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Highlights of that match please? :D
27th Jul 2013 11:55
27th Jul 2013 12:03
"Well that means lots of options for who starts against Stoke... ;)"
27th Jul 2013 12:04
"Don't we all wish to play with Robbie, many dreams I have had like this but he always scores and not me. Such a legend."
27th Jul 2013 12:14
"Not another draw!"
27th Jul 2013 13:55
"sign him"
27th Jul 2013 14:04
27th Jul 2013 14:09
""Head of opposition analysis" eh? Now we know who to blame when our tactics are completely wrong!"
27th Jul 2013 14:49
"Haha nice one Bren!"
27th Jul 2013 15:01
"Head of opposition analysis? No wonder we cant get players with so many number crunchers around the place. Could you imagine Shanks with all these department heads to deal with just to plan a game or get a transfer through and Paisley could tell more about the oposition just when they were getting off the bus. Good job the Boot Room has gone it would need to be the size of the Albert hall now."
27th Jul 2013 15:19
"Nice comment Redsarge. Most teams have only one or two players who need stopping, but obviously the strategy of just stopping them is not infallible. It reminds me of the debate about just sticking the best players you have on the field and see what happens, as opposed to playing players in their specialised positions despite their other deficiencies. Alf Ramsey chose the former, apparently."
27th Jul 2013 17:53
"Who was in goal and was there any defenders"
28th Jul 2013 8:18
" asia bigger than the beatles ynwa"