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I dont like him very much but at the moment he is the best striker we can get and we cant wait untill the summer so bring him in !
26th Jul 2013 11:57
26th Jul 2013 12:00
"this is disgusting...why on earth are we after players like this...too old and so expensive, how bout we dont blow all our cash we make of suarez on someone like him eh? we should really not give up on eriksen, seriously fsg and rodgers grow a pair -.- disgraceful our lack of ambition"
26th Jul 2013 12:20
"hes 28, HOW IS HE TOO OLD? f**k it lads im 25, im pushing, wheelchair ordered for next year. goal machine if i saw one. cant argue with joint all time leading spanish scorer."
26th Jul 2013 12:31
"StRoth - a few days ago u were claming we agreed a deal for erikson??? disgusting ? a bit OTT. Lack of ambition? your commenting on a report that suggests we "might" pay £26M. Make up your mind. "
26th Jul 2013 12:34
"Some of these fans are plain dumb or ed. We buy a 20 or 21 year old player, BR is buying too young and not experienced players. Now we are linked with a 28 year old proven player from Spain, oh! He is too old and expensive! What are some of you fans smoking in your house? Lol!!! FSG, please we gotta clean our own addicts up first before we worry about Emirates. Ha!"
26th Jul 2013 12:40
"20 mil plus Borini he'd do a better job to.. Not forgetting Suarez is gonna be out for the first 8 games. This could be a good bit of business "
26th Jul 2013 13:05
"26 million and 60,000 a week. No resale value. Doesnt seem like the type of player FSG would sanction. But definately the business end of the scale we should be in and he's in the quality bracket we can attract at the minute."
26th Jul 2013 13:28
"how can you people be screaming too old he's 28 how old is RVP"
26th Jul 2013 13:34
"spuddy1892.. well said, that made me laugh! StRoth... how the hell do you know what Brendan Rogers is doing behind the scenes?? lack of ambition.. what are you on? lol"
26th Jul 2013 13:41
"Previously you people said we buy too many young players. No he is too old. What age exactly we need? Wake up. 28 is not old for late boomer. He is similar to David Villa who is still good at 33. He still has good 5 years left in him. He is someone we need to get rid of the rat."
26th Jul 2013 13:41
"RedRivelino eriksen was and is the perfect midfield solution considering age, price and skill. apparently we bid for him according to 30 sources and now nothing. ambitious would be to bid for an up and coming talent, someone closer to 20 then 30.if we sell suarez to arsenal why hasnt it crossed their minds to ask for wilshere apart of the deal. to keep suarez make absurd demands"
26th Jul 2013 13:42
"If we buy him & his goals help us get into CL, then won't the money we spend on a 28yr OLD, Experienced,Tiki Taka player that suits our way of playing football be good enough? Forget the AGE, THINK! "
26th Jul 2013 13:48
"Blimey lads don't seem like there's no pleaseing some people, he's a decent forward & he'll probably see out his best days with us, if he gives us 2 good seasons that's £13m a season (NI wages) not that bad. Proven goalscorer! We can't be to picky!!!"
26th Jul 2013 13:56
"StRoth- First of all the chances of getting Wilshere on a swap are slim to zero. secondly if signing a 28yrold (which won't happen anyway) means lacking ambition how do u explain the RVP (age29) transfer last summer? he won the epl. "
26th Jul 2013 13:58
"How in the world is 28 too old?! spuddy, I hear you mate. Also, obifinest deserves a 'touche'!"
26th Jul 2013 13:59
"StRoth- basically your overracting bcos u want us to sign Eriksen, fair enough he's a good player but ur theory is incorrect. Also, did any of those 30 sources include the Echo, BBC, SkySports? if not its just media gossip targeting fans like yourself. "
26th Jul 2013 14:02
"RedRivelino rvp has been a incredible player for arsenal and manu, a terrific player, just the wrong team. the thing is when manu bought him they had the wayne, chicharito and welbeck all in place, rvp could have failed would have made no difference. we dont have that luxury. getting wilshere is slim hence demand him if they want suarez. "
Always A Red
26th Jul 2013 14:07
"At 28 he is in his prime, I dont not think he is too old, as long as he scores goals! I am surprised we did not go for Wanyama and young Hooper from Celtic!"
Innocent man
26th Jul 2013 14:09
"Instead of you guys to be praying to get this kind of player to add to sturidge and others,you are saying too old and you think we can get world class to accept to play without CL? we have young players and we need this type of player that can score in addition.YNWA"
26th Jul 2013 14:11
"StRoth - not sure what point ur making. But the point is RVP was 29. A players age is not an indicator of a clubs ambition or lack of ambition. Quality is what matters regardless. so ur point is flawed. "
26th Jul 2013 14:14
"StRoth - Demanding Wilshere is a pointless negotiating tactic bcos we simply do not want to do any business with Arsenal. We want to keep Suarez or get 50M+ preferable from RM. end of. "
26th Jul 2013 14:18
"what why not get bent from villa cost less and does the same job as soldado if we are thinking that small but to be honest I would try to buy benteke for that money and he is young and looks a classssss act."
26th Jul 2013 14:23
"RedRivelino, the point made is this, rvp is great but had back-up, great ones tbh and at 29 injuries the amount of injuries one is prone to increases, hence rvp was a gamble. we dont have manu's resources or squad, fact. the sources included sky, an overreaction no not at all merely frustration."
26th Jul 2013 14:23
"I'll happy put money on us never having looked at Soldado once."
26th Jul 2013 14:25
"RedRivelino we want suarez he is one of the best strikers in the world. rodgers states over and over again we have no intention of selling him. so arsenal can bug off, make a ridiculous offer get them off our backs. and if we got the 50mil who would you then consider to really replace luis???"
26th Jul 2013 14:28
"RedRivelino if we had to sell, id def bid for eriksen and muriel and then keep the remaining money for winter instead of injecting 26million euro and up for a player we wont get anywhere nearly as much return...finances are important to the club, fsg cant stop reiterating that"
26th Jul 2013 14:30
"Fans complain when we are after players in there early 20's because they want experienced players but when we are linked with an experienced player everyone complains he's too old. MAKE YOUR MINDS UP!! Personally I would welcome this signing with open arms."
26th Jul 2013 14:39
"StRoth- Your point about "backup" is redundant. Does'nt make any sense. anyway. Sky did NOT confirm we agreed a deal with eriksen (No lies pls) "
26th Jul 2013 14:48
"make a bid and stop blowing your comments out your whole, frustrating as if we sign alderwierld, eriksen and soldado we would have a team that can challenge for les but owners who dont match ambition come on "
26th Jul 2013 15:45
"StRoth are you Eriksen's agent? he is over rated, we have better players in Henderson, Sterling and Ibe. Bernard is the midfielder we need. Anyway back to Soldado, he would be just what we need when Suarez goes, he is experienced and a proven goal scorer."
26th Jul 2013 16:08
"RedRivelino that is true they did not CONFIRM that we have agreed anything they, like all other news sources have said we are linked to him, we are preparing one deal or another for him, as has the bbc so...technicalities must be taken into consideration, so please do not lie. eriksen would be pure class end off. bernard is great too just more expensive."
26th Jul 2013 16:10
"RedRivelino my point is "redundant" ...because it is valid and you seem not to understand it. rodgers talks about us needing to increase the squad, add more depth so that we really have a great squad. atm we have a good squad not a great one and rvp joined a great one hence the room for error is far less noted FACT. i cannot explain this in a more simple fashion."
26th Jul 2013 16:10
"Some buffoons are doubting Soldado's ability. Well guys, you may be surprised to know that his chance-conversion rate is higher than both Suarez and Cavani. Yes, he's not as versatile as Suarez, but then he's the fox-in-the-box we need."
26th Jul 2013 18:04
"Wouldn't it be nice to hear if any more transfer deals are actually in progress? I can see the benefits of the tour, but it makes me wonder if it's at the expense of being at the negotiating table for new signings. How patient can these clubs be with Liverpool if they are getting solid offers from other clubs? How long are they supposed to wait before they accept what's already there? "
Champions Of Europe
26th Jul 2013 19:09
"People really need to calm down during TW tripe. The media are resorting to Twitter & Facebook gossip to spread these stories to the gullible. Read this story & see how the media make you all turn on each other & the club; start using that spongy stuff in your skulls guys:"
26th Jul 2013 19:52
"NO!NO!NO! He simply to old for that sort of money let them desperadoes buy him they seem to have money to burn!!!"
26th Jul 2013 20:25
"StRoth - Your point is redundant because a 29 yr old who cost 25M scored 30 goals. Your point was that soldado was "too old & too expensive'" If we did sign him and he scored 25-30 goals would he still be "too old & too expensive:" "
26th Jul 2013 20:29
"StRoth - in any case i don't think we want to sign him. likely just paper talk. if LS stays we will buy a playmaker and defender. Maybe, Benard/Eriksen. If he goes then we will look for another striker who can play as a number 9 & 10 ?Muriel "
26th Jul 2013 21:43
"It,s a large financial outlay to be "hedging our bets" with? At the end of the day,if Real come calling the other fella will walk. Be wounded if he went to the neys.Make a travesty of his comments about leaving the British press behind!"
26th Jul 2013 22:45
"RedRivelino muriel would be a great signing, young, skilled and well we can sell him on in for much more then we paid for him if he does well. look soldado is pure class no doubt about it, just much rather be on the safe side. dunno a cup that can b filled is more promising then one that is full and can only be drunk. hmm eriksen or bernard preferably eriksen = sick"
27th Jul 2013 3:42
" This is it for us no more signings just a shame for a club at that caliber "
27th Jul 2013 10:51
"If Suarez wants to go let him go where ever....Buy Leandro Damiao.We dont need that kind of player-who-wants-to-go.Sell him about 50Me.and buy Damiao.LFC aint one-mans-team."
27th Jul 2013 15:40
"I can't understand why BR is not reinforcing his strike force by adding Soldado even if Suarez stays! We need to out score teams and win more matches to secure a CL place. Don't understand why we had to loan the best goalie in the world. There may be something about BR that Pepe didn't like? Crucial season for BR!! Hopefully Sturridge and Coutinho will be magical"
28th Jul 2013 11:20
"I'm with OLiver-Manish on signing a goal scorer whether or not LS goes. Sign him up (Soldado) at the requested price (£25.8m) or go for Luis Muriel at half that (that will seal the deal imo)! Both smart deals and for the present, hit the ground running type players. I worked out they both even have better strike rates than CArroll, Suarez,Aspas, and even Falcao (just about)"