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Good player but expensive for his age, would take him tho along with either eriksen or Bernard and Toby!! Come on boys YNWA
22nd Jul 2013 19:53
22nd Jul 2013 19:55
"thats fine but then we are on the verge of signing eriksen:"
22nd Jul 2013 20:30
"Not worth it let Spurs have him. "
22nd Jul 2013 21:57
"We only need a LB and DM. "
22nd Jul 2013 22:24
"Really can't see BR going for this guy... Not dynamic enough."
22nd Jul 2013 22:26
"StRoth - it's the creme de la creme of BS websites for transfer news, avoid at all costs!"
Red Rum
22nd Jul 2013 23:51
"Soldado.. My arse. I'll believe it when I see it. If we had 20 million for a striker we would have went for benteke. Young and with a sell on value. Diame is the cover we need in the middle for the away days at west ham and stoke etc. don't get me wrong I would love another striker. Think we had 4 strikers for the 3 cup run. Fowler, heskey, ridle, and Owen. "
23rd Jul 2013 0:13
"Not worth the money too old "
23rd Jul 2013 0:29
"Wow I'm famous thanks Martin for signing my arm"
Natural Poolie
23rd Jul 2013 0:31
"Would love to see his guy at LFC, yes he's 28 but he's about talent and reading defenders, he has never been quick so age isn't so much a problem. I think his strikers brain would partner Suarez n Coutinho's quick minded creativity. Throw Sturridge into the mix and you got a frightening front line. Aspas as back up with Borini...."
23rd Jul 2013 0:35
"Not sure which tabloid started this Rubbish, but are the Journo's still that thick they they still believe. A ) we would spend 20+ Million on a player B) we would spend that on a 28 year old. Unbelievable. "
Natural Poolie
23rd Jul 2013 0:36
"....and if Borini can carry on some of the quality he displayed in the U 21 world championship, our attacking line up could be phenomenal. All our young strike-force would benefit from working with Soldado. Now we just need all this to happen lol"
23rd Jul 2013 0:48
"We need someone like him only if Suarez leaves. He's a late boomer, so even at 28 he still have 4/5 years of good football left in him, similar to David Villa."
23rd Jul 2013 4:50
"Get BERNARD before Arsenal does!!! plzzzz"
23rd Jul 2013 5:23
"imagine us buying Soldado then selling Suarez for cash plus Higuain that leaves us with Sturridge Soldado and Higuain for strikers :-0!!!"
23rd Jul 2013 10:45
"30 mill buyout is very harsh on soldado. effectively its saying your spending the rest of your career here. shame because the mans a goal machine. "
23rd Jul 2013 10:46
"GO get Damiao from International in brazil,Eriksen,Bernard,Toby"
23rd Jul 2013 11:59
"We need to concentrate on keeping suarez. We dont need any more strikers we need world class wingers to support out strikers. We have some real good finishers in our team and I gerro and coutinho some real creative support. But we also need width"