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For the money being mentioned is he really worth it?
26th Jul 2013 10:22
26th Jul 2013 10:23
"Seems like another attempt to use LFC in a bidding war."
26th Jul 2013 10:23
"Plz no"
26th Jul 2013 10:23
"Seems like another attempt to use LFC in a bidding war."
26th Jul 2013 10:29
"I wonder if this story has anything to do with the fact we might be losing suarez haha! He's highly rated, but he isn't proven in the premier league. If we sell suarez we must use all the transfer funds to buy quality IF we can attract the right players without european competition!"
26th Jul 2013 10:34
"i want all of the 10 seconds it took me to read this sh**e back. whats the point of writing this, no new info whatsoever. yawn,"
26th Jul 2013 10:38
"could be a good replacement for suarez,also salah of basel,what a player! and papadopolous should all be within budget of the suarez money"
26th Jul 2013 10:38
"at 26 million we have no chance and i dont believe anything from the telegraph"
26th Jul 2013 10:45
"If Suarez we need someone who is experienced and come in and do a job. Yes, we have Sturridge but we need two main strikers. Soldado may not be everyone's favourite but he is proven, he scores goals but his link up play, hold up play and position is excellent. He knows tika taka too and could be a great signing. Different type of player, but a goal threat."
26th Jul 2013 11:06
"why would you not use the Suarez cash only if goes sounds like he wants to bad and if correct we will let him with a 55 million pounds then why not try for Hulk a player of his stature really couldn't want to play in Russia another season would think he would see the light want to join a wonderful club like ours and help make us a POWER AGAIN?"
26th Jul 2013 11:11
"But also Im sorry but I need to say it If It were me (no offense BR) as know we all have different ideas I would have got Villa when could of I know old but still get 30 in season next 4 yrs easy. let suarez go as he wants to and have got Hugain in the deal plus who we have already and a few others well HI TOP 4 IF NOT HIGHER!!!!! "
26th Jul 2013 11:11
"i cant see fsg spending any money from suarez sale they will sell him at the end of the window and then tell us they didnt have time to bring anyone in"
26th Jul 2013 11:21
"Hope its true... would be nice to get 55mil for suarez and use it to get soldado who is a natural goalscorer! Diame and papadopolous... just have to wait and see! In BR I TRUST Y.N.W.A "
26th Jul 2013 11:21
"Where is all the money going exactly. We didnt invest in the team last summer. We haven't spent any money so far this summer (apart from money made from selling players) so we should be able to invest 40 or 50 mill even before we sell Suarez. Does anyone even want to play for us anymore. Can we find any quality? We can certainly afford it."
26th Jul 2013 11:26
"Get us BERNARD instead.. younger, cheaper and much much better !"
26th Jul 2013 11:30
"So all of you would be happy top sign a player you never heard of but when it comes to signing a proven quality player like Soldado there's a problem??? F me. I feel sorry for Ian Ayre!"
26th Jul 2013 11:33
"We are all moaning to sign a quality player, proven goal scorer and yet when that player is linked still moaning about being too expensive. Get him please. He can score 20+ goals that will help us finish high which those talented youngsters like bernard etc can't make."
26th Jul 2013 11:43
"i'm hesitant to even come on here and read the latest, sick to the stomach of the Suarez scenario. I think everyone at LFC who are trying to make preparations for what looks to be a promising campaign is in disarray, scouser threw and threw I feel our club and city have been dragged through the dirt, and will be very pleased when this is over"
Innocent man
26th Jul 2013 11:54
"All we need now is who can score goals and this guy can do that addition to sturidge,colti boy,Aspas and others.the price is not too much compares to his goal ability and we can also add midfield and 1 defender with the money."
26th Jul 2013 11:56
"BR changed his style a lot to get Suarez playing to his strengths last season. The style he wants to play, in which we saw Sturridge thrive when Luis got banned at the end of last season would fit right into Soldado's game. I think this would be a great signing, we would also be able to get one more top player, maybe two. Not the end of the world here guys."
26th Jul 2013 11:57
"Another day and another player linked to LFC! I reckon the press just stick a pin in and pick anyone out they come up with."
26th Jul 2013 11:59
"At 26million your must be having a laugh. "
26th Jul 2013 12:00
"Sorry i meant to add - £26 mil?? no way "
26th Jul 2013 12:01
"Shirt11 Suarez wasn't proven in PL neither was torres doesn't matter if they have PL experience quality is all that matters & soldado is quality his record is very good but only if suarez leaves we still need other positions covered first."
26th Jul 2013 12:02
"Go get Damiao from International in Brazil he is 23 years old and a top striker.I'm sure he will not be more than 20 mil.Then get Eriksen from Ajax and Dzagoev from Moscow then all LFC need is a decent defender who can play anywhere in back"
26th Jul 2013 12:22
"If we want him we r moving slow bt his age though!!!"
26th Jul 2013 12:26
"well said Alexlfc2010 completely agree. "
Red Yank 1969
26th Jul 2013 12:31
"would rather have eric lamela...younger and most likely...cheaper"
26th Jul 2013 13:11
"FSG have yet to convince me they are the right people for the job yet i'm still hoping they do but does it ever occur to people that we can't attract top players. We don't have champions league football and we won't pay over the top wages to make up for it (wisely). We can only attract a certain type of player until we show a real move towards the top 4."
26th Jul 2013 13:13
"Soldado is a top striker. He can score through any method:heading,volley, long range,close range.He's also great at holding up the ball and offloading it to instigate att/counter att.Would he cut it in the BPL? Yes! He's more than strong enough,he knows where the back of the net is,and he knows how to play his heart out every single game."
26th Jul 2013 13:16
"I still believe we will get quality players in but it will be nearer the end of the summer when we see who is left after the champions league clubs and the over spenders have had their pick. We didnt invest last summer nor this one so far so we should still be able to spend 40 - 50 mill add that to 50 for Suarez and we could bid for Messi but would he come? Be realistic."
26th Jul 2013 13:18
"I would prefer to get Bernard for £20M if we are going to keep Suarez! Coutinho out left and Bernard out right, Suarez in behind and sturridge up front. Would be a class fron line.Seriously we have only spent £3M. Thus Suarez saga has to be dealt with so we can move forward with signings and getting ready for new season!"
26th Jul 2013 13:26
""Liverpool, meanwhile would have no problem paying such a sum for a proven goalscorer." Really? i hope the Tele are right about our willingness to splash the cash... on whoever. "
njero 8
26th Jul 2013 13:27
"If u watched seria A,as a true LFC I wud say let's go 4 luis munriel of udinese.he's a monister,unfortunately our owners,director,manager r not ambitious."
26th Jul 2013 13:55
"Kingwillis10 is spot on. Soldado has exactly what we need. Quality all round, plus his finishing is something special. Add vast experience and being a starter in Spain's first XI into the mix and Soldado gets my vote. As worth it as van Persie."
26th Jul 2013 13:56
"If FSG and Ayre are good businessmen, then they should invest 40 to 60 mil without waiting to sell Suarez. Look at LFC fan base worldwide. We are one of the biggest in the world. If we play good football with exciting players then merchandise sales and tv money alone can pay back those amount. Not to mention much more money we'll get if we play in CL next season. Be wise....."
26th Jul 2013 13:56
" much as I hate mentioning on here, or anywhere."
26th Jul 2013 15:10
"This guy has consistently out-scored negredo,Villa and the other stfikers in Spain except the top two Messi and Ronaldo. He is worth thd money especially if Suarez leaves. The only problem is he might be snapped up by another team before we are ready. I want Suarez to stay however if he is going we need to make sure he is replaced by a world class striker . "
26th Jul 2013 15:34
26th Jul 2013 15:35
"I notice the mods have removed the bit about Suarez leaving from the full article available at The Telegraph. When Suarez does leave we need an experienced proven goal scorer and this guy would fit the bill. The only questions are will he join and will FSG spend big on a 28 year old? "
26th Jul 2013 15:36
"njero 8 i agree,muriel would be a smashing signing,probs cheaper too"
26th Jul 2013 15:49
" go to south america and find a hungry striker like Suarez but who will be loyal to LFC. YNWA"
26th Jul 2013 17:28
"Best available right now without a huge transfer embargo and months of negotiations so good choice and he is proven year in year out, this guy is no mug and knows where the net is!"
Vosta Lee
26th Jul 2013 17:29
"Soldado is a quality striker. I personally rate him higher than Alvaro Negredo even though they are different types of strikers."
26th Jul 2013 19:03
"He is no way worth 25M. "
Champions Of Europe
26th Jul 2013 19:09
"People really need to calm down during TW tripe. The media are resorting to Twitter & Facebook gossip to spread these stories to the gullible. Read this story & see how the media make you all turn on each other & the club; start using that spongy stuff in your skulls guys:"
26th Jul 2013 21:54
"Yeh of course he,s worth it, like Andy Carroll was worth 35 mill! Crazy money but it,s the crazy period where clubs try to hold each other to ransom!"
26th Jul 2013 22:31
"men d amount is too much 4 a 28yrs old considering he would not have a resale value in 3 or 4yrs time.That shows d reality of d times.he is d best we cold get now untill such a time we could begin to offer cl football.untill den in br we trust "
26th Jul 2013 22:36
"Dont sell suarez until replacement has signed. We dont get fooled again. We sold Kuyt Bellamy and Maxi. Then Carroll went out on loan on the last day or so. all on the assumption that Dempsey was coming. Left short up front til Jan when Sturridge signed."
27th Jul 2013 6:37
"If surez leaves he is worth buy as he is a proven striker and fits br style and look at van persie "
27th Jul 2013 6:49
"If we get him around 23-25..the deal will be ok... Look at van persie of same age brought around same sum of money won a league le for manu... If within 2 years he helps us to top 4... "
27th Jul 2013 11:49
"Go get Damiao from International of Brazil, he is 23years and a very good striker and would not cost as much as Soldado .Then make offer for Eriksen of Ajax, Berbard or Dzagoev who can play anywhere in the attacking midfield."
27th Jul 2013 12:56
"REDSARGE, what are you talking about......'We didnt invest in the team last summer.'.... We bought Allen, Borini, Assaidi for approx 30m and spent another 20m on Coutinho and Sturridge in Jan !"
27th Jul 2013 14:25
"Soldado is a scorer but maybe two years..we dont need him,i have talking about two years Leandro him.Suarez is gone,just like last minute..LFC dont need those kind of clowns.Buy a MAN Leandro Damiao. "
28th Jul 2013 2:36
"Spurs are disparate for a striker if they get him I reckon we could kiss good bye to 4th and 5th becomes the more realistic expectation. We get him maybe CL for us next season."
28th Jul 2013 21:11
"this guy is class, and lethal, yes he is worth it."
28th Jul 2013 22:07
"Another rumour- scary times suarez is going--last day of transfer deadline!!! Ring any bells,,been linked with erkison..and others but only signed youngsters which is not a bad thing but lets look at the facts it was said early signings were to be signed to get them to y did the big signings not happen matter Y.N.W.A BR I TRUST"