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24th Jul 2013 13:07
24th Jul 2013 13:08
" Bazza .. my thoughts exactly .. he looks totally disinterested and depressed ... "
24th Jul 2013 13:10
"Brilliant.. YNWA"
24th Jul 2013 13:17
"Goose bumps wow"
24th Jul 2013 13:17
"Wow LFC have great support around the world.. I must say we in for another long season , BR is playing 10 players behind the ball even when we attack, watching on TV and boring, know its pre season game , but lets at least try to score , the fans deserve that for the loyal support, worried about BR"
24th Jul 2013 13:17
"Suarez HAS to go.he`s negative body language was very apparent.a very bad influence which is not needed right now in the dressing room especially as the teams gelling more and more and coming dare i say united."
24th Jul 2013 13:21
"Yeah I can see not only the body language but also the facial expression of a man being torn apart! It is on the onus of the club for us to keep him! Frankly if he wants to go I'd rather keep him for one more season! Screw the 40,000,001 million offer! He will soon forget it and play like always when the season starts! YNWA!"
24th Jul 2013 13:38
"Aussie Reds made us proud, 95,446 is an incredible number....more than double the size of Anfield. I wish I were there, YNWA."
24th Jul 2013 13:50
"Ibe and Sterling tearing it up so far in pre-season. Perhaps they should both start vs Stoke? Don't worry about the big strong guys, our youngsters can outrun and outsmart them."
24th Jul 2013 13:50
"Amazing...This video is PROVE what LFC is all about....all around globe.However,one man among 95.000 is unhappy...His body language is shameful.Yes,his name is Luis Suarez and he HAS TO go.In the name of LFC and all of us.He is prepared to warm a bench in Madrid or elsewhere...for big money.So,go,Luis.I've had enough...."
24th Jul 2013 13:57
"Like these guys have been waiting a lifetime to sing YNWA!Fantastic."
24th Jul 2013 13:58
""robpagen" 8 goals in 3 games not a bad return also 3 clean sheets. At least were not getting smashed 3-0 by Hull like when Daglish was in charge. "
24th Jul 2013 14:12
"If Suarez really wants to go then all he has to do is put in a transfer request then that gives FSG and BR the opportunity to get rid with their hands clean. Trouble is Suarez and his agent don't want to lose their loyalty bonus and Real Madrid don't want to pay over 40 mil for him.Madrids preference is Bale.Probably cause he is less trouble!"
24th Jul 2013 14:21
"Great night at the MCG. Thanks to LFC for making it downunder. We ex-pats love you guys. As for Suarez. He was a disgrace to the club. Enough said YNWA "
24th Jul 2013 14:31
"That was the best ynwa I have ever heard,well done Australia for your great support.Suarez get out of our club,there are many players around the world who would love to be in your position."
24th Jul 2013 14:32
"If he thinks he can fool us, put him in the youth team for a season."
24th Jul 2013 14:36
"Luis want to play all 90 minutes, and hes body lenguage is bcoz he play only 20 min. in that 20 min he make more than the rest players in 70 min."
24th Jul 2013 14:39
"for all of you that said Suares leave... Suarez an Gerard are the only great players LFC have, the rest are average or too mauch young."
24th Jul 2013 14:52
"Oh Wow... I Felt that all the way here in Cyprus!! Respect Mebourne!!! YNWA!!"
24th Jul 2013 14:56
"My lovely Uncle Brian Kay, a lifelong LFC supporter who lives in Melbourne, was at the game with his two young grandsons. I think they will remember this night for a very long time!"
24th Jul 2013 15:02
"What a great night, something ill get to cherish for the rest of my life. Seeing Stevie up close & getting to sing YNWA with 95,000 other Reds was spine tingling."
24th Jul 2013 15:06
"No problem if he go, 45 m Pound, we only need two creative midfielder, Mignolet, Toure, Agger, Johnson, Enrique, ERIKSEN, Gerrard, Coutinho, Aspas,Sturridge, SOLDADO. "
24th Jul 2013 15:10
"I thought it was my imagination but the body language told all if he goes lets hope its abroad ynwa"
24th Jul 2013 15:13
"John Henry's tweet is a statement, Luis is not going to our compet.i.tors. I say he should not be let go anywhere. He may sulk all he wants he is an LFC player and has three years left on his contract. I'd rather have him with the reserves or on the bench than see him elsewhere. "
24th Jul 2013 15:14
"My family were in Melbourne,drove down from Sydney and met gerrard and fowler in the hotel.And they said gerrard was a real nice guy,that's who the fans should be singing there hearts out for not Suarez."
24th Jul 2013 15:19
"i have waited a lifetime to sing YNWA to the players of Liverpool... and to do it tonight with 95,000 people bought a tear to my eye.... Thank you LFC.... Next stop... singing it at Anfield..... YNWA"
24th Jul 2013 15:19
"robpagan oh yh we won 3 out of 3 united City spurs all LOST! must mean they getting relegated huh ? get real"
24th Jul 2013 15:29
"What an incredible night. Melbourne has had a beautiful buzz last few days and hope we can experience this once again. Singing YNWA with 95 thousand other supporters was amazing. Thank you LFC for making my dream come true."
Lucky Number 13
24th Jul 2013 15:32
"If he wants to go to Arsenal after hearing that.....well, he is beyond help. Mindblowing version of YNWA "
24th Jul 2013 15:38
"What a stadium that mcg is,imagine having 95k every home game.prove if it was ever needed that we need to build a new stadium.john Henry take your pennies and sell up."
24th Jul 2013 15:40
"Why all the comments about Suarez??? This was probably the best-ever YNWA - just comment on that. Imagine if every home game was like this."
24th Jul 2013 15:51
"Suarez will end up like Torres... Both never understood howmuch we loved them"
24th Jul 2013 15:56
"Neutral point of view, I think Indonesian Fans are more passionate with so many banners beside that they can't speak english and still they can sing all lfc songs perfect."
24th Jul 2013 16:08
"To those who have replied 8 goals in 3 games , I agree but look at the set up mmmmm just the same as last year no real pace in attack a bit slow and looks like more worried conceding than scoring that's why we lost so many points last year with dull draws... anyway that's my opinion and hope I am wrong , we need to start winning"
24th Jul 2013 16:14
"BR & IA, don't wait until last minute to find replacement for Luis. He is out for 6 and we can cope with rest 32 games for sure with a quality replacement, don't go for u23. Don't get over-confident with pre-season friendlies for top4 .... don't underestimate any teams. We don't want Luis ... He is an ungrateful person, let him go and face his own fate ...."
24th Jul 2013 16:28
"makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck... well done oz a great show YNWA"
24th Jul 2013 16:53
"Absolutely fantastic I think the flag was right saying THIS IS ANFIELD DOWN UNDER YNWA RESPECT AUSSIES "
24th Jul 2013 16:53
"I was at this game tonight - the YNWA was amazing. As a lifelong fan of 44 yrs and someone who never misses a tv match in the wee hours from the UK; I didn't know if I'd ever get to see them play live and I flew from the other side of the country for this . I wasn't disappointed- to be a part of a 95000 crowd, sing that song and then see Stevie score, was just a great night "
24th Jul 2013 16:57
"Suarez says he wants the move because of the British media. He gets abuse from opposing fans every week, can you imagine what that will be like if he goes to another EPL club ? Think this one over very carefully Luis ! Remind me the last time Arsenal won anything."
24th Jul 2013 17:05
"AMAZING! A tear drop in my eye after that performance. Just brilliant!"
24th Jul 2013 17:13
"We at Anfield myself for included take seeing the games for granted, bit of passion at the start with YNWA then sit back on seat for 90 mins, this is what should be like thruout and we would win a lot more at home."
24th Jul 2013 17:25
"We are in a much better position than this time last season - the fixtures have also been kind to us, so let's get behind those who want to play for LFC. As for Suarez, let him go when the first team abroad meets the £50 mark - we got more points without him than with him. A season in the reserves is what he deserves so learn what LFC is all about"
24th Jul 2013 17:32
"GAGGZY my sentiments exactly mate this was an amazing site to see sounded unreal i would of loved to been there to hear it and feel that atmosphere but people choose not to mention what this story is about & harp on about Suarez? Pathetic & imo insulting to those fans for using this story of all to talk about Suarez. Show some respect for god sake."
24th Jul 2013 17:42
"GAGGZY spot on!!! This page is to say well done to the amazing Australian support not bang on about Suarez like it's something new!!!!!"
24th Jul 2013 17:57
"Hope you heard that Suarez because you wont hear anything even close at Arsenal . YNWA truly amazing well done oz."
24th Jul 2013 18:07
"The only result that matters is stoke- but ibe looking realy good and a wins a win lads"
24th Jul 2013 18:08
"Did us proud our Aussie friends :)absolutely amazing performance from the crowd and what a stadium. Y.N.W.A . oh and can everyone please stop banging on about LS and just see what happens , either way there will be a plus in it for us & he was still one of the best on the pitch, when has he ever been taken off with a smile on his face....he loves to play not watch !"
24th Jul 2013 18:22
"These Aussie supporters have set the standard in terms of vociferous support - rise to the challenge Anfield"
24th Jul 2013 18:27
"hi all, brill rendition of ynwa. I live in Dublin, Ireland, ye guys not know how lucky ye all are too have this brilliant club on your doorstep. I hope maybe luis sees this feels it and stays, in our hearts we all want that and love him. but if not luis, then leave us, we can come great again. if luis stays get Eriksson, if he goes we need soldado."
24th Jul 2013 18:57
" Sell him!..but not under £50...remember Torres? one is bigger then the club!..even he is a great player, but we can replace him..YNWA!"
24th Jul 2013 18:59
" Sell him!..but not under £50...remember Torres? one is bigger then the club!..even he is a great player, but we can replace him..YNWA!"
24th Jul 2013 19:13
"Cannot wait for Anfield to hold more people. The atmosphere's gonna get even better. As for Suarez, look here sincearsenallastwonatrophy co uk"
24th Jul 2013 19:25
"It was an absolute dream come true to see my beloved Liverpool come to my home town. To those of you from Liverpool, I hope we did all of you proud. "
24th Jul 2013 19:27
"Aussieredsfan - Brilliant :o) YNWA"
24th Jul 2013 19:43
"That sent a shiver down my spine listening/watching that. Well done Melbourne and Australian LFC fans. YNWA"
24th Jul 2013 20:03
"what a big child suarez is is body language hes a joke get shut of him asap the ozzie fans were fantastic thank you all "
24th Jul 2013 20:04
"reina gone to napoli seen it on telly b4 thanks alot roders "
Champions Of Europe
24th Jul 2013 20:10
"40 years old & crying like a baby after hearing that!! Goose bumps on goose bumps, Melbourne I applaud you!"
24th Jul 2013 20:41
"no one (player)not biger of liverpool 7"
24th Jul 2013 21:06
"Hulkmash - whats the big deal over Reina - he has been dreadful for the past two seasons. Once good match against Wigan last season. He has been replaced with one of the best young keepers in the league if not the 'best'. I'd be moaning if we hadn't signed a keeper."
24th Jul 2013 21:11
"Suarez can go aswell for 50m. Sign Benteke and Soldado for 36m for both. Both have excellent goal records and will improve the team. Then we can also sign Eriksen or Bernard for 15m. "
24th Jul 2013 21:23
"Awesome youll never walk alone australia "
24th Jul 2013 21:37
"wow respect to all them fans there in melbourne that was sung passionately great support y.n.w.a "
24th Jul 2013 21:52
"Just imagine this SuareZ goes to Arsenal .....Liverpool beats Arsenal to top four.....Liverpool to champions league and Arsenal Thursday night football....I'm loving it"
24th Jul 2013 23:06
"Once Suarez hands in a formal transfer request that will force the issue. Probably settle on about 44 mil. Then Rodgers will go and buy two money ball players to complete our money ball squad. Leaving Gerrard as the only real star left, and he has maybe 2 years left in his tank. Hate to say it, but I'm more depressed about the coming season than any I can remember. Theres no improvement here."
24th Jul 2013 23:27
"KK was not on the pitch? cant compare chalk and cheese, BR will never do what KK did for us. kk has forgot more than what BR knows..."
24th Jul 2013 23:42
"I hope the men in suits don't see this as a guide for next season? or we will be in trouble, at the start of each season we dream of top 4 finish only to get let down, with bad management/owners letting players go without replacements will they never learn? "
25th Jul 2013 0:30
"Just dreaming of a day when I can get to Anfield ... but more importantly lets hope FSG and sitting back watching this thinking "95k singing YNWA every home game !! No need to kick the ball the vibration of the singing will put the ball in the net""
Richo YNWA
25th Jul 2013 1:44
"Was in the Kop in February for the Zenit game, and it was a dream to sing it then. But being at the MCG and having 95,000 voices belt it out as one, spine tingling stuff. The tears in peoples eyes said it all. YNWA"
Richo YNWA
25th Jul 2013 1:47
"I was in tears singing it there, AMAZING."
25th Jul 2013 3:09
"Well. That made me cry,"
25th Jul 2013 3:25
"Was at the MCG last night, first liverpool game i have ever been too. What an experience. Singing You'll Never Walk Alone along side 95,000+ supporters, shows why liverpool football club is the best in the world. Proud Liverpool Supporter, well done Rodgers and the boys! YNWA, please come down to Australia again. "
25th Jul 2013 3:33
"well done Melbournne ..YNWA.."
25th Jul 2013 4:48
"My dream is to make it to Anfield to sing YNWA... sitting next to 95,000 last night, was the next best thing. THIS IS MELBOURNE. we did well."
25th Jul 2013 4:56
"Suarez needs to go. No point keeping him if he is not interested playing for this great club. He has forgotten on how the club, staff and the fans have supported him all the way. I'm fed up with his comments and atude. No one is bigger than the club. Sell him and buy other world class players. "
25th Jul 2013 9:15
"57 years old, MCC member for 30 years, been going to the 'G' for 50 years...last night I saw something that surpasses ANYTHING i've seen there before! Thank you Liverpool, well done Melbourne...we dun good! (Wouldn't you rather come to a World Cup in Australia in 2022???)"
25th Jul 2013 11:24
"bigbloke50 24th Jul 2013 14:21 Ditto, us ex pats loved it. Great being there though, and singing YNWA was truly AWESOME!"
25th Jul 2013 11:42
"I have just touched down from the Melbourne match, and I am crying all over again reliving that moment. Yes imagine having that capacity week in week out at Anfield. That really would as Shakly used to say "Suck the ball into the back of the net". Thank you for coming to Oz Liverpool, so I could take my wife and son."
25th Jul 2013 12:16
"Hats off to Australia they did our boys and club proud!"
25th Jul 2013 12:18
"Goosebumps!, wish i was there;-)"
25th Jul 2013 13:23
"Was a great night to finally see the Reds but it not all Aussie's my flight over from New Zealand the day before was about a third full of people going to the game so I assume other flights over the two days would have been the same."
25th Jul 2013 15:56
"Why is this video free and not most of the other videos?"
25th Jul 2013 16:49
"I went to the LFC training at the MCG, the game and sang my heart out to YNWA. I've watched this rendition over and over and am still getting teary! Was one of the most amazing feelings to date. Can't wait for the opportunity to be able to sing it again! Best of luck to the boys for the season! YNWA "
25th Jul 2013 20:21
"That was a spine tingling rendition. Bravo to all those at the MCG in Australia. LFC fans are the best in the world. YNWA"
25th Jul 2013 22:15
"We dont want to sell our top scorer. This is easy; say no, wait for the window to close, and Louis will cool down and be happy to play with us for another season at least."
26th Jul 2013 3:47
"Glad I made the trip from Sydney to be there! YNWA"
26th Jul 2013 6:22
"I flew 4000km with a mate to spend the time of our lives together in that magnificent MCG. We sung with all our voices 96000+ giving our boys our love and strength ... for the upcoming season they will not walk alone the will never walk alone... we are Red we are the might Reds we are LIVERPOOL FC !!! "
26th Jul 2013 6:23
"that YNWA was the most spine tingling feeling - to be there singing it - tears streaming down my cheeks as I gasped for air for that last verse was amazing ... cant wait to see them back in 2015 in sydney"
26th Jul 2013 6:59
"Suarez's saga would be resolved in next 48 hours,according to latest news...So,buy Soldado and Benteke for that money and let Luis go.What's the point to keep him!?He will remember Anfield days during warming bench on Emirates.We need to focus on start of the season(next 3 weeks).Noone is bigger than CLUB.YNWA>"
26th Jul 2013 12:18
"Aussie LFC fans are true Mighty Reds!!! Fantastic singing :-D"
28th Jul 2013 11:45
"So did we topple Jakarta?"