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Can we offer them Coates on loan and get Luisao while we are there?!!
24th Jul 2013 15:21
24th Jul 2013 15:30
"Off topic a bit... But, I honestly have no idea who we'll bring in next. It doesn't seem like any names mentioned so far are being worked on, maybe they are, who knows. I think perhaps a deal out of the blue will happen fairly quickly in the coming weeks."
24th Jul 2013 15:53
"Well just seen the photos from today's game , and have got to say Suarez does not look happy looks like he does not want to be there "
24th Jul 2013 16:10
"one thing for sure we wont be getting any proven quality players in "
24th Jul 2013 16:21
"i think fsg are no different to the other clowns. We wont be making any big signings in this window or any other window whilst they are in charge.Suarez will be sold at the end of the window and they will say they had no time to bring anyone else in. FSG OUT"
24th Jul 2013 16:28
"Agree about Suarez - I had some doubts... Maybe he will stay, and repay the supporters... After seeing his churlish demeanor, I thought, yep, he really is a colossal git. Hope, he goes to Real for a hefty sum. "
24th Jul 2013 16:28
"Why don't we do everything to bring in Eriksen and wait for it (curveball) Huntelaar? Suarez would want to stay then and we would have a team that was 10x better anyway. "
24th Jul 2013 16:30
"We have Downing,Coutinho, Ibe,Sterling.We don't need Atsu.Soldado would be good though as he's a natural goalscorer."
24th Jul 2013 16:34
"dhd39 You're the clown..."
njero 8
24th Jul 2013 16:39
"We don't need him,average at best,I'm a realistic fan so I won't get carried away wit such signings..we need quality more squad players,I didn't lyk suarez body language.not at all"
24th Jul 2013 16:53
"I kind of agreed with dhd39. It seems Suarez will leave soon. Who will stay in a club who dont spend money to get people? Please remember Spurs spend 24M already.... Please dont tell us to go support other team. We need to accept the fact and dont dream"
24th Jul 2013 16:53
"Yeah I will wait and see..He may leave, but only because he pushes a move through. What's that got to do with FSG. BR already said they don't need the money. So how are FSG not backing him. Just because they're not ing it like KD! CLOWN!"
24th Jul 2013 16:54
"I don't agree entirely with dhd39 comments but he/she is right about one thing there will be no big signings this summer. BR stated the other day all he needs is a LB and AM/Winger. Cissokho is the LB, Atsu who is young and cheap fits the BR and FSG policy more so then Bernard or Erikson as the likely attacking player to join. "
24th Jul 2013 17:10
"cogser the point is if we brought in some big names maybe he wouldnt want to leave.what have we actually spent in this window compared to other teams .time to wake up"
24th Jul 2013 17:29
"If we are a team looking for the right players to fit a system and build for the future then what has price got to do with it? Why is that still the biggest factor in our transfers? We are building a team with the best of what we can get for buttons. No wonder big names wotn come and those we have want away. FSG ARE CLOWNS."
24th Jul 2013 17:29
"christain astu coming to liverpool ? Nonsense arab rubbish pls wat 4 we dont need him o o o o ohh o o o o oh.yes he is my brother but we at liverpool want to progress he is a ghanian while i my self reside here in nigeria being a kop fan since i was born .pls fsg giv us exicting names and nt arrange player lik my broda thanks"
24th Jul 2013 17:31
"And before anyone chirps in with how they saved the club? RUBBISH. They got it on the cheap. The bank owned us and wanted money back. If we'd have been sold on the open market we'd have been worth twice what FSG paid and they wouldnt have been interested at all."
24th Jul 2013 17:32
"It was HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER. They bought the club threw on some paint to hide the cracks and sit back to get the rent money every month and we are the mug tennants paying it while we wonder when the faulty wiring will and the leaking taps will be fixed. "
24th Jul 2013 17:33
"When FSG have bled dry the overseas supporters they will sell the club for a profit and laugh all the way back to America."
24th Jul 2013 17:57
"well suarez is allowed to speak to arsenal as there bid of £40 mil + £1 has had to be accepted personally i think hes silly if he goes there but it just shows how easy it will be for city or chelsea to snatch him away gutted he will be allowed to leave for as little as that min should be £50 mil"
24th Jul 2013 18:10
"Jst seeing sergio roberto in the match btwn bayern and barca taught he was in our youth squad"
24th Jul 2013 19:09
"i would like atsu,but Ibe is looking better than sterling in pre-season, quick and sharp.I would prefer a quality attacker, I like the sound of ben arfa personally, if we can keep him fit would fit into our system nicely, allen is looking good, and nice to see kelly playing for us again, future is looking bright!"
24th Jul 2013 19:42
"dhd39 I don't think rat boy will be going any were having z that I would not give a monkeys if he did as long as we get at least 40mill plus...As for FSG I think they are doing there best we need to give them time to sort this mess out..."
24th Jul 2013 21:13
"This news was posted 3 weeks ago !!!!!!!!!!!!"
24th Jul 2013 21:18
"Sell Spearing and Downing and get Atsu. We need match winners and game changers and Atsu will provide this. Ibe was brilliant on the right wing today, something Downing has failed to do for 2 seasons!!!"
24th Jul 2013 21:33
"sell suarez 50 and get murel 15, bernard 18. that is enough "
24th Jul 2013 21:54
"to luis7..9, I have to agree with everything you have said in your comment, I would sell spearing, flanno and jack robinson, downing does not change games but he is steady and does do a bit of graft, so not sure if we should sell him but Atsu is better than downing, and at 4 to 6 mil would prove much much better value too!"
Natural Poolie
24th Jul 2013 22:06
"Not worth battling over, don't need anymore squad players "
24th Jul 2013 22:40
"Right, as i have said there will be no further investment in our team! Suarez is as good as gone and Aspas is his direct replacement. FACT! We will not get a major new signing."
24th Jul 2013 23:09
"Top target? The only Christian who is a top target for Liverpool is Christian Eriksen now get rid of all these waste of breath rumours and lets see Eriksen signs for Liverpool on the home page where it counts...."
25th Jul 2013 1:18
"Can we stop all this trush talk about players being link? It's not happening so Please remove the post. I hate it when the term "Biggest joke club" is being use on liverpool"
25th Jul 2013 1:33
"Until everyone pulls together and makes a stand for this nonsense nothing will be done, but that fact is we did try and sign a massive signing, but sadly he went to Dortmund, I FULLY agree with what people are saying, but clearly we're willing to spend 20m+ on a player, so don't give up hope until September the 2nd."
25th Jul 2013 6:47
"TheLight24th Jul 2013 21:54 - Good to finally see someone on my wave length. Have to agree with selling Flanno and Robinson too, they offer nothing to the club. We have Kelly and Wisdom who are far better. Hope we land Cissokho as cover or even 1st choice LB. "
25th Jul 2013 7:32
"I wonder if one of the reasons Suarez wants to leave is because he knows Liverpool's lack of ambition in the transfer market?!"
25th Jul 2013 8:12
"BR reflects on the Aussie occassion. FSG reflect on the money occasion & we supporters reflects that we never do it in top 4. What a difference from supporters to money grabers like John Henry. Do you ever see this comments Mr. Henry??????"
25th Jul 2013 9:24
"Reina passed his medical at Napoli, why no news from LFC site??? We don't even have money to pay salaries. What a shame, how can FSG ridicules LFC name anymore. "
25th Jul 2013 9:27
"Agree with dhd39 & Dingopower"
25th Jul 2013 10:58
"Atsu is not the big name winger I was expecting. As for suarez it will be a real test of his character if he goes to arsenal after what we have done for him. It will be hypocritical and further proof of what a sbag be is. Wont endear him further with the British media"
25th Jul 2013 11:01
"NO PLEASE!!!!! ATSU is the next Downing or even worse. Why we sign many youngsters and we are not going to give them chance? "
25th Jul 2013 15:27
"ALL WE ARE IS "LINKED to these So called "Big names.others top teams ALREADY Stronger,than us are boulstering their squads..we are in continual "catch up.IF we sell Luis I hope for our sakes it to Europe or we,ll be on the receiving end of his devastating sell him to one of out rivals will Only help THEM, WIN The league and make our chore of achieving top 4 all that More harder!!"
25th Jul 2013 15:30
"ps...Did I not read yesterday on here that LFC has cooled on Erikson now??..or is that Just another rumour..?? At least Wenger has lost out on Higuain if that the correct spelling? if we sell Suarez to Arsenal Ayre should be sacked!!"
25th Jul 2013 16:32
"If Suarez is going then i want him gone well before the end of the window because we are going to have to use the money we get to try and replace him"
25th Jul 2013 17:41
"Yeah true. If a team wants him pay the money! Then lets get on and get some big players in"