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Lets hope he gets chance in the first team- good luck
29th Jul 2013 8:17
29th Jul 2013 8:32
"the future looks promising, ibe , sterling, aspas, coutinho, borini will terrorise defenses"
29th Jul 2013 8:58
"I hope you are now a first team player yourself, Jordan. I certainly expect you to start against Stoke."
29th Jul 2013 9:18
"Now along with Coutinho this lad for me is going to be a huge asset for Liverpool, He is strong, huge pace and a good eye for goal, at 17 the future is promising!"
29th Jul 2013 10:09
"Wonder if Reinas goodbye letter will be published on the website. Somehow I don't think so"
29th Jul 2013 10:59
"Wow. The Mancs are struggling in their preseason and we haven't conceded let alone lose. I feel we can honestly challenge with Ibe, Coutinho and Sterling behind Sturridge and/or Aspas. The future is bright"
29th Jul 2013 17:19
"One for the future, not to be rushed but what potential this guy has"
29th Jul 2013 23:06
"The competition from Ibe will be good for Sterling! Hope we can see a couple more breakthrough youngsters this season too."
30th Jul 2013 2:33
"Good Luck Jordan. Put in the hard work and be open to improve ...the fruits of your labour will be clear to all and the rest will take care of itself. The bonus is that your work is something that you love to do yea! YNWA and cheers"