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Please get him, BR.
25th Jul 2013 10:28
25th Jul 2013 10:39
"if arsenal are in for bernard and suarez theyre going to end up spending 75 million or more on two players... AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, better chance of the fail writing a story thats true."
25th Jul 2013 10:44
"Come on get this kid his a gem let of tht vampire 'suarez' coz he iz no longer in our hearts he wants to talk wit arsenal"
25th Jul 2013 10:46
"We have to get this guy, not Ass nal or Spuds."
25th Jul 2013 10:47
"why liverpool is not willing to pay for this guy..where is the 25m he was willing to pay mrkitaryan..everytime is same with liver..just like dempsey, siggurdson and mrkitaryan.."
25th Jul 2013 10:47
"I'm not sure we can attract who we want with this uncertainty surrounding suarez. Bernard fits the profile of who we need. A winger but if players see our best player leave..."
25th Jul 2013 10:51
"why do people think we had 25 mill for mkhitaryan we never even placed a bid for him this is all media crap"
25th Jul 2013 11:04
"Snatch him from Arsenal.. He could be our next Suarez!!! And don't allow him and Suarez to partner at Arsenal, they'll be devastating strikeforce!"
25th Jul 2013 11:23
"this is a signing i would love to happen, but we will have to wait and see!"
25th Jul 2013 11:34
"id sell suarez any day of the week to get bernard, eriksen, coutinho and sturridge on the same team and then a back up striker, prob would need 50m for suarez and fast. "
25th Jul 2013 11:38
"we will end up with some young player no one nos ."
njero 8
25th Jul 2013 11:43
"Can u imagine,we are busy missin o our targets.I dnt undastand our board,sign dis boy n atha classy playas,like I said it n I'll oways say it,BR is ok but he shudnt b given 100percent in charge of all da transfer dealings,we need director of football "
25th Jul 2013 11:59
"I still think we need at least 3 players,at the moment it doesn't look like we will be getting any top class players in.most clubs don't want to sell or like Valencia want crazy fees.with the strong finish we had you would think the board would of backed Rodgers.This is how it will always be under Fsg I'm afraid!"
25th Jul 2013 12:06
"Sell Saurez for 50M and get Bernard, Demba Ba from Chelsea and Shaqiri from Bayern Munich"
25th Jul 2013 12:12
"Well if Arsenal bid they will get him. Simple as. Hope the scouting team can unearth some gems in next few weeks as big names are all in demand"
25th Jul 2013 12:18
"pls wat is 20million dat liverpol can nt afford ? Pls get us benard 4 d asking price worth it .4 christsake how much d we want to buy him ? Or is it a free transfer dat we are waitin "
25th Jul 2013 12:18
"pls wat is 20million dat liverpol can nt afford ? Pls get us benard 4 d asking price worth it .4 christsake how much d we want to buy him ? Or is it a free transfer dat we are waitin "
25th Jul 2013 12:19
"I really think that FSG has not given BR a transfer kitty this season. Seems like the only money we have is the one we make from player sales. Cant see anyone else coming in before Suarez being sold first"
25th Jul 2013 12:24
"fsg out"
25th Jul 2013 12:29
"He certianly will add some more brazilian flair to our team and will work well with Lucas and Coutinho and would become a good privder for Sturridge."
25th Jul 2013 12:29
"Brendan Rodgers said he wanted signings that would "add 20 goals" to the team. Suarez is on his way out so how is Brendan going to realise that intent. The way things are right now we could be in a bit of bother if Sturridge doesn't get fit and STAY fit. "
25th Jul 2013 12:40
"If Liverpool do accept a bid for suarez we should seriously start looking at replacements for him. and i believe bernard and eriksen can be good replacements plus a striker total 50 mil "
njero 8
25th Jul 2013 12:48
"No money no better players,we jst dream all the tym,I'm sick n tired of pipo behind our signings.up 2 nw no quality signings"
25th Jul 2013 12:48
"Evra,clearly you have no life,friends or g/f that you have to come on a lfc site to spend your time.Im just amazed that you've got a wifi connection in your mothers basement.The way manure are going under moyes I think you should be more worried about you own team.who have u signed this summer?"
25th Jul 2013 12:51
"The manc leaving comments on here is such an obviously cupid stunt, maybe it's the real PatriceEvra."
njero 8
25th Jul 2013 12:58
"I wish we had owners who hav money,I wish I wish.pipo say chelsea,man city,man u buy da legue but who cares.what does it say on da trophy bought or name of club,so u c if we want 2 get bak in2 europe we need 2 sign big.wetha signing big,2 win a legue it takes hard work still"
25th Jul 2013 13:03
"I wonder wt doez dis evra guy do 4 a living smokin weed I guec u gotta lot of tym talkn *ish in our site seems u runnin away frm ur problmz at ManU"
25th Jul 2013 13:07
"Two things, folks: a) Don't expect any marquee signings until we receive proceeds from Suarez Sale. If he doesn't leave, no marquee signings and b)Many CL clubs are in for this Bernard guy, so that puts us sh*t out of luck."
25th Jul 2013 13:08
"We should sign this guy and unleash Suarez to Real when they bid as a big middle finger up to Arsenal. We will never sell him to a chief compeor but it is causing the whole club a load of grief"
25th Jul 2013 13:09
"Looks like suarez is going to be off!why on earth would we even think of selling our best player to our main rivals for 4th,unbelievable! Imagine if we could grab 4th from arsenal next may and suarez is left looking like an idiot! If he does go there hopefully he can bring as much disgrace to the club as he has brought to ours and go on and continue to show his true colours as a selfish sbag!"
25th Jul 2013 13:09
"I really don't understand I've seen this kid play & he's ok but he's 5ft 5 with little to no experience & people want us to take a huge risk & pay 20 mil for him!! Ridiculous. Yes juninho did well but he was older & more experienced before anyone starts!"
25th Jul 2013 13:23
"ahahah your owners are flogging your best player to arsenal you are feeder club now lool you wont even make top 10 this year, then they sell agger and gerrard ahahah bye bye scousers enjoy millwall away looool"
25th Jul 2013 13:31
"I'll have a consonant please Carol..."
25th Jul 2013 13:41
"Patrice evra, You silly manc you've got moyes as manager now and how many times has one of his teams beaten the Mighty reds"
25th Jul 2013 13:59
"Realistically looking at the clubs going for him there is little chance of us getting him. He is a top player and I doubt he will join any team without CL football. Surprised BR is not looking at Scott Sinclair, he looked a decent player at Swansea and fits BR style of play. WBA have made a loan bid but I reckon City would sell at a cheap price might be worth a punt. "
25th Jul 2013 14:11
""Negotiations with tottenham and dortmund have cooled" meaning we haven't even bid, fantastic, if we want a player, SHOW ME WANT HIM, CHASE HIM, SHOW HE APPRECIATED. "
25th Jul 2013 14:18
"what this policy tnasver club..Amazing thing is that we will take C.ERIKSEN,which is one of the most talented players in the world,and to bring untested players such as Luis Alberto(who has not played a single match for Barcelona)scary!Difficult to extract 18 million pounds, in Henderson,Dauinga to pay over 20 million pounds..Liverpool End Interest in Ajax playmaker C.Eriksen ..Latest news!YNWA"
25th Jul 2013 14:18
"what this policy tnasver club..Amazing thing is that we will take C.ERIKSEN,which is one of the most talented players in the world,and to bring untested players such as Luis Alberto(who has not played a single match for Barcelona)scary!Difficult to extract 18 million pounds, in Henderson,Dauinga to pay over 20 million pounds..Liverpool End Interest in Ajax playmaker C.Eriksen ..Latest news!"
25th Jul 2013 14:18
"what this policy tnasver club..Amazing thing is that we will take C.ERIKSEN,which is one of the most talented players in the world,and to bring untested players such as Luis Alberto(who has not played a single match for Barcelona)scary!Difficult to extract 18 million pounds, in Henderson,Dauinga to pay over 20 million pounds..Liverpool End Interest in Ajax playmaker C.Eriksen ..Latest news!"
25th Jul 2013 14:35
"This guy looks like he would be a good signing for us but main person we should be looking for is gundogan! Unbelievable player and will be replacement for gerrard if we could pull him off. Do not let united get him as they've been linked today with him, stick a 20m bid In and show some interest! Trust Brendan to do the right thing but needs to start serious talks with quality players soon, YNWA"
25th Jul 2013 14:37
"BR, please let's get this guy and a defender and we will be GOOD to go for the season."
25th Jul 2013 14:42
"Do we actually have the funds to buy players like this (and would they want to come without the cash)? Only way to fund this is if LS goes (but not to Gooners)."
25th Jul 2013 15:45
25th Jul 2013 15:45
25th Jul 2013 15:53
"this is the kind of signing we need!!"
25th Jul 2013 16:17
"I cant see us making anymore transfers in until the tour is over and by then all these so called targets will have been snapped up elsewhere"
25th Jul 2013 16:19
"ask yourselves why Arsene Wenger has never been interested in Erikson, Fergie also was never keen to buy him, Dortmund, you name them,the thing he is a good player but slightly over hyped, Benard here is the real deal."
25th Jul 2013 16:52
"can I ask why fans want BIG NAMES... whats the point, I want the right players at the right prices, Eriksen is ok, but certainly not world class and not really a big name as some think, He goes missing in games and can only play in one position, Ben Arfa is much more talented and can play any attacking position and is coming into his prime, its a no brainer!"
Save us Kenny
25th Jul 2013 16:55
"Thelight - you said I was being overly negative and paranoid over the reina/mignolet situation and look what happened? Wheres my apology? "
Save us Kenny
25th Jul 2013 16:58
"Thelight - the point of big names is they are known to have quality. Standard Chartered never employ unknowns as directors do they? They get people they KNOW will deliver results. Ben Arfa is always moaning or injured, are you seriously saying aspas is an adequate replacement for Suarez? What drugs are you on?"
25th Jul 2013 17:02
"What makes us such pathetic losers in the transfer market? We are like paupers. Why does our hopes always get built up only to be dashed? Trying to follow progress in the transfer market is so disheartening, especially at the moment. We don't have a compet-i-tive ambitious spirit and that will be mirrored in the EPL for yet another season."
25th Jul 2013 17:36
"Kenny and comolli really done a number on us with carroll downing and henderson. Big transfer fees and big wages. But now pepe and carroll have gone and a few others set to go I think we will make some big signings and I hope they are all brendans choices"
Save us Kenny
25th Jul 2013 17:45
"Dalglish and Comolli didnt do a job on us, if Suarez goes for 40m its all square, if he goes for 50m Kenny made a 10m profit. What should concern us all, is that he is the best player in the prem, and we are even consideringletting him go. What does that tell you about the owners ambition?"
25th Jul 2013 17:51
"You guys are foolish. Suarez is not leaving this summer unless Arsenal give us 50 million+, and even then we have the right to decline. The clause you're freaking out over merely means he could discuss a transfer, not that we'd sell! Unless we have a hell of a replacement in line, we won't sell. Some of these comments are ridiculous."
25th Jul 2013 18:18
"Cough up the dough! This guys is miles better than Ericksen. Benard is a future world class star. Since losing out on MK we should just spend the 22mil to land this kid. He is no joke and going to be a massive talent. If we lose him to arse we'll be wishing we should of signed this talent. "
25th Jul 2013 18:20
"Reality about Suarez, is if he hands in a transfer request, he'll go. Probably for around 44mil or so. Thats the reality. And it looks like he'll probably be doing just that. The tossah. Whatever, at this point I dont want him around anyway. "
25th Jul 2013 18:20
"the new suarez song - "He's an animal! He's a cannibal! He's LUIS SUAREZ LUIS SUAREZ!!!""
25th Jul 2013 18:22
"Its so disappointing how desperate we've been without CL Football. How discouraging its been missing out on targets like MK. Then Suarez breaking all our hearts. He should of done it the right way like Pepe - CLASS ACT who will always be loved"
25th Jul 2013 18:22
"I have to agree with quite afew, The Carroll Buy will go down as the worst transfer in history, How any manager could agree to it I will never know and then spend 20 mil on downing and think charlie adam was a premiership player... and thank god for Hodgson putting the saurez deal in place and doing all the scouting so we could sign, and thank god for Comolli pushing the saurez deal through!"
25th Jul 2013 18:24
"Suarez out! And bring in either Luis Muriel, Jackson Martinez, or Soldado along with Benard. Simple as that. That would be massive and LFC would seriously cmoplete. Suarez wont be the same at ars, and we'll be better because of it. "
25th Jul 2013 18:26
"to livefree, great comments with a sense of reality, and now rodgers has finally balanced the books after the spending madness before he arrived, getting hungry players arriving on the right wages. The club is being run professionally now and we will reap the benefits for years!"
25th Jul 2013 18:49
"TheLight - Rodgers has done great since coming in and working with what he inherited. Rodgers doesnt get enough credit, nor does FSG for allowing the managers to make decisions. KD and DC did a lot of damage with the players they brought in. Rodgers is cleaning up and taking us back to top 4. Its a project, but it will happen. "
25th Jul 2013 18:51
"The one person I have a big question mark over is our managing director Ian Ayre. I'm not sold on him as of yet. Maybe he's preventing the KD and DC saga from LFC over paying, but at the same time, a few of these senerios could of happened. MK could of happened if we would of just handled it quicker before letting dort in the mix"
25th Jul 2013 18:55
"hey livefree, I am usnure about ayre too, but he is new to the roll and I think getting better with each transfer window, so I am prepared to give him time, as for MK, we apparently didnt even contact them about he and talksport reckon we were just being used to push his value high, we will never know the truth I guess! but Rodgers has done a great rebuilding job"
25th Jul 2013 18:58
"and FSG have to be given credit for allowing each manager the have to let their vision unfold and backing them, the backed Kenny with the biggest transfer budget in our history even though it got wasted, at least the had the courage to back him and I admire Kenny for sticking to what he thought would work but am equally disappointed for being too stubborn to change it when it wasnt.."
25th Jul 2013 19:05
"TheLight - well said. KD and DC really could of done massive for us with the Torres sale, but its water under the bridge. Its difficult being a fan and having high expectations. But its not our millions of dollars we're spending. I've always thought FSG are very smart business men and we'll be successful long term"
25th Jul 2013 19:07
"There is loads of talent out there thats the reality. And just becuase we're not spending over the odds for big names, that can be a very good thing - Torres to the chavs for example. Sometimes being patient pays off, sometimes you lose out. But thats the gamble, and we have to get it right. "
25th Jul 2013 19:11
"To Livefree, they are businessmen, and that can only be good for us, but they are here to stay and rightly so! I wish some fans could take a step back and see what is really going on! in three years time, when the stadium is nearly done being rebuilt, to 65 thousand capacity and we have been in the champions league doing well and have our 19th le.... I bet some will still question them...."
25th Jul 2013 19:15
"TheLight - well said again. I completely agree mate"
25th Jul 2013 19:22
"got to go livefree, take care, nice chatting to you!"
Save us Kenny
25th Jul 2013 19:23
"Thelight - wheres my apology? For calling me unduly negative, when in fact, I was right. FSG dont mind spending disproportionately huge sums on rounders players at the red sox do they? Gonzalez cost 200m. We get spanish b team rubbish "
25th Jul 2013 19:38
25th Jul 2013 19:59
"Why does the 25watt(light) feel the need to put CE down every day on here even when it's about other players what's his agenda why so negative , why no apology when you proved wrong, you big up much poorer players, save us kenny still waiting"
25th Jul 2013 20:13
25th Jul 2013 20:25
"hey Kenny, what do I owe you an apology for, and to redopium, about CE, remember its just my opinion, and how can I be negative when constantly talk well of fsg and Rodgers, I have no agenda other than for the success of our great club!"
25th Jul 2013 20:27
"We got enough small players.Let Arsenal get him...we have chance to buy Leandro Damiao,he is from another planet than mini-Bernard....TRY TO BUY LEANDRO DAMIAO. "
25th Jul 2013 20:28
"also to Kenny, until we see these spanish lads in action how can we truly make an opinion? PC and sturridge were calls cast off and so on and have prove to be great buys so far, next season we will know more, and aspas just missed out on the spain squad, alberto is very highly rated, mingolet is a world class keeper and toure a wise addition to our squad! two more great buys and we are ready!"
25th Jul 2013 20:59
"if we could get this lad it would signal intent to luis "
25th Jul 2013 21:18
"HAHAHA us or a champions league side, face it people we are letting go of our champions league players "
25th Jul 2013 21:28
"Cannot see Arsenal getting him. They have bid 40m for Suarez which is not enough. So will need 50m, then they want a center back for 10m plus. They already have several wingers - Podolski, Ox, Walcott, Cazorla etc so I do not think they will go for Bernard. Liverpool will get him if we bid 18m. "
25th Jul 2013 22:07
"sowe are gona let arsenal sign suarez and we are gona allow them to gump in and take bernard by the looks of it but it is all paper talk i really hope suarez tells them no as when we finnish top 4 this season whos place are we takeing arsenals"
25th Jul 2013 22:09
"whos place will we take well prob not man city prob not manure prob not chelsea so that leaves arsenal this is why they trying to sign suarez as they know even if they dont get him it shows other clubs how easy it is to talk to suarez direct they are unsettleing an already unsettled player"
26th Jul 2013 4:16
"Suarez....Wat a sbag, get rid asap...let Real M deal with his bulls*it"
26th Jul 2013 4:16
"Suarez....Wat a sbag, get rid asap...let Real M deal with his bulls*it"
26th Jul 2013 6:34
"The latest gossip re Suarez suggest Real are not interested and there is talk the FA may get involved in the dispute over what the £40m clause is as Suarez and his agent believe it to mean we have to accept the offer. Hope the board haven't messed this up again."
26th Jul 2013 7:32
"kenny save us Baseball players do not have transfer fees the fee quoted is his salary for the length of his contract. FSG didnt pay Boston Red sox did, this is their policy that the clubs be self sufficient, this is why they are generating new revenue streams for LFC"
26th Jul 2013 10:28
"Get himmm........ he would fit perfectly in our team "
26th Jul 2013 10:37
"21 million for a YOUNG player who WINS fifa confederation cup, isn't that sounds like a bargain? The thing that i really want to know now is has BR put a bid for him because i don't want to read the same stories for 3 more weeks"
26th Jul 2013 14:55
"we wont get him with our owners like ours we dont even need him they will say like every year they havent spent anything so far this window where is the ambition ridicoulous stuff going on now "
27th Jul 2013 10:56
"why cant we go for some one like JORGE SAMMIR CRUZ #LFC. he is a good 26..14 goal from 21 matches..a perfect FSG target...Bernard is over experience playing in Europe..."
27th Jul 2013 18:39
"Get ALONSO back BR.. we don need all tis player.. plus along the way why don u BR offer Torres back here.."
27th Jul 2013 19:07
"We don need tis guy.. We don need messi either.. We own Coutinho now.. Gerard, Coutinho, Ibe, Rahim n Suso will rock epl tis year 13/14 season"
28th Jul 2013 1:28
"Definitely HIM! Worldclass! 10 times better than Mkihtriytryirtnyaninyanirtnyan! ;) Just an opinion.... We paid 35Million £ for Carroll... Once upon a time"
28th Jul 2013 18:52
"A lot of people on here have spoken a lot of truths but now is the time for FSG to show ambition. invest in the team 50mil on 3 quality players if we can keep Suarez as well then top 4 is a strong possibility and 60mil+ revenue from CL IF Luis forces a move the books are balanced but the squad is stronger. LFC YNWA"
28th Jul 2013 18:57
"If we were the Boston Red Socks 50mil would not be an issue. I agree as a club money has been wasted but FSG put BR in he did well enough in his first season to warrant backing. Owning a Premier League football team is a gamble so FSG nows the time to roll the dice if we are to get back to the top. LFC YMWA"