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Not a bad player, but better out there! Very flexible which could suit BR. Put a cheeky bid in gor Rooney, swap Suarez for Higuain and £20 mill, use the £20 mill to buy Bernard. Coutinho and Bernard on the flanks, Higuain and Rooney up front
Natural Poolie
24th Jul 2013 9:28
24th Jul 2013 9:28
"I read on Sky that this guy has already signed for Fiorentina so I dont see why do you post this here."
Natural Poolie
24th Jul 2013 9:30
"With Gerrard orchestrating from the middle, a dream i know but not a bad one. Not cost overly much either as most came from the swap of Suarez! If Rooney is that bitter about being forced out of Manure and wants his own back, how about"
Natural Poolie
24th Jul 2013 9:31
"Joining Manure's enemy and being part of the team that brings the Devils back to earth! Lol"
24th Jul 2013 9:33
"This is BS. Joseph Ilicic is going Fiorentina. YNWA"
24th Jul 2013 9:45
"Hasn't he just signed for Fiorentina? Yawn. "
24th Jul 2013 9:45
"Ilicic is a Fiorentina player, it's official since yesterday! Well done Daily Express!"
24th Jul 2013 9:57
"hasnt he just signed for fiorentina? snd please people SHUT UP WITH BERNARD!!!! look at the teams in for him weve no chance...."
24th Jul 2013 9:58
"ing joke... mods cop on and stop putting this up. "
24th Jul 2013 9:59
"apparently j w henry has tweeted "What do you think they're smoking over there at Emirates""
24th Jul 2013 10:01
"Natural Poolie: Talking utter rubbish again! Rooney? What are YOU smoking?"
24th Jul 2013 10:02
"Natural Poolie - put a bid in for Rooney? You having a laugh? I would rather eat glass than our club even entertain that ridiculous idea. Also, I would rather just take £50m than waste the other £30m on Higuain. Your an idiot mate"
Natural Poolie
24th Jul 2013 10:16
"I did mention dream and lol a few times in my post, hence the idiots are the ones that still took my post seriously, maybe you just lack a sense of humour hmm...."
Natural Poolie
24th Jul 2013 10:19
"We're not going to get £50 mill for Suarez, that's a dream, his release clause is £40 mill, so why would they have to pay more than that?"
24th Jul 2013 10:24
"It's not a release clause. It just means the club have to consider it, there is nothing saying we have to accept it. Hence the £40m bid we just rejected. Do some research."
24th Jul 2013 10:25
"Natural Poolie - What release clause? A bid has just been rejected of over £40m. So, £50m IS NOT a dream, it is a very realistic target. If Cavani, Falcao all go for over £50m, then so does Suarez. He is still our player, starts on the bench today with 3 years left on a contract. I'll await what out club ask for, nothing less."
24th Jul 2013 10:26
"Kingwillis10: Totally agree pal."
24th Jul 2013 10:27
"No Natural Poolie, you are an idiot for even 'dreaming'about Rooney playing for us. There are certain players who are fully exempt from playing for us and he is one of them. To even consider, dream or fathom the idea of him wearing our jersey, is a disgrace. I would rather eat glass."
24th Jul 2013 10:39
"Natura Poolie you are bunch Arsenal fan He not for sale.... He worth 60 or 80millons more than Torres Chelsea paid him 50millon.. Your are dream have Suarez your club bunch jealous.."
24th Jul 2013 10:42
"Since when have we been known as 'The Gunners' i wouldnt believe stories form a jurno who cant get that right "
24th Jul 2013 10:47
"Get BERNARD instead and Rooney to replace Suarez.. After all he's a Mersey guy!"
njero 8
24th Jul 2013 11:11
"Do u have beta news 2 print,dis boy signed 4 fiorentina yestade,wr do u find such news.instead print wat arsenals latest bid 4 suarez.funny wat brendan said huh sayin he thinks we r nw ready 4 dat top4,really??like wat henry said?nw I say wat is he smoking..."
Natural Poolie
24th Jul 2013 11:19
"My love for LFC is deeper than my pride, which is why i can be big enough to accept Rooney could do a job for us, he's strong, skillful, can hold the ball up as a lone striker and play with another forward.."
Natural Poolie
24th Jul 2013 11:23
"So if that's the case, what does it matter who he's played for in the past? As long as he's passionate and loves Liverpool while he's wearing our red. Do Gerrard, Sterling, Johnson and co. ignore him when playing for England? No they're fighting the same cause"
24th Jul 2013 11:37
"Poolie, excuse me. Over my dead body. Even if he is the LAST striker/CF on earth, I would rather play Skrtel as our front man. The only exclusion to this is, "LFC has ACQUIRE / bought over" the idiotic club. YNWA "
njero 8
24th Jul 2013 11:45
"Hop we wil neva sale suarez 2 our direct rivals 4 dat top4 finish,arsenal.jst say wat dortmund did 2 bayern over lewandoski.big players make u win things.we need 2 sign big ian ayre n brendan,pliz"
24th Jul 2013 11:57
"Rooney is dislike our club I heard what he saying before.... No way he join our club.."
24th Jul 2013 12:07
"Who the hell do arsenal think they are if they think Liverpool would sell Suerez to them for 40mill not a hope in hell wenger!! you must be smoken the ganjaa man.....LAUGHABLE!!!!!"
24th Jul 2013 12:21
"lol he signed for fiorentina !!"
24th Jul 2013 12:45
"If Suarez wants away then sell him to the highest bidder. Don't want any players who don't want to be here, no matter how good they are. No moves have been made that will put us in contention this year anyway, we are still a mid table team, but the moves that have been made have been for youth, so we are trying to build a contender for 2+ years down the line. "
24th Jul 2013 12:51
24th Jul 2013 13:04
"Well i have just watch the Liverpool Vs Victory game and Suarez got an assist on the second goal which he set up and his face said it all. Not a smile in sight and looked like he would rather be anywhere else in the world! Sell the lying two faced s now and get someone in who does want to wear the red shirt!!!"
24th Jul 2013 13:05
"I still think we should launch Erikson firstly!"
24th Jul 2013 13:13
"no, eriksen deal seems to be so close and eriksen is really with fischer and maher the biggest talents in the eredevisie so...."
24th Jul 2013 13:35
"Proof that this paper is sh*t!!!!! Don't read anymore of their articles."
24th Jul 2013 13:36
"& i Quote John W Henry : What do you think they're smoking over there at Emirates ?"
24th Jul 2013 13:39
"I really can't understand the way our clubs run, possibly selling Suarez to our rivals to making the top 4, if we we're that ambitious, we'd force a move abroad. Suarez atude in the friendly against Melbourne was disgusting. Take the money and run and buy MARQUE SIGNINGS..........."
24th Jul 2013 15:11
"I cannot believe this saga with Suarez continues. He is one mixed guy and if he doesn't want to put on the shirt, get rid and buy someone who does. He will blot his copy book again let someone else pick up the pieces. No player is bigger than the club. Disrespectful of the fans. And how they have supported him."
24th Jul 2013 15:22
"For Pete's sake get Abel Hernandez, a super big striker plays for Uruguay and scored 3 times in Confed' Cup. He plays for Palermo and we could get him for less than 10mil."
24th Jul 2013 15:27
"Arsenal are idiots, they sell Van Persie to their rivals the mancs, who helped win the league for manu. Now they try to get Suarez for 40mil, tell them to sood off, they are insulting our inteligence, Suarez is worth at least 60mil. at least, didn't Cavanni go for 55mil? Suarez is even better again, more versatile and dangerous."
24th Jul 2013 15:28
"the echo are also reporting this but on skysports he signed for fiorentina"
24th Jul 2013 15:29
"Kingwillis10 24th Jul 2013 10:25, my sentiments too. "
24th Jul 2013 15:36
"I would sooner vomit than see Wayne Rooney in a Liverpool shirt! No thanks Natural Poolie!!!"
24th Jul 2013 15:56
"Natural Poolie. plz leave alone just go & support ur Ass' enal and post on their site not here "
24th Jul 2013 17:01
"I ask why on earth are we constantly linked with new players everyday instead of signing once and for all the likes of Eriksson and Bernard. At this rate we won,t sign any class players. A sick and tired fan."
Bib l f c
24th Jul 2013 18:08
"Arsenal have only put a bid of £40 m because they know full welll it will be turned down, they are just trying to keep their fans happy. If they have that sort of money to throw around why did they not put in a higher bid for Higuian? If they are serious then give us £55 m....."
24th Jul 2013 18:52
"Top quality centre back needed and top midfielder. That's assuming Suarez stays. Rumour has it we are struggling to attract the players we want but that aint a surprise with no CL next year. Interesting few weeks ahead"
24th Jul 2013 20:09
"Rooney is not worth 10m and his best days have already gone. I will laugh my head off if he goes to one of our rivals for a big fee and they have to guarantee him first team football. Manure dont want him but cant say so because they will decrease his sale fee."
24th Jul 2013 20:15
"Agree with Loz99. 60m and by July 31 or no sale this window. Well played reds today another clean sheet pre-season. YNWA Brad!"
24th Jul 2013 23:18
"Natural Poolie - you are a complete tool if you want us to sign that fat loser, rooney"
25th Jul 2013 0:54
"From what we saw in Melbourne last night, Suarez is as good as gone. I just hope that Madrid will topple Ass anal disgusting offer. Or else, just put him on the bench rather than letting him go to our top 4 rivals. A rat he was."
25th Jul 2013 1:02
"We better start looking for a top striker now as DS is injured."
25th Jul 2013 1:07
"However, fat guy Rooney is not one of them."
25th Jul 2013 11:02
"I hate arsenal. Theyre s. Be devastated if suarez goes there"
25th Jul 2013 14:17
"Natural Poolie: You are one crazy mutha, I love it! If only FIFA 13 was real eh? ;) Higuain's already at Napoli and nobody cares where Rooney goes - would rather have Sturridge any day."
25th Jul 2013 14:26
"Melissa: I couldn't agree more... Never read papers like The Daily Express/Mail, The Sun - it shows that you've given up on yourself and humanity. Written by the dumb for the dumber. Never buy into their rubbish."
25th Jul 2013 23:04
"agree with k-red put LS on bench if we cant sell him outside PL going too miss first few games anyway so leave him on bench till january transfer window seems to have used club n media for last 2 years to get transfer to R Madrid put him on bench n plz dont let him on pitch in our beloved red shirt again... funny thing is i dont think R MADRID want or need him "