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i think buy a striker now before suarez goes otherwise we will get stung by other teams on the value of players maybe its to late already who knows ynwa to all you fans
25th Jul 2013 9:59
25th Jul 2013 9:59
"i think buy a striker now before suarez goes otherwise we will get stung by other teams on the value of players maybe its to late already who knows ynwa to all you fans"
25th Jul 2013 10:00
"Good playa if suarez goez we should check him out coz suarez wasn't happy in our last friendly match and don't like him anymore"
25th Jul 2013 10:05
"Ok, we've got some serious problems. Very few players available in the striker department, and Luis Suarez is turning out to be one of the worst things to happen to our club, ever. Brendan, before Suarez leaves, give him a boot up the arse, from all of the supporters. "
25th Jul 2013 10:07
"Good playa bt if he wanna stay let it b. Suarez should go he doeznt luk happy in our last match"
25th Jul 2013 10:25
"our replacement for suarez has already been bought "
25th Jul 2013 10:49
"get this guy before he signs another contract..let suarez go.."
25th Jul 2013 10:50
"This is a big miss, as disgraced Suarez is leaving on our request."
25th Jul 2013 10:52
"Until we receive the right money for suarez we cant buy anyone cos he may stay. If he has any decency about him he will shut up and stay put until the right money comes in. I know thjs will make teams drive up prices but its best we can do"
25th Jul 2013 10:59
"If he hasn't sign the new deal, we have to move in quickly to get him."
25th Jul 2013 11:02
"If we can get him & Bernard, then we are OK for this transfer windows, even minus Suarez. May be we don't need another CB after all looking at how Wisdom played in Melbourne."
25th Jul 2013 11:53
"Sell Suarez ASAP, as you could see in the match at Melbourne he does not want to be at Liverpool, then go for Bernard and Popadopulas, "
njero 8
25th Jul 2013 13:17
"Get burak yilmaz,eriksen n 4 here we cam"
25th Jul 2013 19:27
"Dosnt matter if we get 50 for suarez.. nobody is gunna wanna come to us. Keep him and make him suffer"
26th Jul 2013 22:00
"Is anyone else out there sick to the back teeth of these regurgitated dirge ridden rumours? Some fresh or concrete info would be a nice change!"
27th Jul 2013 18:45
"Benteke is better choice then him.. keep suarez n gel it wif aspas.. gerard will do the work for tis 2 striker to score... stop buying striker get a CB"