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Would be a great buy if he stays injury free, young and plenty of time to improve his game. YNWA
27th Jul 2013 8:24
27th Jul 2013 9:28
"A very Highly rated lad, I prefer Ilori, but this lad is decent though, so lets wait to see of there is any truth in this one!"
27th Jul 2013 9:32
"just sign him and CE and away we go."
27th Jul 2013 9:58
"A lot of potential according to Fifa 13 lol. Need to offload Coates somehow if we sign him in my opinion. Or maybe we should try him upfront if you remember that wonder goal"
27th Jul 2013 10:15
"Suarez issue dragging far too long.....turn your focus on strengthen the team .... What about attacking midfielder and full back. "
27th Jul 2013 10:38
"On the day BR says we have enough defensive cover. Oh well who do you believe? I wonder what the new owners will do - or not depending on who you believe - again"
27th Jul 2013 10:40
"either him or alderweireld..altough everything depends on whether skertl is staying or leaving"
27th Jul 2013 10:59
"the boss said today he's happy with what he's got at the back..."
27th Jul 2013 12:00
"Good buy if we can get him, but first sort out Suarez , second make Agger vice captain ASAP , so we can keep him here, ward off anything from Monaco, for him, "
27th Jul 2013 12:11
"We have a good defence but this player would give us incredible options at CB. At 21 I think he has the potential to be one of the best, especially if he comes to LFC where all good players shine."
27th Jul 2013 12:21
"if I was Brendan rogers I would first nd formost sign ericksen then a defender then a good defensive mid cover for lucas then would look for a striker if luis is still here but if he's gone then I would sign striker imedaitely nd eriksen"
27th Jul 2013 12:22
"Well the talk is on the certain tabloid paper that i would not use to wipe my behind on , FSG are trying to sell Liverpool, perhaps that's why they have not put any money up front so far this season, apart from what players we have sold, as much as i sure it is lies from it, it has made me think, big time, prove them wrong FSG give BR some money quickly to buy some first 11 players "
27th Jul 2013 12:37
"With Suarez, Aspas and Papadopoulus in the team, next season will be a riot. They will be the next crazy gang and I just can't wait for the season to start. "
27th Jul 2013 12:45
"It's a shame Fsg are not selling the club to the Saudi oil company,if they did we might be able to afford some of these players that are being linked with us.Instead we're buying young talent which might get us in the top 4 in 4-5 years time."
27th Jul 2013 12:53
"Another rubbish story. We are not buying this guy. In fact, until the scab Suarez leaves, we'll not be buying anyone over 10mill."
27th Jul 2013 12:53
"The truth is our aim is to get in the top 4,but is that all are ambition now is? With man city and Chelsea spending big the only chance we will ever have of winning the league in the future is with new owners.Im not being negative but with the money Fsg invest in players we will be lucky to get 5th or 6th this season."
27th Jul 2013 14:04
"Thought Wisdom played very well against Milbourne and only 19 and as central defender so Papa scenario is a paper talk."
27th Jul 2013 14:14
"we will never bring in any new quality players untill Suarez arrives"
27th Jul 2013 14:15
"that is the way they planned"
27th Jul 2013 14:35
"i hope fsg are selling up they are no good for lfc "
njero 8
27th Jul 2013 14:46
"Haha lfc board makes me laugh they jst gud tokin o dreaming,show us sum ambition.hw I wud luv it if FSg sold da club 2 1 of these arab companies,despite them rescuing us frm hicks n gillete.they are also such a big disapointment.hw much is ther net spent overall,we r lfc not stupid club"
27th Jul 2013 14:58
"If we get him, either Skertel will be sold or Coates will be sent on season long loan. Anyway he's a good buy and will strebgthen our defensive end. "
27th Jul 2013 15:03
"Fsg ain't bad folks they gave br 50m last season none of which came from sales that's the most we ever had to spend, admittedly this window they seem to be waiting for LS money."
27th Jul 2013 15:04
" Give Luis more money to stay price him out of Arsnls pay structure we will only blow the money on another Andy Carroll panic buy, It looks like Rafa's sniffing around MS, Papa would be a great replacement."
27th Jul 2013 15:17
"This is total bull considering the source "
27th Jul 2013 17:04
27th Jul 2013 17:28
"i hope this is true"
27th Jul 2013 17:42
"EpicCoutinhostyleZ our defense is absolutely not good. That is the big problem. Johnson aint so good there still and Skrtel and Agger shouldn't play in such a big club as Liverpool. They both do some terrible misstakes every year and the positioning they shown is really low class. continue in next comment."
27th Jul 2013 17:43
"-Some matches this year Liverpool have played not better than the worst team in the league or worse. At least 1 of Skrtel must be out of the starting line. Skrtel may been okay if he didn't always give the other team unnecessary freekicks in dangerous areas and another really good playing CB beside him. Agger could be okay if just having a really good CB beside him. "
27th Jul 2013 18:13
"can't say how much i love our club and after this difficult period and onslaught by the media and before some clown says I have a complex I put the media in the same bracket as the bankers, money grabbing lawyers basically people who arrogant enough to think we don't see right through you YNWA"
27th Jul 2013 18:39
"A Sheik, A Sheik, My Kingdom for a Sheik! Even a Milk Sheik would do!"
27th Jul 2013 18:44
"Don't think it's wise to miss out on Eriksen and Alderweield. "
27th Jul 2013 19:52
"So we can play 3 at the back when we want to ^ Wisdom will get more games - very flexible formation if we get him, Soldado AND Eriksen"
27th Jul 2013 22:45
"BR said in Bangkok that his defensive line is ok. So another bull from the Mirror as always. But I don't believe he was right on this. We need either Papa or Toby since we are no longer going for Illori, and 2nd LB. Illori would've been a fantastic CB for us due to his speed which we need in modern games with speedy opposition forwards."
28th Jul 2013 1:48
"Shelvey and Andy out, Borini Downing Spearing Assaidi still not... ohohw brenda!"
28th Jul 2013 15:11
"yes young and plenty of time to develop but so was Coates and he was an international but has not come on as he should most probably due to lack of first team experience which will be the same if we still have Agger and Skrtel "