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Good idea but remember many fans are paying much more for exactly the same competitions as other teams paying half or a third as much. It's also a shame the Fans Committee have done nothing to create a fair allocation of "Away" tickets.
29th Jul 2013 14:44
29th Jul 2013 15:36
"You could call it "gemtrification""
29th Jul 2013 20:24
"LFC ticketing needs sorting, Every home league game for the last two seasons and miss out on 3 home games in the general sale this season. Where's the loyalty to loyal fans? "
29th Jul 2013 23:29
"Shame you dont take into consideration single parents and their children also splitting families up when the oldest child is no longer enled to a junior seat"
29th Jul 2013 23:44
"Its a pity the suporters committee wasn't listened to when the recent season ticket hike in selective pricing was made.We at LFC pay some of the highest pricing for season tickets and are blackmailed into paying or lose the ticket.So its win win for the club and not the supporter."
29th Jul 2013 23:48
"The away ticket allocation needs sorting its a catch 22 situation.You can only get a ticket if you attended an away game last season on certain dates.So How do you break into the system currently operating its impossible"
30th Jul 2013 10:17
"If there is to be any easier way of breaking into the away games system the club MUST crack down on members and season ticket holders who regularly sell other fans their tickets. LFC stewards at away games checking tickets against ID would soon sort it out. "
30th Jul 2013 11:16
"Kopite30...If you no longer want to pay the price for your season ticket I will gladly take it off your hands !!"