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No problem with kolo. Experienced. Says it all!
27th Jul 2013 10:18
wan nasir
27th Jul 2013 10:24
"Please sign adel taarabt(qpr player) for a skillful and creative player and if suarez go he is a good replacement since price is less than £10 million.."
27th Jul 2013 10:30
"All good but we still need cover for the left back position"
27th Jul 2013 10:47
"I also think denfensively,we are ok but jst get a marquee signing."
27th Jul 2013 11:01
"Agger, Kolo, Skrtel, Kelly, Coates, Wisdom and even Sama. I think Wisdom was really good last season and he maybe should start thinking future playing as a right/leftback. Seb is similar to Agger and I like to think he´s going to do well if he at some point gets a good run in the team. Loan season or two would benefit him and the club."
27th Jul 2013 11:50
"Hopefully Kelly will stay fit and get some games, along with Coates who needs to play."
27th Jul 2013 11:52
"I think all Coates needs is a run of games , i like to see him in the team for the next few pre-season games, see how he goes with 3-4 games , to build him up , with enough time in the side he be another Agger for us "
27th Jul 2013 11:58
"If that's what Rodgers says then Skrtl will definitely be sold .Anything he says believe the alternative ."
27th Jul 2013 12:16
"Interesting!! STILL have Sebastian Coates? His days must be numbered."
27th Jul 2013 12:21
"so no mention for Kelly?"
27th Jul 2013 12:36
"If Lucas becomes unavailable, Rodgers should consider using one of them in defensive midfield, instead of employing Allen in a positon that he is clearly unsuited to."
27th Jul 2013 12:43
"very happy with Kolo, a great signing, may be as influential as Gary Mac, (I hope)"
27th Jul 2013 12:54
"KOLO could play in front of the back 4 doing a SOUNESS role"
27th Jul 2013 12:54
"What about Kelly? Why does he not get mentioned? He should get the nod ahead of Coates and Wisdom!"
27th Jul 2013 12:59
"i feel BR is belittling coates unfairly. that player is our tallest n can dominate the air. he can score spectacular goals. sure he is shaky at times but it caused by a lack of game time for a copa america winner."
27th Jul 2013 13:00
""Agger and Skrtel are outstanding, Wisdom will be a very good center half for Liverpool...and we have Coates too". Zing! Wouldn't mind trading Skrtel for someone better, but if we keep him then I reckon we should focus on signing a better left back. As well as a quality Attacking Centre Midfielder (Eriksen would be perfect) to replace Gerrard in a couple of years."
27th Jul 2013 13:03
"our future back line is kelly, wisdom, coates, robinson."
27th Jul 2013 13:36
"Kelly and Wisdom will make a superb pairing for the future. "
27th Jul 2013 13:55
"Agree with BR but now is the time to start recruiting one or two young up and coming stars of the future because in 2 seasons time we will be looking again, get them now and gives them time to settle and get some experience"
27th Jul 2013 14:12
"I think by now, I understand BR! Skertl and Coates are for sale everybody. He likes Wisdom as a centre back. He doesn't think highly of Robinson and Kelly. I too not a big fan of Kelly. I think he's shaky and offensively he's not good. "
27th Jul 2013 14:17
"Coates may be very tall but he is by no means dominant in the air. needs to become more aggressive in the challenge. comes across too soft mentally. a loan move would be best."
27th Jul 2013 14:18
"BR: we're going to improve the team after we finished with improving the squad! BR: we're going to get three to four players; an attacking midfielder and a 20 goal striker! BR: we're getting one OR two players. BR: we're getting 'exciting player(s)' soon and I will find out about it in Melbourne! Now, no need for CB! Brendan: we need Eirksen, Bernard and Soldado. Period. Cont.."
27th Jul 2013 14:25
"Eriksen to connect Coutinho and Gerrard or to replace Gerrard or to play off the striker and Coutinho on the left. Eriksen is young and a CL player. We need Bernard as a fast and intelligent winger. And Soldado for the first six games at least is must. All of the above will convince LS to stay and fight for CL. The subs could be Sturridge, Aspas, Alberto, Allen and even Gerrard. "
27th Jul 2013 14:31
"Are we going to get into top four with just the signings we've made so far! No. Beating Preston, Indonesia and Melbourne means nothing. And united losing in Japan means nothing either. Alex Fergusson loses to Norwich and Fulham but wins the le. We have beaten united and arsenal but finished seventh and eighth. Got my point!! Quality wins and need to spend too!!!!"
27th Jul 2013 15:00
"Experience is key from Kolo, though I see Kelly and Wisdom as our future heart of defence. We still need a new DM as backup for Lucas since Spearing is the only other that can play that role."
27th Jul 2013 15:28
"So the rumour saying that we're going back for Papa is a B/S."
27th Jul 2013 15:38
"if coates is not getting a run in the team sell him or send him out on loan in the PL we still need a centre half "
27th Jul 2013 16:12
"This implies Coates is going. Such a shame."
27th Jul 2013 16:12
"The light - like your positivity lad- looking forward to the new season- still need to get suarez sorted "
27th Jul 2013 17:14
"I am not worried about the defence, we have sorted the problems we have last season - new keeper and center back. Sell Coates and get Alder/Papa. We should be buying attacking players! City sold Balotelli/Tevez, then buy Negredo/Jovetic to go with Aguero/Dzeko. We still need another striker! Two if LS leaves."
27th Jul 2013 18:18
"Defensively we need only a left back as a cover and competition for enrique and overall we need a right wing cause downing is the only one maybe along with ibe who is playing there and if we still have money we can spend we should go for AM such as ericksen though bernar from atletico mineiro can play as a RW and AM so he can cover both for us "
27th Jul 2013 18:24
"Papa is a good add to the squad.. but time to let the youth out.. we got alot of good youth players in CB,LB n RB. Start to put pressure on Agger n Skrtle wif the chance giving out to the youth.. Wisdom is a gem..."
27th Jul 2013 18:30
"In all the interviews i,ve seen him give he seems really up for the challenge. Had a lean couple of seasons at man cty so is still in great nick physically."
27th Jul 2013 18:51
"Kelly has been used as a right back so isn't classed as a centre back. Jack Robinson isn't a centre back either. Some people eh. I like Kelly but has had some bad luck with injuries."
27th Jul 2013 18:56
"Doesn't make good reading the last line. But Coates does need to be far more aggressive."
27th Jul 2013 19:06
"We do have a lot of potential and kolo adds the important experience ingredient. With regards to overseas merchandising, I bet less than 2% of the lfc shirts in asia are genuine warrior sports- the only real interest for our backers is tv rights money....."
28th Jul 2013 0:29
"we need one more centreback. perhaps 2 if we sell both skrtl and coates. new cb, agger and toure to fight for starting places and wisdom and kelly as backup , I see Kelly more as a right back even if he originally was a cb, is he good enough on the ball to be a dm?! even if we keep skrtl, we should buy a cb that improves our defence"
28th Jul 2013 2:12
"In my opinion we need a left back Cissokho hopefully, an attacking mid to bring xtra quality Eriksen pls we need to make a statement. A winger would be a bonus Bernard would be a great sgning or if we want a little experience Matias Suarz"
28th Jul 2013 3:01
"lol Looked after himself so well he used the wrong diet pills... I don't mean to hate on our own guy, but we can't forget about that, he's served a 6 month ban - more collective time than Suarez."