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Would be a good signing on loan.
22nd Jul 2013 17:53
22nd Jul 2013 17:54
22nd Jul 2013 17:57
"hahahaha,i've never heared of a player failing a medical because of his teeth before now."
22nd Jul 2013 17:59
"Good bit of business Brendon ( if its true) no sort out a holding mid attacking mid and striker "
22nd Jul 2013 18:12
"if that's the fee agreed, he'd be a real bargain and a quality piece of business by BR. the first summer I was worried about BR in the transfer market, but he's gotten LFC's name back as a club that doesn't unnecessarily splash cash and improved our team greatly. In BR we trust"
22nd Jul 2013 18:25
"This will be a great move. For the price, it is a real bargain. He is perfect for the premier league, strong, pacey. And the most important is his desire to come to our club. He will provide much needed competation for enrique."
22nd Jul 2013 18:42
"Over-rated player! We don't need him! I'm from France and I know him well, not LFC material!"
22nd Jul 2013 19:53
"FSG are determined to create a real motly crew at this club, a squad that looks as if it's held together by blu tac. Quality deteriorating rapidly, this Reina business is making complete idiots out of us."
22nd Jul 2013 19:58
"One thing we now have to accept, we haven't a snowflake in Hell's chance of getting CL this season, I'd be surprised if we managed to achieve 7th again. Just being realistic compared to the quality in the other teams around us we are regressing. FSG please call it a day and leave soccer to people who know what they are doing, hey did anyone see Henry or Werner on the tour??"
22nd Jul 2013 21:28
"Not too bad if true. At least we can know how good he is b4 we over a million for him. Anyway Enrique will always be 1st choice. Wonder what's BR got in mind for Robbo? Will he keep or loan again?"
22nd Jul 2013 22:12
"the squad we had before the new arrivals were the second best performing team in the prem since january only manu took 3 points more than us, so it is clear we are making great strides and CL or better is very achievable, FSG are investing sensibly and intelligently and I fully back them!"
22nd Jul 2013 22:15
"the squad we are building is amazing and the best we have had for a long time, full of talent just waiting to explode!"
22nd Jul 2013 22:19
"Decent bit of business if true. Pay the £900k for a season's loan, see what he's made of in the prem and if he's decent then £3.5m would be a great price considering his value would no doubt rise after a successful season. If he's not up to it then he's only on loan so we send him back. Win win for the price, in my opinion."
22nd Jul 2013 22:28
"to up the mightreds, great comment and makes perfect sense, any fan should be able to see what a no risk piece of business this is and if the lad finds form from 18 months ago we have one of the best left backs around, if not we send him back!"
22nd Jul 2013 22:33
"before CORTIHNO and sturridge arrived they were called misfits by all of the of the anti BR and FSG brigade, they have all shut up about that now eh... it just shows the people who put down BR and FSG really do it through spite and lack of football knowledge!"
22nd Jul 2013 22:53
"I understand the negative comments on here. BR seems his own worst enemy. Recent quotes 'Mignolet brought as competition' 'we are looking at adding two (1st XI) exciting signings' 'we need a LB and AM/winger'. Yet Reina is set for a loan and we bring in a loan LB hardly an exciting signing. It all seems a bit smoke and mirrors to me, what is the betting Suarez will be gone this time next week."
22nd Jul 2013 23:15
"Nicely done BR there. Good player and competition- if he's not our standard, he's only on loan but we can buy him if he is"
22nd Jul 2013 23:15
"to ajp... you dont know the whole story, pepe probably asked for a move after an honest chat, and the move makes perfect sense in regards to the clubs long term aims! and BR is doing a great job built on honest and integrity!"
22nd Jul 2013 23:35
"Liverpool are going nowhere but the championship, while we win prem 21 ahhhaahhaha bye bye"
23rd Jul 2013 0:50
"Not a bad move by taking lower risk on him. He might not suit us anyway. If he does perform well this season, then 3.5 Mil is a cheap bargain."
23rd Jul 2013 0:57
"Absolute Bargain! Very good business! We're building an excellent squad! Add Damiao & Eriksen and were ready to rumble! "
23rd Jul 2013 10:48
"Would be a good loan signing providing BR can bring out the best form that made this player a highly sought after player a few seasons ago."
23rd Jul 2013 12:07
"Hes coming in as cover isnt he? I think jose is doing fine and I never used to be a fan!"