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Spot on Ian! If Torres in decline was worth £55m then the asking price for Suarez has to be £60m plus.
26th Jul 2013 10:02
26th Jul 2013 10:04
"I wish Suarez would say something to resolve this. Couldnt shut him up in close season. We're in pre-season witnessing amazing fanatical support at the other side of the world and its being overshadowed by all this. It threatens to destabilise us. You owe us that much Luis. I'd rather a happy dressing room without you and to know who we can line up against Stoke"
26th Jul 2013 10:05
"we must keep suarez and show our intent and get soldado and another creative mid i honestly think we will get top 4 then"
26th Jul 2013 10:14
"He is banned for six matches, so won't be available against stoke"
26th Jul 2013 10:19
"his body language in oz didnt look good wen he came on , i also think luis should be saying something uusa supporters who have backed him all the way deserve better than this "
26th Jul 2013 10:20
"BR is spot on, along with Ayre. I can understand if Real came in and he wanted talks with them, but going to Arsenal is like a step sideways. We are currently better than them, if Suarez stays we are superior to them. Plus the added bonus LFC is a family and you are one of our blood with us. No brainer Luis"
26th Jul 2013 10:21
"Yeah frog i understand that, but if he's going we need a replacement. If this takes till the end of the window and then we just sold Suarez for say £50M, we will then get our pants pulled down over the price of anyone we buy. Losing one of your best players late in the window is a bad scenario. We won't make top 4 without Suarez or a very good replacement"
Gerrard o ya beauty
26th Jul 2013 10:24
"Selling Suarez to Arsenal would be a massive mistake, that threatens our chances of a top 4 finish selling are best player to are main rival, it would be madness. He's contacted to Liverpool for another 3 years we are in the driving seat here and if he wants to go it can't be to another English team. YNWA LFC"
26th Jul 2013 10:25
"Why you value him £50m as reported in all papers? If Cavani could go for £55m, Luis is much more impactful player than him and also, if Spurs can value Bale for £80-£100m, Luis should be valued not less than £70m, if not more. Stay firm on Luis. Set a firm message, 'get him for £70m by next week or forget'. He pleaded RM who turn down him and let's see how much Gunners value him! "
26th Jul 2013 10:25
"I have to agree with "hoping" his body language said it all in Melbourne. I love having a player of Suarez's ability at the club. But if he doesn't want to play for the team get the 50million and move on. No player is bigger then the club. I was gutted when Torres left and then in came Luis, if he leaves as proven with Torres he will be replaced "
26th Jul 2013 10:30
"I definately agree that if another BPL club wants him be it Arsenal or any other then it should be at a stupid price. Weakening us and strengthening Arsenal makes no sense so why should we sell?"
26th Jul 2013 10:30
"Well commented Mr.Ayre! It seems to me that the media - especially in the southern hemisphere are pushing Arsenal as much as to prise Luis from LFC. If I'm not mistaken, Jose Mourinho has recently added his bag of chips by encouraging Arsenal to go ahead. Bottom line is, the top four are really worried about what Liverpools' potential is this coming season with Suarez. "
26th Jul 2013 10:30
"Suarez owes us at least one more season, he bangs on about wanting to play in champions league but if it wasn't for him keep getting long bans we might have finished in the top four. Get us that top four finish and then we will see if you want to leave. "
26th Jul 2013 10:31
"I just wish he doesn't leave on deadline day day like Torres did and we don't find a suitable replacement.When are we getting these "exciting" players that are supposedly going to improve the first team anyway?"
26th Jul 2013 10:31
"In an ideal world he stays, Suarez is a high risk gamble though. Is it worth all the hassle that he has caused? Liverpool are right to want 60m plus in todays market. I just hope he goes Arsenal, can't see them winning much and is most definately a move sideways. Transitional period for us is over and we equal Arsenal, not going to be surprised if we finish above them at all. "
26th Jul 2013 10:31
"If we do sell Suarez it has to be no less than 55m and especially if its to Arsenal? He is easily the equal of Cavani and must surely be close to Bales value as he proved last season that he is as good. We can't send out a message that we sell our best players to our rivals for a song. "
26th Jul 2013 10:36
"suarez does not see us competing yes I know it takes time we will sell him & wont replace him poor signings will destroy this club for years stevie g retires god help us borini assaidi allen aspas are average at best BR thinks these players will take us 4th he's in dreamland teams above us are bringing quality in league never lie"
26th Jul 2013 10:37
"When stars leaving Arsenal to get their hands on trophies, Luis wants to go there just to play some CL matches. Does he value him so lowly? And to IA & BR, unless you can take us to CL, you will continue to lose like that, accept it, most of them just want to play for themselves and earn money... we don't want those in Reds anyway."
26th Jul 2013 10:37
"£55 million, at least and then we can talk. But I still hope we don't give Suarez to a PL club. "
26th Jul 2013 10:37
"Unlike Wenger to pay such a price for one player. We can't force him to stay and play. Rather get him out like Torres and move on with haste to get the right players in, plenty of them out there just waiting for LFC to make a dream bid for them. The history says it all, unless you are after the big payout... out with the money players in with the passion players. YNWA"
26th Jul 2013 10:47
"If we went out and bought two or three really good players it would show not just Suarez but the fans as well your commitment to getting into the CL and top 4, goos signings so far but well i like them but still way short of what we need to make top 4 and CL football "
26th Jul 2013 10:47
"suarez wont say anything because he stands to lose a lot of money for himself & agent if he forces move,he feeds the media by saying nothing why sign a new contract then try to get out ,if he wanted to stay he would of said by now last 5 weeks he has spoke so much when other side of the world"
26th Jul 2013 10:52
"I loved this guy through all the issues. World class winner. It's a shame he wont stay to see the progress we make. If a player wants to leave LFC then please make this happen. Team ethics and personality goes a long way. To think that he is eager to move to Arsenal says alot. On stats he has more of a chance of winning CL with us than Arsenal, even if they are in the tournament this season. "
26th Jul 2013 10:53
"the longer this drags on the worst for us,as long as we get £50m for him & trust Rodgers to spend on quality instead of average players like borini we could do well out of this ,we need quality Brendan quality"
26th Jul 2013 10:54
"Surely a discontent player does not normally give his best, but selling him to Arsenal our rivals should be out of the question. If he insists he should be sold out of the PL. We should also look for established players to bolster our chances of a top 4 finish. The youngsters are OK but we need experience as well. "
26th Jul 2013 11:06
"Michael owen > F.torres and now luis suarez..Old story keep repeating. I strongly believe suarez definitely will leave liverpool. But jz hope he stay outside of this league "
26th Jul 2013 11:07
"We have to dig in and not let any player dictate terms on us! This will set a precedence and show our weaknesses! I am all for keeping Suarez if Arsenal is the only bidding team! It would be ridiculous to let him go to an EPL rival! LONG LIVE LIVERPOOL! YNWA!"
26th Jul 2013 11:10
"If arsenal wants saurez gud and 5n but they hav to pay 2ru their nose 70millon pounds plus santi carzola . The if can not meet up such demand , then they should 4get about him 4 christ sake wat a they smoking at emirate"
26th Jul 2013 11:11
"We absolutely can not sell top players to a rival, not unless the price is absolutely extortionate and we can get several good players in to strengthen the team. "
26th Jul 2013 11:12
"LFC should be in the driving seat. We have suarez for another 3 years. Even if he doesnt play and seat on the bench and at the same time gives LFC a better chance to be top 4 by not selling him to a rival team so be it. We can still sell him next summer.."
26th Jul 2013 11:15
"Suarez can all he wants but we cannot sell him to another rival team. Its his lost if he wants to warm the bench. Either way it makes more sense to hold on to him to satnd better chance of top 4."
26th Jul 2013 11:20
"Suarez is looking at the signings so far and saying this is getting worse i need out of here,face it Aspas and Alberto are not top class players sure Aspas is nearly the same age as Suarez when did you ever hear of him before never maybe.I think just sell him and try get in 2 or 3 decent players not 2nd rate like Aspas."
26th Jul 2013 11:23
"Would rather see Luis go to a team outside the PL for a lower price than hand him over to Arsenal. Aside from that, if players can't fulfil their contracts...they should pay a 'huge' price when leaving. See that Luis does!"
26th Jul 2013 11:28
"I have just read in the news paper that Suarez says he owes the Kop nothing if this has been said get the thing out not fit to have that number 7 on his back."
26th Jul 2013 11:40
"Arsenal? 1)They're rivals. 2) They're under the eye of the awful press Luis wanted away from. 3)Can they afford him? £55m+"
notts red till dead
26th Jul 2013 11:44
"hmmm suarez?? what to do? defo play hardball just like napoli and demand a players currant market value, cavani & falco 50+. sell to a rival? obviously not a great idea but money talks and arsenal will up their bid, just to appease their fans. one more season? morally correct but footballers nowadays eh. regardless in br i trust ynwa!!"
26th Jul 2013 11:45
"Can we not just refuse to sell him to a Premier League club?"
26th Jul 2013 11:47
"why is ayre in thailand when he should be here working on transfers . this tells me all our business is done except for suarez going out"
26th Jul 2013 11:48
"It about time Mr Ayres you did something positive within the club.But I hope you don't wait until transfer deadline day and pack your bags at 4.0pm as you did last year and Suarez has just walked out the door with no replacement walking in."
26th Jul 2013 11:57
"Maybe we should demand 15 mil plus cazorla and Walcott sounds fair to me."
26th Jul 2013 12:36
"there is a simple reason wenger is willing to break the bank for luis, he is one of maybe three players in the world that can transform a team overnight. we would be absolute mugs to sell him to any pl rival and no matter what money we get we will not be able to replace him. cantona was the catylst for united and he was a flawed genius too "
26th Jul 2013 12:46
"cl qualification maybe worth 40m and then the players you could attract. 40m x 4years "the length of his contract" that's 160m if they want him that's the price."
26th Jul 2013 12:51
"If we are treating Suarez like he is a son then he needs teaching a lesson in manners!!!"
26th Jul 2013 12:53
"Next 48 hours will resolve this saga...Actually,L.Suarez expected Madrid call and they gave up recently...He spoke about English reporters and PL with negativity.And Gunners came in...He CHANGED his view talking about CL football and so...Cntd..."
26th Jul 2013 12:58
"Then,his manager,P.G.advised Emirates for 40.000 001 offer...Disgrace.Now,if I am I.Ayre ,I'd put statement-Deadline for Suarez transfer is 5 days,price is 50M.He cannot be sold to PL teams,overseas only.End of story.YNWA>"
26th Jul 2013 13:03
"There are three teams nailed on for top four manu manc and chel that leaves arse tot and us fighting for fourth. if we give arse luis we give them fourth and i don't want to spend the season knowing that we can't get cl qualification. "
26th Jul 2013 13:04
"Big financial earnings when qualifying for the Champions league. With Suarez us, with Arsenal them. That's the price and Arsenal know it."
26th Jul 2013 13:07
26th Jul 2013 13:26
"Forget Suarez and sign me i'll never leave and stay at the club and retire like Carragher did"
26th Jul 2013 13:51
"Those thinking that Suarez will move to Arsenal to fulfill his wishes of CL football are nuts. They can bid as much as they want, he will never play for them. "
26th Jul 2013 13:51
"He is not going to Arsenal. Believe me. It does not make any sense. LFC are clearly trying to trigger Madrid to "hurry up" with their bid, that's all. LFC are using Arsenal to show Suarez's true value, so that Madrid don't bid any lower."
26th Jul 2013 13:53
"How can Suarez want to go to Arsenal after saying he was sick of the English press!!! Be honest Suarez, you owe it to the fans who have stuck by you! If you want to play in the Champions League, at least pick a team who have got a chance of wining it! "
Always A Red
26th Jul 2013 14:04
"I thouight Suarez would give us another season at least, but if he wants to go and we get 50m, then let he be. But Arsenal? Really?It makes NO sense! Lets get Saldodo anyway, regardless cause we dont have Suarez for 6 games!"
26th Jul 2013 14:11
"In addition to wanting to keep him, we should make clear to all premiership clubs that from now on we DO NOT SELL first team regulars to any English clubs ever! least of all the team we probably need to push out of the top four in order to qualify for the Champions League. "
26th Jul 2013 14:22
"He wants away, and if Arsenal is the only bidder then sell him to Arsenal. Left them deal with his insanity. He is not worth the aggro hes caused and is a selfish git. Liverpool has lost credibility due to his insanity. This team is not top 4 material with or without him. Team before player, sell him. "
26th Jul 2013 14:32
"Manu categorically refused to sign Gabrielle Heinze to Liverpool just because it was Liverpool. No reason why we can't do the same with Arsenal. "
njero 8
26th Jul 2013 14:42
"Yes we get it but its tym 2 make signings.we haven't spent anytin n by da way wat r u stil doin in asia,u supose 2 b at in liverpool making new signings"
njero 8
26th Jul 2013 14:50
"Don't eva make a mistake of sellin luis 2 arsenal,stick 2 sayin no.plis show sum ambition 2 ayre.jst mayb suarez wil change his mind.hw do u convince suarez sein pepe has left n u sign mignolet,aspas,alberto n toure.hw do u expect us 2 break in2 dat top4 without world class signings."
26th Jul 2013 15:28
""Spot on Ian! If Torres in decline was worth Ã"
26th Jul 2013 15:39
"i watched him against ausie team and he looked absolutely unhappy. so in my opinion let him go to arsenal because he will regret later. i want to leave liverpool for arsenal to win A silverware? u r having a laugh. i hate him full stop. liverpool is bigger than him "
26th Jul 2013 15:43
"there is no point of keeping unhappy player, so sell him as early as possible so we can have a time to find a good replacement otherwise torres story is going to happen. "
26th Jul 2013 15:49
"There should be THREE Stipulations on Suarez being sold........1) Minimum amount of say £50Million to an overseas club.........2) Deal must be concluded AT LEAST 7 Days before Deadline, to find replacement...........3) If an EPL Team wants him, there will be an EXTRA £10Million on top of the asking price for an OVERSEAS Team."
26th Jul 2013 15:59
"Would he be looking to sign for United if they came in with an offer......I hear they're in the Champions League...........In fact thinking about it, with Moyes desperately waving the chequebook around trying to sign players left & right, I wouldn't be surprised if they made a sly bid."
26th Jul 2013 16:05
"I sincerely hope BR and FSG have the courage to refuse to sell Suarez to a PL rival... I really hope they stick to their guns... do you think they will?"
26th Jul 2013 16:10
"I hope you will keep to these words up to end of this transfer window."
26th Jul 2013 16:15
"Don't want to see him sold. But why not make a long-term public statement to premier league clubs that WE DO NOT SELL first team regulars to any English clubs, especially those we need to displace in order to get into the top 4. denps"
26th Jul 2013 16:55
"suarez to stay at least 1 more season.stuns everyone with superior play.Showcase himself at the world cup.sold for truck loads and we buy another superstar showcased at the world cup.perhaps a japanese player.Well done Brendan and Ian.I'm made up that we've got you."
Dede 7
26th Jul 2013 17:32
"Liverpool is the most decorated club in England.The team is getting stronger and hopefuly 3 more signings will be added to the squad. No EPL club would be ok with liverpool getting back to its glory days simply because it has the best atmospher in EPL and thats Anfield. keep our best player coz the future is very promising. YNWA."
26th Jul 2013 17:53
"We all know where this story is going to end, Luis will be sold last day to Arsenal or someone else. We will be left with no adequate replacement. BR would infer/claim that he has been let down. The reality is that without massive investment we are now not a Top 4 team and unlikely to be there or thereabouts. Wish this wasn't the case reality hurts sometimes."
26th Jul 2013 18:53
"This is such an easy statement to make, because no one has come close to our valuation. Just has soon as Arsenal or Madrid do, it will be bye bye Suarez."
26th Jul 2013 18:59
"we all know his going just get him out the door and buy some first team worthy players .if that is all we buy with aspas ,alberto etc then we haven't a prayer.we all knew reina was leaving well except the few prats who were in dreamland"
26th Jul 2013 18:59
"The truth of the matter is Gerrard all most left us because he thought we were showing no ambition to compete. Now Suarez feels the same and to be honest this team is probably worse than the one Gerrard wanted to leave. If we were to go out and sign a couple of world class players, Suarez's atude would change. "
26th Jul 2013 19:01
"Yer LS is a 100m player,but do we want someone who wants to go,,no,,his 6 match ban spiols our new season as well as all his bans last season spiolt our top4 bid got us booted from europe dont forget and meant ls didant get the golden boot"
Vosta Lee
26th Jul 2013 19:26
"If Arsene would throw two of Santi Cazorla, Jack Wilshere and Theo Walcott on top of 40,000,001 maybe a conversation can get started. It is still sad that Suarez got himself into a rumour that he would rather participate than compete."
26th Jul 2013 19:38
"Stick him in the reserves. It's time clubs stood to greedy, selfish and disloyal players. He won't get World Cup football if he isn't playing. Be hard nosed about it."
26th Jul 2013 19:41
"Remember when rafa wanted to sign heinze from mu. Ferguson said he's for sale, but it would be over his dead body before he sold him to Liverpool. Why can't we grow some and do the same with arsenal?"
26th Jul 2013 19:52
"Red-coutinho you talk s**t, you have no idea, had you ever heard, Coutinho, Michu Suarez (maybe to a degree). Just to name a few. Everyone goes on about big names, they don't always pay off, everyone starts from somewhere, there is no telling how well any new signing will do, unless you claim to have a crystal ball "
26th Jul 2013 19:53
"Can we have the full press conference video please?"
26th Jul 2013 20:11
"selling suarez to arsnal is a good idea as torres comeback and done anything against us no arsnal wont win anything thats why fabrags and van persie left wenger is losing the plot hes won nothing for 7 years all they do is finish 4th they dont win anything "
26th Jul 2013 20:14
"if were keeping suarez then fsg need to back rodgers get saldado in and a centre half asap"
26th Jul 2013 20:31
"Don't worry.....Ayre has just put a £2 million bid in for Dempsey and it's just been announced on NESN that Dempsey signed yesterday just like he signed last summer...hang on no he didn't...Ayre had to issue a grovelling apology to Mo Fayed. Go back to Huddersfield Town Ayre...oh hang on, they thought you were useless there aswell."
26th Jul 2013 20:33
"Suarez first came to notoriety for handling the ball into the net in the World Cup.Since then his bad behaviour have won him few friends.When he said he wanted to move because of the British Press I could perhaps understand to a certain degree, but now he has shown he would willingly sign for another Premiership team that shows that was just a sham of an excuse. He is an amoral, lying little toad."
26th Jul 2013 20:41
"Having said above, as a player (not a person) he is invaluable to our attempts to get into top 4. Selling him to Arsenal would be cutting our own throats. It should be made clear to him he can go if a non Premiership team offer £50m for him but we will not let him go to a Premiership team for any price and not to anyone for less than £50m."
26th Jul 2013 20:46
"oldvic - If you view LS as an "immoral lying toad" who tarnished LFC's image is it not the case that the two main club sponsors, Standard Chartered and Bank of America, have done far more serious damage to LFC? SC were fined $667 million for money laundering and Bank America were fined billions for fraud."
26th Jul 2013 20:49
""In a devastating 27 page order, Ben Lawsky, superintendent of the New York state dept of Financial Services, stated that Standard Chartered operated as a "rogue (criminal) insution" and that the senior hierarchy of SC in London were complicit in the criminality.""
26th Jul 2013 20:51
"Senior SC exec John Peace breached the terms of the deferred prosecution agreement served on Standard Chartered when he lied about SC's criminality by claiming that the laundering of billions of dollars of terrorism and drug money was due to "clerical errors"...a statement he was forced to retract as a lie."
26th Jul 2013 21:22
"And when i say "Get Shot", i mean "Get shot" of him. Any Liverpool fans who have threatened him with violence or even death aren't true Liverpool fans. He's s but he'll have his comeuppance in a more justifiable way. YNWA "
26th Jul 2013 21:35
"Immortal, for sure only a few know that, so there's nothing to worry about. But everybody knows everything about Suarez, what he says and what he does. Is it all true? Who cares? "
26th Jul 2013 21:39
"Would arsenal really pay £50m for him when the wouldn't pay more than £35m for their first choice target higuain?"
26th Jul 2013 21:39
"torres was 50 mil not 55mil suarez should be 60 mil and last year he signed a new contract"
26th Jul 2013 21:42
"sell him. how many times can we let this player drag our clubs reputation through the mud? in spite of all the support given to him, he still has no sense of loyalty.if we keep him he,ll force the sale in janury by not performing. with the money raised from selling him we can bring in two good strikers"
26th Jul 2013 21:49
"carod - One of the reasons FSG/Ayre said so little about bankster criminality yet were happy to kow-tow to corporate media witch-hunts against Suarez in the Evra and "bite" incidents is because the corporate media is bankrolled by the criminal banks so they will demonize someone to distract attention from the real villains...which are bank fraudsters and shadowbankers such as FSG."
26th Jul 2013 22:02
"i too wish this issue could be put to bed, the sooner the better. oh transfer window.. how i love AND hate thee.."
26th Jul 2013 22:04
"I wish Downing would claim being victimised by the press and demanding Champions League football"
26th Jul 2013 22:15
"60m 2 non pl team by jul 31 or no deal. team played better when he was missing last season so if he sulks no problem. buy one quality striker. left back ok we have options without buying. Be strong Ayre and co."
26th Jul 2013 22:22
"Stick to your guns get the best price possible (£50m+) he is Uruguay's top goal scorer at 26 & would of been EPL top goal scorer if he hadn't missed his lunch!! Don't like his actions over this but if he wants to go let him, but make sure LFC control it not suarez. Goonies r no better!!!"
Bajan Billy
26th Jul 2013 22:48
"I would tell Arsenal they can have Suarez for 40 mil but they have to include Jack Wilshire in the mix....let's definitely then se how badly they want him......hahahaha"
dj foodie
26th Jul 2013 22:52
"In my opinion we should keep him cause its a world cup year so he would have to keep his form up to be included in the Uruguay team,Hence his form should be good for us!!!"
26th Jul 2013 23:10
"Unlike Torres that engineered a move away. Whilst Suarez is open to the move, he doesn't want to come out and submit a transfer request. Whether or not he still felt a bit jaded against Melbourne, I'm not sure, though he seemed a bit more lively in training."
26th Jul 2013 23:10
"No Confidence in Mr Ayre he should have left the club ages ago.He saw everyone off the premises,including KD but remians as the man pulling all the strings.Find it difficult to believe anything he comes out with.This saga will run and run."
26th Jul 2013 23:32
"At least Luis has a smile on his face during training in Thailand, he certainly looked as though he didn't want to be there with the team in Melbourne."
26th Jul 2013 23:37
"Now Let's go get two World Class players and show our intentions to Luis and the rest of the Prem. Put a smile on all fans and players faces!!!"
26th Jul 2013 23:49
"Im going to make a prediction - no club will pay £50 mill- so suarez will ask for a transfer it will force our hand - we will sell but to madrid"
26th Jul 2013 23:54
"ya we will have to keep him for sure to challenge next season."
Billy B girl
27th Jul 2013 0:03
"Gareth Bale with stay with Totts for another year so RM will come in for LS but it looks like his agent is in talks with PL legals re his £40m clause!!! Hope he doesn't go to Arsenal but at present every team look better than us ....."
27th Jul 2013 0:21
"Rumor has it that FSG are actively seeking to sell LFC. I now live in America and I have read this story now in two newspapers."
27th Jul 2013 1:37
"Sell him, but not to an English club"
27th Jul 2013 1:38
"Something not right about any of this.Arsenal bidding that much for one player is very unusual and then J W Henry asking what Arsenal are smoking and the two clubs releasing the bid details to the press is also weird.Suarez is a great player but maybe the club has decided we would be better off without his unsettling influence if so I hope it works and they get the price they are looking for! "
27th Jul 2013 3:05
"He has a contract. Don't sell him, he's not the sort to play bad, even if he sooks. He does not make good decisions so make it for him. YNWA"
27th Jul 2013 3:11
"I hate when people say that and then a few days later the players sold. Reina's gone when they said he now has competition in Mignolet, I just want some honesty not only from BR, IA but from Luis aswell"
27th Jul 2013 7:49
"Once the window is shut Luis will have to knuckle down as he'll have to be in good condition for the world cup which means playing time. Ayre, FSG and BR have all come out saying they are not interested in selling Suarez for anywhere near what's currently being offered and I'm fairly certain Arsen will not pay over 50M for him."
27th Jul 2013 9:17
"Do not sell him, we have seen several other clubs flat out refuse to sell their stars, especially to direct rivals. Once he starts playing he will forget all the transfer rubbish. However, I do agree that in his position the lack of quality transfers in, would give me no confidence to stay and hope to qualify for CL next year. "
27th Jul 2013 11:30
"For 'sure race'or suarez, he is not for sale, he should be valued at 98 million pounds,that's just being quite fair.Liverpool is a winning club am convinced that this season is our season,all trophies for competitions Lfc are participants will be ours. we are silencing all critics and all critics are under my feet in 'S name Amen. "
27th Jul 2013 11:49
"If all the majority of the fans and lfc board are backing you to stay,and you insist to go,then let him's just like a man and children who tries what he can to convince his wife to stay but she turns a deaf ear,it hurts but you have to keep calm and carry on.."
27th Jul 2013 14:26
"Luis Suarez will stay at Anfield! ;)"