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Building for the future. Good luck Krisztian.
26th Jul 2013 16:59
26th Jul 2013 17:25
"Really hope he comes back - looked tasty for the U21s and if the only chance he gets for the first team is that half in the USA last year it'd be criminal. YNWA"
26th Jul 2013 17:27
"Great young player! Hope he does really well there."
26th Jul 2013 22:17
"Christian is a good player so I hope after one season in Holland he will come back to Anfield to be a member of the LFC squad."
27th Jul 2013 7:33
"Krisztian is class hopefully after proving himself on loan, next season he needs to be in our first team squad"
27th Jul 2013 7:36
"Good move. How about Yesil? If he's not ready to fight for 1st team yet it's better to send him on loan as well may be to a German lower Bundesliga team. He will be our future star with more 1st team experience."
27th Jul 2013 8:12
"Stylish player. Hope he comes back."
27th Jul 2013 8:16
"great move, I think the youth will be loaned out as they come into the last 2 years of development prior to being ready for first team action. i.e. 19-22 years old bracket."
27th Jul 2013 8:29
"i just hope this season we will have scout to watch our loan players,not like the case with pacheco and ngoo"
27th Jul 2013 14:07
"This lad is a superb player and definitely one who should be given a chance when he's ready. Good luck Krisztian."