 7:41
"it is depressing to read the naysayers and doom merchants opine with their nihilistic views. Crawl back under your rocks and take your mental illness medication in your one room flea infested mansions. It is obvious to anyone but the stupid naysayers that BR will be more important than Shankey. Mark my words!"