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26th Jul 2013 7:43
26th Jul 2013 7:46
"Well done Cradiff... begs the question why we can't put bids in for players that we want and see what happens..."
njero 8
26th Jul 2013 8:50
"I don't blame any1 but this stupid man brendan,how FsG wr so foolish also 2 hav given brendan all the powers,wat has br achieved 2 hav bn given such powers at a huge club lyk LFC?no proper signings n busy claimin we can challenge,suarez wantin out,no proper midfield,no worldclass players.wat nxt 4 us?yes I'm a LFC fan n m jst express my views,dnt b blinded coz it hurts me "
26th Jul 2013 9:01
"they are working on getting 2-3 players in, hopefully cisshoko on loan and 2 world class players, one attacking player and a centre back. so clearly we didn´t even want this guy. if we did he would have obviously chosen us ahead of Cardiff. people on these boards are either stupif or under the age of 10"
26th Jul 2013 9:02
"I wouldn't mind another defensive mid though"
26th Jul 2013 9:24
"I wouldn't mind another DM but not at the expense of 2 top class signings coming in. We didn't want this capoue clearly. I'm not stressing"
26th Jul 2013 9:47
"Njero 8 your the stupid 1,what BR has been doing is bringing in young hungry players with quality already yes not world class maybe but to say the signings he has made are not good enough is just stupid. You havent seen them play enough to make that statement. We have got a young squad but we do also have players with a lot of experience too & your comment no proper mid is laughable. "
26th Jul 2013 9:54
"The "world class" players people are clamouring g for seem to me to be mostly moneygrubbers for whom a contract is no more value than a chewing gum wrapper. Our future lies in good young talent that we nurture and retain"
26th Jul 2013 10:10
26th Jul 2013 10:16
"Njero 8... seriously. BR is clearly a talented guy and given the chance will take us back to where we belong. His signings have been outstanding and will all be vital for our upcoming campaign. Strength and depth is what we need with the players we have aquired I see huge progress and lots of skillful talent coming through. Roll on next season so all the doubters can understand BR's revolution. "
26th Jul 2013 10:19
"Indeed Uncrazy, we are looking for the right players not the most expensive players. BR hasn't let us down yet so back him all the way. "
26th Jul 2013 10:24
"In Brendan we trust, what a manager he is turning out to be, the best signing for the club for a long time! what makes me laugh is how many get upset at the transfer rumours, so childish, we dont even know who we are targeting and I have complete faith in Rodgers, so far he has been 100% with his transfers!"
Save us Kenny
26th Jul 2013 10:33
"No he hasnt been 100% with his transfers,, as itsall squad players, wheres the first team signings? Man Utd want Fabregas, Arsenal want Suarez, Chelsea want Rooney, City get Fernandinho,Navas, Jovetic, Negredo, Spurs get Paulinho. Liverpool sell their best playersand sign Alberto, whoopee, theres ambition for you"
Save us Kenny
26th Jul 2013 10:38
"We have the best player in the premiership by miles, and hes being pushed out, what top side would even consider selling their top talent. What does that tell you about FSGs ambitions? And BR changes his mind or simply BS every 5 minutes, he is an embarrasment to the club."
26th Jul 2013 10:39
"njero8- your an absolute idiot. clearly if we didnt bid were not interested, and if cardiff are signing him over spurs and arsenal then cleary he isnt that good. and can you tell me david moyes qualifications for the united job? you moron, worldclass player, coutinho, gerrard, agger, suarez. dont poison this place with negative childish comments. get behind rodgers if your supposedly a fan. clown."
26th Jul 2013 10:44
"saveuskenny- do us a favour and do one. your clearly another clueless muppet who took an instant dislike to rodgers because your precious kenny was sacked. how are we pushing our best player out? he publicly said he wanted to leave all weve done is support him. another mindless fool."
Innocent man
26th Jul 2013 11:37
"BR is not stupit but knows what he is doing and one thing you people should understand is that he is working with the fund at his disposer.if there is anough fund,he would have completed all the signing by now and signing young ones is best option for now so trust him."
Save us Kenny
26th Jul 2013 11:40
"In your opinion, but thankfully you are not the king of England. Its not mine. If you must resort to name calling, Im stating facts. BR is contradictory or just a liar. The squad is getting weaker, not better. I guess you'll see when we finish mid table"
26th Jul 2013 11:56
"well we only improved on what kenny did so an improvement on last year is something. whats your view going to be when we finish higher again this season? are you still going to be shouting your head off about rodgers not doing well. tell me who on our squad is weak? and also what players on kennys squad were better? i apologise for the names."
26th Jul 2013 12:21
"Ppl r getting angry over rumorz its jst sad to see dis fighting we all knw brendan hasn't signe major playaz bt let's b patient coz its clear dis playa wasn't on our radar YNWA!!!"
26th Jul 2013 13:30
"This should be on Cardiff City's website not ours"
26th Jul 2013 14:50
"who cares it doenst look like our stupid owners want to sign good players bs hitters"
26th Jul 2013 14:58
"Totally agree we don't have the funds or the pull for top players,even Cardiff,Norwich,Southampton can do better than us in transfer window,now that's embarrassing.thats y were selling players before we bring players in.FSG OUT,NOW."
26th Jul 2013 15:23
"I understand the concept of this but to do you really think we are at all interested in this bull ??? cmon LFC stop winding us up. "
26th Jul 2013 18:13
"What has this article got to do with LFC???"
26th Jul 2013 19:20
"Save Us Kenny br did say these were squad signings and a couple of starters were on the way,"
26th Jul 2013 20:31
"The players he signs the player he picks a veteran with knowledge a teenager with tricks. A Christian a muslim a tourist a local a shy man with talent a leader that's vocal. A team full of spirit a team full of flair a team full of passion that's all that I care. A kop full of kopites a kop full of noise we will be so much better if you get behind the boys"
27th Jul 2013 2:27
"Awesome Annieroadarmy :)"
27th Jul 2013 2:28
"That indeed is well said YNWA!!!!!!!!"
29th Jul 2013 4:04