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make a deal with feyenoord, assaidi for Bruno Martins Indi
25th Jul 2013 10:30
25th Jul 2013 10:36
"I think we should start looking 4 a replacement 4 suarez coz he wants to go 2 arsenal according 2 and I jst despise him 4 doing this 2 us "
25th Jul 2013 10:36
"Mamadou Sakho's future lies in relative limbo, but the only ones with the answers are the player, his coach and the club president. so basically everyone knows but the media. awful stuff... "
25th Jul 2013 10:49
"Not sure about him, especially if he cannot even fight for 1st team with Marquinhos."
25th Jul 2013 10:49
"Its seems preety ungrateful from suarez given the support we have given him. But we shouldn't let him go unless they pay over 50mil at least! As for sakho I'm not sure we need him?"
25th Jul 2013 10:54
"Toby Alderweireld more better, also cheaper. Sakho isn't a smart defender, he will make defensive foul in penalty area very often if he come to EPL."
25th Jul 2013 12:00
"KL_RED i totally agree with you, if someone wants to run to another club rather then stay and fight for his place back leave him alone, just a thought is that what Reina has done , run off to Italy, rather than fight it out with Mignolet for the right to play, to be honest i did expect more form Pepe "
25th Jul 2013 21:55
"Inside futball about three weeks ago something like 'Mkhitaryan will have medical at liverpool in the next three days.' Sweet stolen info. Tell me more, im all ears. Make my day."