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Sign him up psv
25th Jul 2013 16:58
Save us Kenny
25th Jul 2013 17:10
"Great, then they can sell Agger and Skrtel. There is absolutely nothing to look forward to at Liverpool anymore, just mediocrity"
25th Jul 2013 17:10
"Just bring in Alderweireld & be done with it."
25th Jul 2013 17:21
"Skrtel and agger are going nowhere. How can they together they could be great and they know it. Need this Suarez business sorted ASAP. Is he or isn't her playing for us next season?? "
25th Jul 2013 17:30
"If he forces a move its a stab in the bag. He'll still get abuse from rival fans and media alike. By not saying he'll stay he's already lost his dignity. I wanted him to stay but now I've changed my mind. But we cant settle for anything under 50mil+"
25th Jul 2013 18:05
"my post was for evera and his silly comment dirty manc..."
25th Jul 2013 18:30
"I'm so annoyed at Suarez.What a complete joke of a man.All the support the club and fans have given him throug the Evra/Ivanovic incidents and he says he wants to leave ?? Even his body language yesterday was all wrong.Looked so miserable and just didn't want to be there.Saying that mind if i was that ugly i'd be miserable aswel !! Just get out of our club right now,you disgust me !!"
25th Jul 2013 18:46
"i 4 one thing would av luv saurez to stay put but though to his unfaithfulnes towards the club nd we the fans to hell be with him.wel to me since are desperate to av him gud nd 5n then they shud pay 50mil pounds plus santi carzola .pls my follow kop fan wat d u tink ? "
25th Jul 2013 18:46
"i 4 one thing would av luv saurez to stay put but though to his unfaithfulnes towards the club nd we the fans to hell be with him.wel to me since are desperate to av him gud nd 5n then they shud pay 50mil pounds plus santi carzola .pls my follow kop fan wat d u tink ? "
25th Jul 2013 18:49
"back to suarez get rid. no good having around with his manner. he will get into loads of trouble next season mark my words. and I hope he has crap season. Liverpool club and fans gave him all there backing. keep biting."
25th Jul 2013 18:51
"Don't tell Wenger but the team won more and scored more goals when Suarez was out. Suarez scores, but he also deprives others of easy goals. He is selfish. Why shouldn't he look after number one? He would be less valuable as a true team player. The goals figures don't lie, do they?"
25th Jul 2013 18:58
"I think CB is already covered, Agger is cemented as a starter week in week out ( if kept fit) Skertel is a good defender and despite being left out the squad last season will find form again, Kolo as a replament for carra, and wisdom looks promising and i think kelly could adjust to being a CB"
25th Jul 2013 18:58
"If we here from Luis the donkeys mouth that he wants to stay - good, but if not, get him to honour his contract with the reserves....(or sell him quickley to Real). Don't let him go to the "gooners" to try and get 4th spot! "
25th Jul 2013 18:59
"Arsenal shd pay the 50mill pounds asking price then plus santi carzola or wishere"
25th Jul 2013 19:06
"I say take the 40-odd million from Arsenal. Let him become (virtually) their sole goalscorer because of his greed. Take the money and sign another couple of decent Suarezes, except without the aggro and the bans."
25th Jul 2013 19:29
"i wouldnt be surprised if skrtel rafa and pepe"
25th Jul 2013 19:47
"What's the betting that when Suarez does go FSG will give BR a fraction of the transfer money to spend on a replacement."
25th Jul 2013 20:18
"Do we actually have any money to spend.every target were being linked to is going somewhere else.maybe two things,we can't attract the better players anymore or we just don't have the money.or prob both.were getting one big joke and will never get back in top 4,anyone who thinks different is deluded,why as peep gone coz we can't afford him anymore.the club is finished as a top team."
25th Jul 2013 21:01
"Dont overpay for Ilori. If we cant sign a player for a fair price promote from within. We have tonnes of talent waiting for a chance. If kelly stays fit we have options not to mention some of the others knocking on the door. Wisdom flanagan robinson etc. Bring the reserve team work to fruition. Develop a club ideny. Luis 60m to foreign club or no deal."
25th Jul 2013 21:03
"I meant club ideny sorry"
25th Jul 2013 21:06
"I am typing Ideny but it keeps coming out like Ideny but you know what i mean"
25th Jul 2013 21:25
"Man U fans, why come on here just to leave comments? It's the saddest proof that you are terrible fans you can provide. I have never, and never will visit your website because quite frankly, I don't care what you're up to. If you have the time to come on our site just to be a d**k, then I suggest you get a girlfriend and then capping that off by supporting a team that solely fulfils your needs."
25th Jul 2013 21:26
"this forum always takes the it out of ident it y... it's a glitch... I'll write it again now but without spaces and watch... ideny"
25th Jul 2013 21:28
"in fact it's worse than that... it's taking the out of ideny... see?"
25th Jul 2013 21:29
"I just wrote t i t without spaces and it disappeared completely from my post...!"
25th Jul 2013 21:31
"I wrote 't i t' but without the spaces and nothing came up in the post - it really is a glitch - makes writing really frustrating!"
25th Jul 2013 21:51
"Davidorosso 25th Jul 2013 21:31 It's not a glitch, there are certain words the mods have banned from being used on this website, unfortunately they get blanked even when thay are inbetween non-rude words."
25th Jul 2013 21:56
"Seems a bit stupid though when you can write t*t, d**k, f**k, s**t or as*hole, has the same effect!"
25th Jul 2013 23:01
"Sell him, and mark my word he will end up just like Torres. "
25th Jul 2013 23:44
"Suarez never learn from Torres lesson. He will never get half of that undivided support we have given him regardless of his stupidities anywhere else in the world. What a joke. Off the field he has no brain."
25th Jul 2013 23:52
"We actually played better as a team without him towards the end of last season. Get Jackson Martinez or Huntelaar quickly and send him to Madrid for 39.9 Mil to send ass nal a message."
26th Jul 2013 0:37
"Sign Jupp Heynckes, I am sorry if I am wrong, Liverpool is BIGNAME for BR. Let's see his photos in tour, he so look happy trip around the world. "
26th Jul 2013 0:47
26th Jul 2013 0:48
Super man
26th Jul 2013 1:59
"we dont need him."
26th Jul 2013 2:07
"Lets all just calm down a bit! these are just rumor's and lets face it in all honesty none of us really knows whats going on behind the scene's so let's just wait and see!! It's not hard to be a little patient and not too gullible! "
26th Jul 2013 4:55
"Go for Alderweler instead! Coates is much better than Ilori"
26th Jul 2013 6:29
"Fact is that we have zero transfer money unless Suarez goes. Our selling is driving our buying, period. "
26th Jul 2013 8:54
"The "Forsythe Saga" pales into insignificance in relation to this boy,talk about long winded!"
26th Jul 2013 9:31
"I dont think we are losing out on any targets. The players we are linked are either wrong or we cant agree a fee for them."
26th Jul 2013 14:53
"ah fsg is a joke what are you smoking your clearly waiting on an offer for suarez of 50 million but we should be making him stay he is our best player and ye just want money so we can buy useles players we need to develop what, not something I thought id see, start to buy quality"
26th Jul 2013 22:47
"i wish this source was inside a futball instead of boring me with no news on a regular basis. Still no medical for mkhit! you said 3 days! thanks for the tip three weeks and counting."
27th Jul 2013 2:47
"papadopoulos is the best option for cb the best replacement for carra his mentality his agressiveness and his carrachter can be compared to carra alderwield is good but we neeed an orginizer a powerhouse someone that can put his body in front of the ball every time his also very vocal"
27th Jul 2013 2:52
"thats the reason skrtel isnt playing that much he doesnt have those abilities alderwield doesnt have them either so why bother buying him if papa comes we will have best defence in the league for sure also at 21 his resale value is only going up the fact that he got injured doesnt mean anything "
27th Jul 2013 2:56
"also kolo can cover for him until he becomes fully fit"
27th Jul 2013 14:45
"is it true that Pepe Reina is living us."
27th Jul 2013 14:58
"truely support ure comment KL_Red sure we want suarez to stay but u cannot have a player that only cauce S...t and others have to suffer with it next time a player does that again should pay Fine to the club too only this might bring them some sense."