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If we want a midfielder we should be getting Christian Erickson who is in his early twenties and would be better value for money! YNWA!
29th Jul 2013 10:20
29th Jul 2013 10:24
"wen are we going for proven quality "
29th Jul 2013 10:37
"Another player linked. After all this hubbub, I just want to see, (and i think I speak for all die-hard Reds fans) Christian Eriksen. Hope it happens. I guess Soldado wouldn't be too bad as well."
29th Jul 2013 10:45
"Don't we have enough already? What we have are far better."
29th Jul 2013 10:50
29th Jul 2013 11:08
"Is this a joke? Eriksen please. or top quality well known player."
29th Jul 2013 11:09
"Why are LFC linked to average old players now ,I thought that BR said that now any players that come in will be players who are top players that will get into the 1st team not just squad players."
29th Jul 2013 11:12
"I am really worried about the strength of our squad esp our starting 11. Our new additions have only replaced those who have left. Reina,Carra,Jonjo & Carroll OUT and Mignolet,Toure,Alberto & Aspas IN. IMO We have not improved that much nor have we sprnt any money. We need at least 2 players that can come straight in to first 11. LB & Mid/Attacker."
29th Jul 2013 11:16
"Moussa Sissoko- true box to box midfielder who can play defensive or attacking role and has pl experience already....."
29th Jul 2013 11:17
"con't : Where is the money? Has BR been promised any funds? The sale of Carroll/Jonjo paid for Aspas,Alberto & Mignolet. Carra's wage is now going to Kolo. and now Pepe's wages are off the payroll ??? I don't want to be negative But In order to compete with those above us we have to spend MONEY."
29th Jul 2013 11:34
"is this one of the supposed exciting signings we have been promised wow but hey fsg have already spent about 3m (net) what can we expect ?????"
29th Jul 2013 11:36
"we need eriksen.Insigne, benzema or soldado would be nice "
29th Jul 2013 11:40
"the way lfc have treated pepe agreeing to a loan without even talking to him is absolutely disgraceful.our club is getting ruined by fsg ayre and br i hope it is sold soon to someone who cares about the club"
29th Jul 2013 11:41
"We need Eriksen as a priority as attacking midfielder then go for Diame for strength and creativity as central defensive midfield."
njero 8
29th Jul 2013 11:43
"Unproven manager makin decisions 4 da mighty lfc,in brendan I dnt trust.luk at da signings n da handling of pepe reina,pepe says he's hurt of hw he has bn treated.ian n br not pipo u can say shud b makin decisions 4 our club.luk at our signingsNo wanda suarez wants out,we haven't shown any ambitions in dis transfer window"
29th Jul 2013 12:11
"No. I don't think so."
29th Jul 2013 12:43
29th Jul 2013 12:50
"lol this paper is a joke. i think every lfc fan knows this by now."
29th Jul 2013 13:22
"when are the 2-3 marquee signings being made our is it bluster again"
29th Jul 2013 14:32
"2 - 3 marquee signing. LFC reply by the end of window transfer market: Due to some paper work not done in time we have to wait for next transfer window. i.e. NEVER FSG OUT ASAP "
29th Jul 2013 14:58
"Bad player...i am from greece. Olympiacos fans laugh with him..."
29th Jul 2013 19:28
"much better if LFC scrapped the Media Watch column, too many idiots actually think its real news hence the negative poison. "
29th Jul 2013 20:33
"wots goin on wiv erickson another top class player gonna slip fru our hands kin sort it fenway"
29th Jul 2013 20:40
"well the comments re first team players came from the manager and ian ayre what are we looking at allegedly loan players from other clubs we have treated pepe badly"
29th Jul 2013 20:44
"the suarez situation needs to be resolved now not last minute, great player if he doesn't want to be here get it sorted"
29th Jul 2013 20:59
"I agree Tank88 people get far too involved with rumours and some people are far too negative, I personally don't think BR has put a foot wrong yet he's developing our youth and getting us to play creative football. Regarding the Pepe story it seems sad the way a great lfc player seems to have just been abandoned but hey there is always 2 sides to every story. "
29th Jul 2013 21:46
"WE ARE NOT BRINGING IN QUALITY PLAYERS! We don't have CL (why Suarez want's out), we have a unproven Manager and remember, a team that fights for a 'just above' mid table position. Even a five minute review of the past couple of season's would give you a 'what we need to do'!"
29th Jul 2013 22:46
"InsideFutbol have no clue . Why would LFC go for a 27 year old midfielder who would only be a squad player when BR clearly stated that any players coming in now would be top players who would be part of 1st eleven not just squad player."
29th Jul 2013 23:53
"Dont believe this. Or is it that I hope this isnt true... big names have to come in soon. And we cant sell suarez to arsenal. Really poor decision if we do. But I'm happy for him to leave and go abroad. Ungrateful disgrace"
30th Jul 2013 7:34
"Silly season! we,ve been linked to more "second tier" players from Ashley Williams to Captain Pugwash! If all these reports held any water then we,d practically have 3 full squads!Any truth in Igor Biscan comin, back? Ha!"
30th Jul 2013 7:40
"come on eriksen or an good experienced midfielder, who is jnown and we do not have to see google lads"