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dont know anything about this guy is he worth 25 mil plus ,we need a top striker plus someone like erikson
26th Jul 2013 18:13
26th Jul 2013 18:15
"like to have burak yilmaz in place of suarez and Bernard if possible"
26th Jul 2013 18:21
"just looked at his stats on wiki , Valencia 2010â"
26th Jul 2013 18:24
" 2012â"
26th Jul 2013 18:25
"ok as it wont worek that way lol , he scored 30 in 46 last season not bad "
26th Jul 2013 18:26
"If Suarez wants out, get £50 million for him and spend it on Soldado, Yilmaz and Eriksen."
26th Jul 2013 18:57
"We are ready to buy a 28yrs old guy for 26m but not 25m for a 22yrs one..bad deal..get Benteke..we really need a strong forward..a strong holding midfielder in the person of Diame..and i believe we can challenge for the le..we are lacked of ambition..spotting top four instead le..we must win the premier league at any have waited too long.."
coutinho star
26th Jul 2013 19:06
"all nonsense we dont buy top players anymore we cant even pay reinas wages loaning one of a few truly world class out more top bizniz by benitez as br fools everybody"
Champions Of Europe
26th Jul 2013 19:09
"People really need to calm down during TW tripe. The media are resorting to Twitter & Facebook gossip to spread these stories to the gullible. Read this story & see how the media make you all turn on each other & the club; start using that spongy stuff in your skulls guys:"
coutinho star
26th Jul 2013 19:14
"what happend to last seasons super buy centre foward samid yesil he and borini got one prem legue goal between them top strikers brs mega signings are wonderful "
26th Jul 2013 19:26
"How many number one targets does this one now make."
26th Jul 2013 19:33
"Why spend 26m on a 28 year old, come on..."
26th Jul 2013 19:44
"Aww come on why u saying to spend 25mil on 28 years old instead buying 22 years old for that money. Soldado is a class striker who can score 20+ goals which those young ones cannot. We all want class signing. So he is the one. Sign him"
26th Jul 2013 20:08
"if LS goes I wouldn't give this guy the no7"
26th Jul 2013 20:11
"lgtred what are you talking about yesil is 19 & never played any PL games last season "
26th Jul 2013 20:31
"Goal machine. Is he a 'brendan rodgers' footballer? probably not. is he worthy of playing for the reds? undoubtedly. will we sign him? unlikely!"
Natural Poolie
26th Jul 2013 20:32
"Could get 6-7 yrs out of this guy, if he got 20+ goals a season which he is highly capable of, could b a bargain."
26th Jul 2013 21:03
"First of all, 28 is not too old. Soldado has 2-3 very good year left. If we sell Suarez, then 25mil on Soldado plus 22mil Benarad wouldn't be bad. HOWEVER, 25mil on Luis Muriel and Benard would be absolutely fantastic. Would could be serious contenders with Muriel & Benard"
26th Jul 2013 21:06
"or even Jackson Martinez and Benard in place of Suarez. Martinez and Luis Muriel are both younger the Soldado, and would be stunners. At this point I'm all for either of those two for Suarez. And I'm all for Suarez staying, because he'll get past all the media drama soon, and he'll be itching to play after his suspension. So win win situation whatever happens."
26th Jul 2013 22:35
"He doesn't play for Spain if he's not good enough. Proven goal scorer and he can still play good football for another 5 years. With Coutinho and Sterling providing assists, he can get more than 25 goals per season. It's either him or Jackson Martinez to replace Suarez. 25 mil is a good bargain for this lad."
26th Jul 2013 22:39
"Nevertheless, never believe anything printed by the Mirror. Always copy any rumor circulating around. That's what mirror is."
26th Jul 2013 22:45
"livefree Martinez have very recently said that he wants to stay."
26th Jul 2013 22:58
"atish2103 if we shall get Benteke we must pay at least 35000000£ to have any chans getting him."
26th Jul 2013 23:20
"he is a top striker that we ll not go for. even if we sell suarez. hes too old and we would rather need winger thant finisher.i told that mkhitarian wont happen and this also."
26th Jul 2013 23:48
"the next person that says soldado is a bad deal needs there head checked hes a 1 in two stiker what does that mean you might say well that means he scores a goal in 180 minutes of football whicj is pretty impressive and worth lots more than 26 million in fact that cl spot right there sign him up"
Natural Poolie
27th Jul 2013 0:26
"The one that may go against him could be wages!? Possibly"
27th Jul 2013 2:36
"We have Aspas, Borini, Sturridge & Suarez. As well as up-and-comers like Yesil for extra/cup-backup. DO we really need another top striker? Borini deserves another season to prove himself. If suarez goes, this makes sense though."
27th Jul 2013 7:18
"sell suarez now. take the 40 mil pound. he is destabilising everybody with his F### look. it will affect team morale. Anyway from statistic we score more goals without him."
27th Jul 2013 7:23
"IMO, Couthino is a better player than that selfish Suarez anytime. tog with Sturridge, this pair will rock! use the money to buy a gd CM and Striker and we are in for a shout."
27th Jul 2013 8:53
"Would be absolutely brilliant if we get rid of our 50million pound liability. A clinical "get the job done" guy, not interested in looking fancy like a certain uruguayan. Doesn't even need a touch for most of his goals.At 28 he's just what we need. Go get him LFC please."
27th Jul 2013 10:04
"I would love to see Eriksen and Salgado in Liverpool shirts for 2013/2014 season but these rumours have been going round for weeks now. If there is any intention of signing these players get the deals done before we're gazumped again. YNWA"
27th Jul 2013 10:06
"Soldado *"
27th Jul 2013 10:35
"Something is going on...we are gonna get rid of some players..everyone knows Soldado is a top-scorer..but how long..two years maybe..too expencive.Same price we get Leandro Damiao. "
27th Jul 2013 10:57
"Suarez turn his back and words already.Same as F..n Torres.Buy a MAN not those clowns anymore.First move sell Suarez and buy Leandro Damiao."
27th Jul 2013 11:07
" Offer Luis more money to stay, another 50k a week should do it until we are in a better position. and get rid of the deadwood to fund it, The only club that seems to be really interested is Arsnal, We need to keep our assets not give them to our rivals for less than the going rate. "
27th Jul 2013 11:45
"He is a decent striker but not worth 26 mil maybe at the most 15/20mil.But he is no Suarez."
27th Jul 2013 12:18
"No way we spend 26 million for a 28 year old striker. His best years are behind him. You pay for future performance, not past performance. "
27th Jul 2013 12:23
"I'm sick to the back teeth with all this Suarez stuff. LUIS! IF you want to go, then hand in a transfer request!. This is getting embarrassing for the club, and the supporters that have stood by you!!!.... SOLDADO! £26m!, get real!. would prefer Bojan or Muriel. "
27th Jul 2013 12:56
"We haven't got this kinda money and as usual, Spurs will beat us to it."
27th Jul 2013 13:13
"Eriksen and Llorente maybe??? Also if it's actually true that Suarez could be off, we'd be off our faces to sell him to a PL team. Why haggle over £50m? They should just say "no, we're not strengthening our opposition by giving you our best player!" He should go to Madrid if so, and I'd wish him all the very best. In this case I'd happily swap him for Alonso + £20m."
27th Jul 2013 18:37
"Useless player wif no qualities.. still prefer adam johnson than him.. erikson is a bonus to get.. but alonso is great.. Torres need to be back wearing the reds shirt again.."
28th Jul 2013 10:07
"hoping - you must be joking? Saying you do not know anything about a top player like Soldado, is completely ignorant and tells me you watch no football. Crazy staetment to make about a player like this."
28th Jul 2013 13:26
"Let Suarez go and we can kiss goodbye to CL for another 2 seasons at least. Make him stay, we simply can't afford to sell him it would be suicidal for our success. We....Are....Not...A...Feeder Club....Period."
28th Jul 2013 18:02
"Get Soldado to compliment Suarez but not to replace him."
29th Jul 2013 16:03
"Good striker! Very potent in front of goal! But am not too sure of the price! 26 million quid is on the high side!"