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Well I thought Luis looke YNWAd tired, when I flew to Australia took me three days to sort my head out.. Hope he stays but if he goes has to be abroad and for the 50 mill mark..
24th Jul 2013 16:30
24th Jul 2013 16:30
"Ibe looks on fire. Wisdom was well sound. Allen is useful to pass the ball between the two centre backs. Hendo and Gerrard were solid. I didn't like the look on Suarez face and his body language said it all. And what does his t shirt slogan mean? "Fine words don't butter parsnips!""
24th Jul 2013 17:16
"Nothing is achieved by empty words or flattery. thats what it means.. "
24th Jul 2013 17:18
"Its easy to talk but talkin is no action. think thats a swipe at BR myself.. "
24th Jul 2013 17:48
"well suarez is allowed to speak to arsenal as there bid of £40 mil + £1 has had to be accepted personally i think hes silly if he goes there but it just shows how easy it will be for city or chelsea to snatch him away gutted he will be allowed to leave for as little as that min should be £50 mil"
24th Jul 2013 17:53
"Suarez will NEVER move to another PL club."
24th Jul 2013 17:54
"redbart1 - Where can i see this T shirt? "
24th Jul 2013 18:08
"I think it could be a message to Real to come and get him with actions, not just words."
24th Jul 2013 18:15
24th Jul 2013 18:16
"i'd like to see the shirt also...where is this photo?"
24th Jul 2013 18:32
"The new Royal Baby named George Alexander Louis!! Named after Louis Suarez King Louis!!!"
24th Jul 2013 18:33
"Great win today boys fantastic support down under. Love suarez as a player & would wish him to stay but if he really wants to go then let him but get decent money for him, not the pocket change the goonies are offering, because IMO he's in top 5 in the world at the MO and if he does go lets all hope he does a Torres!!!!!"
24th Jul 2013 18:36
"Stupid talk of wanting to play for a CL Club, does he not realise we have won it 5 Times!! More than any other club in the whole of England, also we won it when We were actually champions, at the moment it is misnamed, how can teams who are not champions be allowed to participate??"
24th Jul 2013 18:42
"Does Louis Suarez not realise that a place in the so called Champions League has to be earned by helping your club to achieve it? It seems so cheap for a player to be simply transfered to qualify to play in it, it sort of devalues the whole concept."
24th Jul 2013 18:44
"If Suarez goes to Arsenal then what a kick in the teeth to all of us fans who supported him through thick and thin. If he does he deserves what is coming for him. Hopefully we get 50m to spend on badly needed quality"
24th Jul 2013 18:46
"Carodp 24th Jul 2013 17:53, Good point I certainly hope our club has the moral fibre to deny him a move to any rival EPL team. Look at the arrogance of manu they buy RVP from rivals AFC but refuse to sell Rooney to any EPL rival, can we not have the guts to do likewise? "
24th Jul 2013 18:52
"...and what does arsenal acheive? They have no ambition except to qualify for the CL, with no intention of winning it or any other cup. Such a waste of space. Let LS go there and become another Torres. As soon as he arrived at Chelski they went downhill rapidly. Let LS look from outside at us winning the lot!!!YNWA"
24th Jul 2013 19:05
"May be am reading too much into Suarez's body language after his assist to Aspas for the second goal. But he didn't feel like celebrating with his team mates!!!! Hope he is tired and nothing more into this."
24th Jul 2013 19:15
"Just like most fans, I wish Luis stays at Liverpool, however, this club is bigger than one player. If it wasn't clear, Australia just proved it. We may not be in the best form at the moment or sign the biggest stars, but we still can fill a 90.000 seat stadium with fans from the other side of the world for a friendly game. It is a privilege to play for Liverpool!"
24th Jul 2013 19:34
"I'd prefer Luis to stay based on his talent, but no player is bigger than the club... not even Dalglish or Gerrard. The club survived after losing Keegan, after Kenny retired, after Rush left, after Owen went, after Torres went. I'd prefer him to go to a different club but £50m+ is still a good fee, even though I value him higher based on form and other players in the market."
24th Jul 2013 19:46
"To true nitzi, a very honest & true comment. I will never stop supporting The Reds whoever comes & goes at least we all know we will always stay & be loyal to our fantastic club. Just please use the money wisely if the obvious does happen."
24th Jul 2013 19:52
"Get 50mill for ratboy and kick him out on his ear he is a poor excuse for a human being....Good riddance I say!!!!!"
24th Jul 2013 19:58
"saurez looked very very sad"
24th Jul 2013 20:03
"I missed the game. Does anyone know when they usually put the whole 90 mins online?"
24th Jul 2013 20:16
"whelanR 1844-if we sell suarez to arsenal it will be a digrace and a disaster.arsenal are our rivals for CL football and if we sell to them it will show that we are not wanting succsess it will be a disgrace"
Billy B girl
24th Jul 2013 20:31
"The Melbourne crows were amazing - one of the best YNWA ever! Luis t shirt is a swipe at BR I think and to be honest don't blame him. BR talks about winning CL etc but if you watched the match today the football was dire - God only knows what will happen when SG finally retires!"
Billy B girl
24th Jul 2013 20:33
"BR looks more and more uncomfortable as the weeks go on! I think Luis let himself down today as well as the wonderful Melbourne fans! does he think RM are coming for him with that atude ? he's backing himself into a corner and I feel rather sorry for him. What a player !!!"
Billy B girl
24th Jul 2013 20:35
"What a waste of talent! - sorry that should have read atude. No wonder RM are going for Bale no trouble squeaky clean and only dives when he must LOL ! I feel it will be a long season ahead my friends if the football today is anything to go by!"
24th Jul 2013 20:38
"WE played better without suerez last season so I for one will not worry about his leaving 50MILL is a nice round figure so I say buy buy to a selfidge gitt!!!!"
24th Jul 2013 20:40
"So, where can i see that t shirt ? "
24th Jul 2013 20:46
"Apparently, the saying 'fine words butter no parsnips' is an old English saying and means 'Nothing is achieved by empty words or flattery'. I am not sure who Suarez is directing that at but it is obvious he is unhappy and wants out. If we keep him and he has a bad season/another controversy we could end up making a loss on him just hope Real Madrid come in for him now."
24th Jul 2013 20:57
"iwant luis to stay but its the fans all over the orld that make LFC so great. cant see Brendan selling to arsenal we want £50 mill minimum and re invested in first team. luis would be tired od touched by YNWA. ??? in Brendan I trust. YNWA J4T96"
24th Jul 2013 21:07
"suarez is a cheeky get. we have stood by him and he was walkin round like a spoilt sod. can,t cope anymore with these dumb pawns for agents. eat s**t suarez haha arsenal are hoop. come on the reds lets do it for us this season make all mercenaries sorry "
24th Jul 2013 21:09
"Suarez agent in talks with arsenal-LFC want 50mill - bbc twitter"
24th Jul 2013 21:17
"stop stickin up for suarez he,s going even stevie w can see that"
24th Jul 2013 21:17
"Had the best seat in the house in Melbourne...and was overcome at seeing LFC in the flesh. Thank you for coming! ps. If Suarez goes to can kiss a top four finish goodbye. Chelsea, ManC, ManU already have the top places so a Suarez led Arsenal should round it out. pss. Sad!"
24th Jul 2013 21:22
"Bazzabel- the suarez situation is a sign of the times im afraid , players kissing the shirt one min then gone the next"
24th Jul 2013 21:27
"i no centrecircle my brother we,ll be their though through thick an thin"
24th Jul 2013 21:36
"forget about saurez for now though. what an amazing atmosphere today. outstanding. respect to all the ozzy reds today it was moving amazing. i was close to tears. i hope are young squad believes in them selves this season. if they do the sky is the limit"
24th Jul 2013 21:42
"Who says Manure are a given for CL place this season? The way we played without the Uruguayan player who wants out, towards the end of last season, was very exciting indeed. Re-invested *£50 mil in the first team and we will do well. BR is great. YNWA"
24th Jul 2013 21:56
"I prefer Suarez not to be sold, but if there is no way let him go but for the deal of not less than 55 mill. It is not wise to sell him to Premeir League Clubs. Remember what Man. Utd did for us few seasons back when we asked for Gabriel Henzie. YNWA"
24th Jul 2013 22:10
"been a fantastic tour so far as now were talkin bout suarez leaveing were,s your loyalty how do you sleep at night "
Red Yank 1969
24th Jul 2013 22:46
"Stevie with the white adidas....he scored...might have to keep them. Hope Luis was tired and not bored....take no less than $55 million for him"
24th Jul 2013 23:04
"Don't consider an ingrate leaving d end of d world bt it happening again soon afta anoda ungratefl jerk is evidence of d rot we're in. Unfortunately these owners seem 2 want nothn bt a profitable(?) mid table team. Dat's our real problem, lack of ambition."
24th Jul 2013 23:05
"How about "don't bite the hand that feeds you" hey Luis. Absolute disgrace of an individual. Hope he goes whatever the price. Glad Iv never really warmed to him. We will do better without you."
24th Jul 2013 23:10
"Id butter all the Parsnips in Tesco's to get rid of this loser.... And Aldi, and Asda. And then Id pop across the pond to walmart and butter them. "
24th Jul 2013 23:32
"Luis Suarez does deserve to be a Liverpool player and wear the Red shirt. That stupid smirk on his face deserves a huge slap from the 95,000 fans in Melbourne."
katie l
24th Jul 2013 23:39
"agree with comment about luis and champions league if he wants to go just go he said he was fed up with english press will that not happen at arsenal? think he making excuses no loyalty like the other one who threw the dummy out torres katiel"
24th Jul 2013 23:39
"redlivered he isn't leaving because of lack of ambition, do you AFC have great ambition? it's 150k per week for 5 years that ticks his clock or he he is trying to tempt an offer from Spain, either way he is a back stabber and we should get shot of him at 50mill cont..."
24th Jul 2013 23:44
"it's a slap in the face for the supporters, KK, BR and the players who supported him. I used to back this creep but far as I am concerned he has no principals and he is an animal, maybe sell him to London Zoo, they may have to put a warning "do not feed may bite""
24th Jul 2013 23:48
"Liverpool have done well by placing a £50 million price tag on him. Hope Real Madrid take him and hope Arsenal miss out. One thing is sure and that is that I really want him to leave.Suarez not worthy of the lfc shirt anymore."
24th Jul 2013 23:52
"He is obviously making digs at Rodgers and FSG but the worse part is he done it whilst playing in the Liverpool shirt. This guy has no morals whatsoever, what will he wear in the next preseason friendly, 'I 8 LFC'? He is trying to make his position untenable to get the move he obviously wants. Kick him off the tour now and let him train with the reserves."
24th Jul 2013 23:52
"Lets use the £50 million to bring in quality. I don,t want to see Suarez playing for LFC ever again. Shame on you if you go to another PL club."
24th Jul 2013 23:57
"Everything has been great in the pre-season tour until you know who has come along. Don't try and convince him to stay Brendan LFC is bigger than him so sell him for £50 million or sent him back to join the reserves. "
25th Jul 2013 0:11
"Alberto and a spas look crap. If we sell to ars that's it! Why did we agree to contracts like these in thevfurstbplsce and ifvwevdidbwhy not stipulate NO EPl clubs. Ifvwecsell then we are indeed a mediocre club. After Henry's words we need to show balls n let him walk alone in the reserves. Either lfc ends up happy or no one."
25th Jul 2013 0:54
"if suarez dont want to play for liverpool..just sell him for 60million pound....n bring torres back here cheaply...torres is still good..he win golden boot in every tournement...even as sub...."
25th Jul 2013 1:05
"I knew this guy is a racist b. gave us a sosad story bout how hard his life was welcome to the real world man. It's rough for every one esp the poor fans who supported ur sorry butt and now u want to goto creeps arsenal?and wot planet is sg on sayin we need to show him love? Think it vice versatile needs doin "
25th Jul 2013 1:23
"Those saying that Suarez will move to Arsenal, are you serious?? His problems are with the English media NOT with Liverpool!!"
25th Jul 2013 1:29
"He is enjoying this all the attention he is a racist spoiled brat and he has used lfc very well. He has tarnished lfc and we paid him millions for serving out bans (which he created) a teacher is worth more than this souxhebag "
25th Jul 2013 1:32
"The English media did nothing. He is a grown man responsible for his own actions. Who told him to say negro or bite Ivan? No one. He is a user and ruthless that's how he has got to the top."
25th Jul 2013 1:43
"Carodp, have you been living under a rock for the last fortnight. It is nothing to do with the media, he wants CL football. I think there is more to it though, maybe he thinks LFC are showing signs of a lack of ambition in their signings or he was annoyed BR and FSG [rightly] didn't defend him after the biting incident."
25th Jul 2013 1:47
"The skipper drove the team on YET AGAIN - 33, returning from injury, got the T shirt, brilliantly representing the club and the city - are you taking note Luis? This is what separates the good player from the LFC legend."
25th Jul 2013 1:51
"Why as fans we are the last to know anything? Do we not support through the good and bad? Are we not considered as the 12th player? I never expected this behavior from Suarez... this bothered me the entire day, to put on the clubs shirt and then disrespect it and the fans, nah boy Suarez... and to think I loved you like Gerrard, shame on me!"
25th Jul 2013 2:15
"Friendly is right, I've seen U12 games with more intensity. Great Atmosphere though, well done Melbourne"
25th Jul 2013 4:44
"What's the use if Arsenal wants luis Saurez... Didn't he say's he want's to leave England... "
25th Jul 2013 5:42
"While I'd rather he stays, i want him gone sooner rather than later. WE all know he wants to go and go he will, prolonging it makes the whole thing sour. 50M is not a bad price."
25th Jul 2013 6:58
"And Chelsea just sit and wait for Arsenal to set the price #suarez "
25th Jul 2013 7:20
"Is this Luis saying-' you know what BR and FSG are full of hot air, we're nowhere near challenging for anything, and they're further cutting costs' I'm out. #justsaying....."
25th Jul 2013 7:23
"Seeing Luis face yesterday just made me think get this cancer out of LFC ASAP. Players like Gerrard encourage young players to follow in their footsteps. Mercenaries like Suarez do the same. Get him out before he poisons the squad and the new signings."
25th Jul 2013 13:12
"arsnal wont pay the money for suarez if so why didnt they buy higuain from madrid for 30 mill? wenger wont buy anybody for more than 15 mill its the owners at arsnal that want suarez like they want rooney "
25th Jul 2013 20:28
"Feel very let down by Suarez. He has no morals and no wonder the media has crucified him and his antics. He has been behaving disgracefully and been disrespectful to the fans and the club. The club should make him sweat on his recent tantrums. He doesn't deserve to wear the jersey. Sell him and use the money to get a good striker as his replacement. Mario Gomez!!"