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A proven goal scorer, a class striker banging the goals regularly with 24 last season. Simple yes please.
22nd Jul 2013 15:52
22nd Jul 2013 15:56
"Forward line of triple S.. Suarez .. Sturridge.. Soldado.. Hmmm not bad.. Or is this the beginning of Suarez's ending?"
22nd Jul 2013 15:57
"Don't really believe this story,suarez seems to be staying atm it seems and if we still went and bought soldado anyway, then i'd have to ask big questions to why we needed to send pepe out on loan for "financial reasons". Irrelevant anyway,because this story has no truth to it i believe,hes 28 too, thats just not us."
22nd Jul 2013 16:07
"Is he worth more than Suarez? How many goals can he scores in one season? He may have cost maybe 15m."
22nd Jul 2013 16:19
"4everreds- i heard suarez is pretty sure on staying. one of the writers for the liverpool echo i think said hes swinging toward staying. "
22nd Jul 2013 16:20
"Absolute Rubbish !! No way would we spend 25m on a 28 yr old.A midfielder and defender are our priorities.A striker should only be brought in if that rat Suarez leaves !!"
22nd Jul 2013 16:29
"Mingolet Glen Dagger Kolo Enrique Gerrard Coutinho Lucas Soldado Sturridge Suarez- wow what a team"
22nd Jul 2013 16:39
"Keep dreaming, there is no way FSG will sanction a £25m for a 28 year old likely to be on high wages and little resale value."
22nd Jul 2013 16:49
"I can't see us paying that unless Suarez is going.. YNWA"
22nd Jul 2013 16:50
"25m for a 28 year old? Yep, we are officially a bunch of mugs."
22nd Jul 2013 16:54
"temps000 22nd Jul 2013 15:57 ,, You got it spot on, unless an extra zero has been put in the price as a accident, he may be worth 250,000 then that would be in the range FSG ARE LOOKING AT???"
22nd Jul 2013 16:54
"Guys read this... "
22nd Jul 2013 16:58
" "
22nd Jul 2013 17:13
"Finally people have to admit the truth that is we are a much bigger club than the Spuds."
22nd Jul 2013 17:27
"Sturridge came to the boil at end of last season, where are all these strikers gona play? Soldado, Aspas, Suarez, Borini, Alberto. I know some of them can play wide but if thet do where do the likes of downing, sterling and coutinho play, not sure rodgers can keep them all happy"
22nd Jul 2013 17:37
"Don't believe this and don't want to believe this, i feel it could be similar to Fernando Morientes"
22nd Jul 2013 17:53
"OzairPak 22nd Jul 2013 16:54, That is a great insight into LFC at the present time, and a fantastic read. Some of the comments were also very interesting. The sentence referring to Sturridge + Coutinho. Quote ''Both players have impressed so far in their short Liverpool careers, with both contributing to 25 goals between them'' "
Natural Poolie
22nd Jul 2013 17:53
"Wouldn't be my first choice but it would give a big show of our ambitions and intentions which is what i think most fans want, something to get excited about "
22nd Jul 2013 17:54
"Soldado, Suarez, Sturridge is a NO, If anything, it will be Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling"
22nd Jul 2013 18:41
"25 mill is far to much. 15, maybe"
22nd Jul 2013 18:45
"Here is 2 players that we need more then soldardo arda turan and xabi alonso."
22nd Jul 2013 18:50
"Defo arda turan he'd love to come to us and play in our new system.YNWA "
22nd Jul 2013 21:26
"Never ever Soldado...get Leandro Damiao..perfect per cent.."
23rd Jul 2013 0:18
"With our policy of bringing in relatively young players, would we splash a large sum of cash on a 28 year old? You,ve only glance up the m62 to see what van persie did for them,is our "policy" too rigid?"
23rd Jul 2013 4:54
"Think he already in talk with Spurs! Spare the money for **BERNARD** instead.."
23rd Jul 2013 12:10
"I'd be surprised if we spent so much on a 28 yr old given the pattern of the majority of our signings. An earlys 20s winger for 20mil+ marquee signing would be a huge boost"