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geez wen this happen, why the change ? ,now i gotta chase around letting others know ,
29th Jul 2013 12:00
29th Jul 2013 13:48
"Even for a testimonial we get mucked around - the fans who go to the games are bottom of the pile in the eyes of the club it seems!"
29th Jul 2013 14:49
"As I will be coming from Rugby to watch this game its a good job I saw this on the site or id have missed the match. 2-oclock was early enough don't the paying fans mean anything to this club anymore. LFC YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 15:03
"Folks, I bought my tickets on May 2nd over the phone through the box office. As part of the booking, I had to give my email addy. I got news of the time change over two months ago, would have thought everybody had the news by email. Looking forward to coming over from Ireland for the match"
29th Jul 2013 16:33
"Fortunately I received an email informing me of the time change, however it is the TV calling the tune yet again !!! I'm sure there will be many fans who are still unaware of the time change."
29th Jul 2013 20:19
"who's gona play in his testimonial? im dieing to know. Gerrard is LFC's greatest Legend. Will try very hard to find a live stream to watch the match. "
29th Jul 2013 21:02
"Does anyone know if there is truth in the rumour that El Nino is playing on Saturday? "
29th Jul 2013 23:18
"C'mon in Asia and other parts folks are braving all kind of hurdles to watch lfc an u guys whine about a time change ? No wonder the club could care less about whiners like u."
30th Jul 2013 9:47
"It's got nothing to do with the club, so people, who's moaning stop! This got changed about 2/3 months ago! The reason being is because BT sport are now covering the match and has to fit with TV scheduling. So stop complaining and watch the reds play! YNWA."
30th Jul 2013 10:06
"ah ppl sure do like a moan and to blame the club for something that's is nothing to do with them. Yous have all been informed, long ago, it's an hour 15mins, get over it. Will be great to see stevies ex teammates from different eras. Alonso, sami, fowler...some earlier ones???"
30th Jul 2013 10:09
"Change of time is certainly news to me. When did it change? Chaos now"
Tracy YNWA....
30th Jul 2013 15:09
"Not everyone received emails. Luckily I seen the change on the schedule, but I also know of some people who can no longer go because of work commitments due to the change"
30th Jul 2013 23:51
"I was just browsing the site, and came across the changed time by mistake, like a lot of others by the sounds of it"
1st Aug 2013 12:54
"lucky for some getting e-mails i didnt,bought my tickets about 2 mnth ago throught ticket office, and this was 1st i knew of it , it did cause a wee problem as i also bought some tickets for friends who i have had to chase up to let them know just hope they got the msg lol , il be there earlier start but np for me n g/daughter "
1st Aug 2013 14:59
"Why did we not receive an email about this? It's just as well I saw this on the website... I'm traveling up from the West Country, so could have been a long, wasted journey!"
1st Aug 2013 17:09
"For all of you complaining shows how much you guys check this site etc. The time was changed ages ago giving plenty of time to be aware. So please stop moaning about being mucked around because you havnt been. #YNWA!"
1st Aug 2013 17:17
"I bought mine day they went on sale and had n email monthS ago about the time change"
1st Aug 2013 20:09
"could be chaos on saturday not everyone is aware of earlier kick off."
1st Aug 2013 22:40
"sign yilmaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!same Mkitharyan "
1st Aug 2013 22:40
"sign yilmaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!same Mkitharyan "
2nd Aug 2013 0:02
"The times changed weeks ago if you are on facebook join one the liverpool forums but i am sure it was on this site as well. liverpool news is good on facebook YNWA "
2nd Aug 2013 2:04
"Personally, I welcome this new kick off time ... it equates to 9:45pm here in Brisbane. Can't stand those kick o between 3:00 pm BST and 9:00 pm BST ... I really need my "beauty" sleep."
2nd Aug 2013 8:39
"Thanks to this change in kick-off time which is undoubtedly just to please TV companies I can no longer get to the game. £70 down the drain. Cheers guys. "
2nd Aug 2013 23:10
"Great kick offtime for Asian viewers."