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Top guy, top keeper. Very impressed with this signing.
27th Jul 2013 8:25
27th Jul 2013 9:06
"Sounds a top lad, seems well up for it. I wish him all the best, I'm sure the KOP will look after him. I really do think he's top signing + he knows what EPL is all about."
27th Jul 2013 9:24
"Seems like a top lad & he's up for the challenge. I really do think he's a top signing + he knows the EPL very well. I'm sure the KOP will look after him. Good luck Migs!"
27th Jul 2013 9:48
"Good signing and only 25 yrs old! Plenty of time to further develop! If he is good now imagine him 6-7 years from now! Brilliant buy! YNWA!"
27th Jul 2013 10:00
"I am delighted we got Mignolet, you, hungry and is an outstanding stopper. I reckon less clean sheets and sloppy goals. YNWA The Mig"
27th Jul 2013 10:17
"And the video just to remind him again!!!! Great buy the club sorted out the position for the next 5 years at least!!!"
27th Jul 2013 12:11
"we should have invest a good goalie at least 4 yrs ago after Reina had been giving away lots of cheap comical goals."
27th Jul 2013 12:28
"Great signing he will be the best, watch out man utd"
27th Jul 2013 12:28
"Great signing he will be the best, watch out man utd"
Lethal Tango
27th Jul 2013 13:29
"Now we have a top 4 player in GK position, replacing the previous poor one."
27th Jul 2013 15:36
"rubbish goalie not a patch on reina or even brad jones what a waste of money"
27th Jul 2013 16:10
"Hulksmash your total lack of understanding on these boards is breath-taking. Your mindless comments would be sad if they weren't so comical"
Junior LFC
27th Jul 2013 17:04
"Desejo tudo de bom."
27th Jul 2013 18:12
"hulksmash have you been smoking at the Emirates?"
27th Jul 2013 18:19
"Good lad.. but i still wish pepe as the goalie.. seen many games on tis mignolet not as proven as pepe.."