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Hes already signed with Fiorentina....
24th Jul 2013 13:56
24th Jul 2013 14:02
" linked with Premier League giants Tottenham. Fake next story"
24th Jul 2013 14:13
"Hes gone to fiorentina already..Dayumm, all these rumours."
24th Jul 2013 14:19
"no no fsg not again we dont need him pls get us bernard and eriksin instead thanks."
jimmy liddel
24th Jul 2013 14:24
"dont know who is coming but get rid of suraze great player but not a great human being. if he wants to take astep bck in his career by goingto arsenal let him go with all the baggage that he carries"
24th Jul 2013 14:26
"Buy Eriksen finally!!!!!!!!"
24th Jul 2013 14:43
"Brendan keeps saying in his news conferences that they don't have a lot of money,maybe having a dig at John Henry? If we don't sign some quality soon then forget top 4,as for the match ynwa Melbourne was amazing!"
24th Jul 2013 14:55
"ducka flocka- thats illcic your on about is it?"
24th Jul 2013 16:03
"jimmy liddel you cant even spell his name right you doughnut i reckon you are a manc"
24th Jul 2013 16:23
"He iz not the 1 joining fiorentina or m I wrong"
njero 8
24th Jul 2013 16:34
"Duckaflocka wat do u smoke,ilicic of parlemo is da 1 who signed wit fiorentina,tel u wat if we signed capoue:haha nw dats classy,he a monister of a box 2 box midfielder ,watch french legue o france national team...please him quick"
24th Jul 2013 17:58
"well suarez is allowed to speak to arsenal as there bid of £40 mil + £1 has had to be accepted personally i think hes silly if he goes there but it just shows how easy it will be for city or chelsea to snatch him away gutted he will be allowed to leave for as little as that min should be £50 mil"
24th Jul 2013 18:49
"Interesting. competition for Lucas and possibly in defence. Seems solid enough"
24th Jul 2013 20:59
"This just proves that FSG are behind all the rumours about world class players like M/K of Armenia coming to Anfield. "
24th Jul 2013 22:27
"FSG trying to keep the fans off their backs,, we demand the truth, no money no signings,,"
25th Jul 2013 9:20
"We need Erikson!"
25th Jul 2013 10:39
"I don't think the club are in for Eriksen as its doing the rounds now a long time,would he even want to come to a club that's not in the champions league player now are not up to the fight of getting a team into the champions league they want it ready made before they sign on the dotted line."
25th Jul 2013 11:00
"I dont think the club is in for eriksen and with Rodgers saying work is going on but nothing close makes it difficult to know who we're after"