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I would pay to see Luis Suarez play for us next season. Ynwa ... He just need a bit of warmth
29th Jul 2013 8:48
29th Jul 2013 8:52
"Continuo is a superb talent and must be the best transfer deal of the year. With his ability to feed the ball through, Suarez would score even more. He would be a compete idiot to go to the Arse because its their top four place we going to take next season."
29th Jul 2013 9:03
"The whole squad bar 1 looks ready to fight for brendan and play hard for the shirt! cant wait for the season to start!"
29th Jul 2013 9:12
"I said it the other day, we have missed a player like him in our ranks for a very long time now. He's a very talented lad, fantastic awareness & a eye for goal. Plays with a smile on his face to, hope that rubs off on another South American soon!!!"
29th Jul 2013 9:15
"I cant beleive Milan let this lad go, what a talent! This kid is going to be huge for us this season, if we managed to gte a couple more like him we would be laughing all the way to the top!"
29th Jul 2013 9:17
"i have said this b4 about suarez a few times here that i can understand him wanting to leave as we hav no cl and the press hav it in for him and the fa do but going to arsenal 2 of them remain a problem for him and next season whats he gona do when arsenal dont qualify for cl footy "
29th Jul 2013 9:21
"I wonder how long it will be before the likes of Real Madrid,Barca,PSG,Bayern etc are linked with him"
29th Jul 2013 9:24
"Toure and Mignolet were great along with Jordan Ibe. Aspas yet to look as a genuin No9 and Alberto far away from the quality Coutinho has got which you expected him to be. Hope you will wrap up the remaining signings soon. "
29th Jul 2013 9:24
"is it just any club will do as arsenal are not the club for him atal wenger was his biggest critic for a start always accuseing him of everything saying hes a cheat and now he wants to sign him it just shows suarez standards that he was even willing to speak to them let alone say he wants to join them"
29th Jul 2013 9:30
"Some good performers there yesterday. Coutinho is an excellent buy, and I also think that Ibe is better than Sterling. Good to see youngsters playing well. Some do have to be let go though. Spearing and Flanagan unfortunately aren't up to standard. Hope the club buys a couple more quality. They need another LB."
29th Jul 2013 9:36
"Better not talk him up Brendan or he'll be the next one to be hoovered up by the moneybags."
29th Jul 2013 9:49
"Siniorita- do not let me goooooooooooo - Suarez has to stay!. We need him so bad."
29th Jul 2013 9:53
"Disagree, Suarez NEEDS TO GO; any player trying to manufacture a move away from the club should be sold to the highest bidder! Some of you seem to forget the support this guy has had from the club, fans and especially The King Kenny, which ultimately, I think, lead to him being sacked. "
29th Jul 2013 9:54
"When he does go, I guarantee Suarez won't have the same success as he has had at LFC. Your time is up, Suarez, you need to go..........NOW."
29th Jul 2013 10:03
"Suarez will regret this whole saga when the club sells him. Torres moved to Chelsea; someting that he regrets but will never admit it. The same will happen to Suarez, you mark my words. "
29th Jul 2013 10:07
"I think when Suarez leaves us it will be the best thing for us. If suarez then has a dip in form like Torres did then for me it is more likely if we dont make CL football we can hang into the likes of Coutinho want to stay with us all the more. "
29th Jul 2013 10:12
"Suarez, you need to look at SG and JC for the meaning of 'loyalty'. It wll be interesting to see the reception you get at Anfield, if you are still here but hopefully you will be sold before the season starts. Full credit to BR for handling this situation extremely well and the rest of the lads who done very well on tour, especially Coutinho, Mignolet and Ibe."
29th Jul 2013 10:24
"we still need a couple of starters for our first 11, our squad big enough now can get rid of JS and DP,"
29th Jul 2013 10:37
"The sooner Suarez leave the better. This guy is disturbing our preps, selling him, isn't the end of Liverpool. We had Tores before and he was replaced. The other thing is this guy seems not to know that assnal is in the Epl. Go man gooo. Any one knows how sturidge is koping? YNWA."
29th Jul 2013 10:39
"Coutinho is another player whoes value will be triple or more than what we paid for him. Definitely, the buy of the year and along with Sturridge, Toure and Mignolet, BR has made some outstanding acquisitions, Aspas looks like he will score goals and the young guys look ready to make progress. I think we can take 4th but 5th and Europa cup is still progress. Liverpool look like a good unit."
29th Jul 2013 10:57
"Countinho looking realy sharp with his trickery on the ball- i think he will inspire the fans this season!!!!"
29th Jul 2013 11:07
"PC10 is sheer class need to tie him down ASAP no Suarez repeat next year!"
29th Jul 2013 11:07
"Pepe reina says hes suprised,disappointed and didnt know he was going out on loan- bbc sport"
29th Jul 2013 11:16
"I would pay to see Coutinho, Aspas & Suarez combined up front for Liverpool next season"
29th Jul 2013 11:20
"Everyone keeps on about Suarez but for me, Coutinho is the real star of LFC. Suarez wasn't interested in the game. I for one will not be sorry to see him go abroad."
29th Jul 2013 11:33
"Well, if Gareth Bale is worth £90 million + or -, what is Luis worth? I'm a Welshman and am really pleased that as a nation we have a world class player, but given a choice I would have the Uruguayan master every time. If he goes, then I believe we are not short of our own world class players - Courtinho, Sturridge and who knows with Ibe and Sterling .. Good times ahead!"
29th Jul 2013 11:41
"Kopking100, Milan let a certain Dennis Berkamp go so if coutinho turns out to be the same player he was Happy Days."
29th Jul 2013 11:44
"Thank you Mr-singh! Don't worry. Owners will make sure they cash him out once the 50M pounds is reached. That way they can justify their break-even in transfers (Torres and Suarez combined 100M) since their arrival! LFC fans are not stupid!"
29th Jul 2013 11:49
"Mr - Singh. He has been given all the love/warmth he needs by the Kop. He is just being ungrateful."
njero 8
29th Jul 2013 11:56
"We hear u brendan,we wud all pay 2 watch philippe but u made us pay 2 watch allen,borini..jst concentrate mor on signing world class players"
29th Jul 2013 11:59
"If suarez stays we'll prob get the Wayne Rooney speech 'I never wanted to leave blah blah' then next season he'll want to go again. Get rid & move on, if he stays & sulks put him in the ladies team for a season. No1 is bigger than LFC."
29th Jul 2013 12:02
"Only Philippe will bring you to 4th spot??? If you give peanut you get monkey. Aspas, alberto, kalo will bring you no where. LS will not perform this year he will create more disciplinary issues and next year when you want to off load him the price will drop too much because no club will look for problematic striker. Price is bullish sell now!"
29th Jul 2013 12:04
"njero 8 nothing more than agree."
29th Jul 2013 12:16
"I think suarez feels he is no more important after the arival of iago and alberto.,.but i think we still need his magics,."
29th Jul 2013 12:35
"Even Hendo was telling Suarez to pull his finger out yesterday but at least his body language was slightly better.The sooner he accepts he's with us for next season the better for all concerned.Coutinho loks so settled and happy to be playing 1st class football with us.Loving Aspas atude and qualities too."
29th Jul 2013 12:44
"Borini really needs to start scoring as we have already carried him for one season.Perhaps he should be loaned back to Italy as we are short of one quality striker in my opinion.We surely made a fortune on the Asia tour and with the Tv revenue surely buy Soldado and keep Suarez."
29th Jul 2013 12:56
"If Saurez is sold and Sturridge injured, as he often is,who is going to get the goals? "
29th Jul 2013 12:57
"no doudt the lads got talent allen,hendo and downer will be kept on there toes by this lad"
Save us Kenny
29th Jul 2013 13:04
"Coutinho shouldnt have all this pressure heaped on him, hes quality, but not the polished article we are all being told to rely on, look at the Chelski game, he was anonymous. We need 1st team signings, then ease the youngsters in gradually."
29th Jul 2013 13:18
"Aspas had a poor first half yesterday but improved 2nd dont no whether br sees him as a sub or not?"
29th Jul 2013 13:26
"i'm sorry but i dont believe a single word that comes out from this man's mouth. imagine my suprise and shock when i read the interview of reina on sky about him not wanting to leave us and not being informed. how can we trust this man who publicly lied to us twice 1st saying he brought migs in to provide competition for reina"
29th Jul 2013 13:29
"then later on reina's on the verge of a loan move to napoli and he lies again saying that reina wants to play in the world cup making it sound like reina didnt want competition n wanted to play regular footy. how could BR and those stupid cost-cutting owners of ours do this to a loyal servant of lfc?"
29th Jul 2013 13:32
"and before anyone or BR start saying that he always wanted to play for barca let me telll you this when we were nearly going into bankruptcy did he leave us? no, he was with us in the good times n the bad, so why couldnt the owners and BR show him the same loyalty? "
29th Jul 2013 13:36
"im so angry and dissapointed with the club i seriously couldnt care much what BR has to say about coutinho. imagine if he had a bad season will we loan or sell him also? this has been a real eye opener for me about our owners."
29th Jul 2013 13:58
"melissa96- I understand your frustration, as Reina has been a top class player and person for this squad, but bringing in Mignolet after two down years from an aging Reina and taking 4 million pounds off the wage bill is good business. He wasn't going to retire here and I don't think he's worth what we were paying him anymore."
29th Jul 2013 13:59
"This transfer window started well, especially on top of the January acquisitions. If we can keep Suarez we should make the top 4. I just hope that if he is going to go, GO NOW, so that we can replace him, not be left in the lurch by a last day sale."
29th Jul 2013 14:00
"pc has been terrific and has excited all of the fans but this season he will be a marked man and will probably receive some tough treatment. He will have to be protected by the manager which makes it essential to keep ls which we will."
29th Jul 2013 14:10
"Amerigo what about loyality to the players? we talk about players not showing loyalty but we do the exact same thing to them if they have a bad season or ageing. anyway i think the compeon would have kept reina on his toes. BR has some massive explaning to do if he's to earn our trust again. "
29th Jul 2013 14:10
"what a goal"
29th Jul 2013 14:12
"Melissa I love pepe but he has to go! 80k a week to not perform for two yrs now? Br has done what needed to be done, if your gonna hate on him for that then thats your hang up. And to the poster who asked where the goals will come from if ds is injured and ls banned? Easy aspas sg and pc. I think preseason has shown us that no?"
Billy B girl
29th Jul 2013 14:23
"Perhaps BR can come back to the club and pay to watch him play AFTER he is sacked!"
Billy B girl
29th Jul 2013 14:25
"Melissa 96 - agree 100% with you on BR and FSG ! "
29th Jul 2013 14:56
"Pepe says if barca came Inge would have gone. Says it all. Rodgers did excellent in moving himon. It's time players said I won't go no matter who wants me. I e noticed player who move from clubs where they made their names are never happy. Kaka c.ron Torres they all missed out on legend status unlike the ones who stay sg jc maldini pirlo etc "
29th Jul 2013 14:57
"The loyalty you talk about is/was obviously there with pepe, but he wanted to go to barca and TOLD br that, so maybe he didn't realise he was going out on loan but he DID know he was going! Two sides to every story folks, just easier to go along with however the media wants to spin it for some ppl. sometimes tough decisions have to be made for the long term good"
29th Jul 2013 15:01
"It's inter who let players go not Milan! Inter from time to time have done incredibly stupid deals I'm not sure why. Along with of guess who else thy let to leave? a certain houng player who went on to legend status at inters biggest rivals. Yep Andre pirlo."
29th Jul 2013 15:11
"For too long lfc have shown loyalty to players to get apie in the face . so it's loyal for pepe to say I may go to barca if not I'm happy to stay. Oh how nice of u pepe. Glad bren moved thkuching along. After so many years pepe still doesn't get it there is NO club bigger than lfc and if unthink there is then don't cry when the door hits u on the way out"
29th Jul 2013 15:14
"Don't hold ur breath billy b. Bren will be here long after your out haha:)"
29th Jul 2013 15:16
"PC is a lovely player. Good stuff by him.Reina had to go. £4m per year for a goalie??? I think that he signed a 7 year contract too! What meds did we forget to take the day we gave him that? I loved him at his peak but that was 3 years ago."
29th Jul 2013 15:16
"Melissa what's this "our"business? He already has my full trust does brendon"
29th Jul 2013 15:37
"Melissa96, enough already! Pepe tried to play both sides and lost. It's just that simple. It's a good bit of business to move him on. His form has been falling over the last two years and its time to move forward. LS has got to go too. Too much of a distraction. Toxic atude. YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 16:24
"You might have to if we don't get our finger out on some key signings before transfer shuts"
29th Jul 2013 16:52
"The only loyalty in football is from the fans. Thats it. Anybody who thinks otherwise needs to give their heads a wobble."
29th Jul 2013 17:14
"Major few weeks ahead for LFC given the Suarez situation and no key signings in yet. End Aug should tell a lot"
Jimmy 123456789
29th Jul 2013 17:15
29th Jul 2013 17:36
"He is full of BS and lies and unfortunately he is temporarily manager of LFC."
29th Jul 2013 18:19
"where is all the negitiveity about BR coming froM? he is doing a very good job we are playing much better and if we got the players we did in january last summer we could have made the top 4-5 so give him a break it was the owners who messed up there. if we keep luis and with the new players we have now plus a new lb i think top 4 is a reality YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 18:24
"Offer him a new deal already ,put a buy out clause of 50 million in his contract!!!"
29th Jul 2013 18:29
"we have a great squad now to build the right team to win the epl ynwa"
29th Jul 2013 18:48
"dont understand arsenal sell van the man and then buy suarez not a team with ambition . they will just buy to sell to man utd . if you dont want to play for lfc at least go to a team with true ambition . ynwa"
29th Jul 2013 18:56
"Glad you say that BR. Cus we do pay to watch him!!!!"
Dede 7
29th Jul 2013 19:03
"Coutinho is so productive. I believe every Liverpool fan likes him. My hope is that we get 3 more players that can bring more dimension & agility in the team. I also think Joe Allen will have a good season and hopefuly more to come. YNWA."
29th Jul 2013 19:12
"Yeah the people on here like Mellisa and Billy b shouting about pepe are right. We should not have bought another keeper and just waited to see if pepe had left. Sure we would have ok with brad any reserve keepers, that would have been smart wouldn't it? Then the same moaners would be on slating BR for not buying a keeper. cont."
29th Jul 2013 19:15
"take it easy. the tree teams LFC play are very weak"
29th Jul 2013 19:19
"And for all those crying boohoo that Br liedmto us, what did you want him to say???? Oh pepe isn't needed anymore, then you would have clubs offering well under what he is worth. Pepe was willing to leave if barca came in for him so that's where his loyalty lay. Now he will be playing first team football and will be match ready if we need him back. "
29th Jul 2013 19:50
"Rodgers: "I'd pay to watch Philippe" - Iv got a really mad idea, why dont we buy a big stadium and then we can charge people at the gate to watch our players? I don't understand why this hasn't been done before. Quick lets do it before Manure beat us to it."
29th Jul 2013 20:42
"This player must be a bone in the throat for the naysayers. He cost only 8m and was not a superstar when he arrived. So his superlative performances must be causing a lot of pain to the idiots who say that only spending big can restore our fortunes. You would have thought that they would have learned from the KK debacle. "
29th Jul 2013 20:58
"id pay to watch and eriksen play"
29th Jul 2013 21:15
"One season to watch and learn what the muppet BR and FSG can do.IF THAT.-Buddha tis your time ,learn to smile more and rejoice.ALL IS GOOD"
29th Jul 2013 21:21
"Fu k Suarez - his atude stinks after everything the club and fans have done for him. He is now on the same level as Torres and can do one. He has had enough time since his return to the squad to do an interview with LFCTV stating his 'desire' to stay and hasn't. Get rid of him for 50m."
29th Jul 2013 21:21
"this story is about Coutinho so lets not bring Suarez into it..Every post seems to have his name in it..Coutinho deserves more respect imo as he is the future of Liverpool Football Club not like some spoilt brat some of you are mentioning"
29th Jul 2013 21:23
"Then compare him to the likes of Coutinho and Ibe who are overjoyed to be playing for Liverpool! We want players who want to play for the club - not egotistical players who think they are bigger than the club. The money is enough to buy a couple of quality players."
29th Jul 2013 21:47
"Rushjob9 29th Jul 2013 16:52, Proves you really do live in the real world, ruthless, self seeking, business world but fans can only be treated like idiots and patronized for so long, they're only human and patience only stretches so far, we haven't reached the end of our patience just yet. Young Guns like Ibe, Sterling, Coutinho lift our spirits give us hope in our hearts YNWA "
29th Jul 2013 21:50
"Please get Eriksen Brendan, he's tailor made for us being Ajax trained and Toby as well, hint, hint."
29th Jul 2013 22:30
"Well said Singh. Coutinho and Suarez will take the premiership by storm next season."
29th Jul 2013 22:34
"Dado - Don't tell me Coutinho's going too"
29th Jul 2013 22:49
"Don't forget about the other players Brendan - They're not stupid but it's not all about the top performers but right you are to acknowledge this lad's talents...those brazilian legs on a pitch are somethin else!"
29th Jul 2013 23:09
"Such a clever player! I think Aspas may be a bit of a goal poacher as well. Would like to see a bit more of Alberto in the rest of the friendlies too BR?"
Save us Kenny
29th Jul 2013 23:45
"Dont get too excited. If Coutinho has a good season, he'll be sold next summer"
30th Jul 2013 0:21
"Melissa, I am stunned by your passionate backing for Reina?...A man who admitted he was ready to leave if Barca came in, and then has the nerve to gripe that a goalkeeper was bought who BR believes is better - is replacing him. Good riddance to Pepe and now he knows that LFC is a massive club - not to be messed with. "
30th Jul 2013 1:06
"Who wouldn't? He's just as entertainin to watch to the great Ronaldinho."