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No. too old too expensive and if luis and daniel stay, both of whom i rate higher then soldado, then he is pointless. sturridge is class, pure class. strong fast and a perffect finisher. 11/16 goals to games....class
22nd Jul 2013 13:31
22nd Jul 2013 13:37
"We have been linked to a few key players but no real offers made. Aren't we suppose finalize as soon so that team training can proceed accordingly. Begining to doubt that any real player that can improve 1st eleven will be joining LFC."
22nd Jul 2013 13:42
"Age 28 and number 9 shirt gone to Aspas..though I suppose number 7 might be free soon!"
22nd Jul 2013 13:52
"But he would give us options upfront, also he may add something special well his convertion ratio is all that is important."
22nd Jul 2013 14:11
"sturidge is very good but his finishing needs a litle more work when u see the match against everton and southampton he lost some chances although for his age he is brilliant but in the near future he will get better at it. "
22nd Jul 2013 14:14
"if we buy soldado we will have an experienced player who can score in every game we have many young talents but i think soldado with suarez and sturridge coming of the bench in half time then we could be unbeatable"
22nd Jul 2013 14:15
"even man city has aguero jovetic and negredo "
22nd Jul 2013 14:16
"i dont see the problem in buying him "
22nd Jul 2013 14:23
"So much for geting the marquee signings in early looks like Bernard off to arsenal acc to talk sport ericson to Milan n surez to go so Rodgers come on let's get signing "
22nd Jul 2013 15:22
"Just heard on sky sports that there might be a £12 million offer from Italy for Borini if this is true I'd let him go. Does anyone have any info on this rummer?"
22nd Jul 2013 15:44
"I wouldn't let borini go. Ive heard he is a deadly finisher plus we have good numbers up top. What we need is a winger to come in. Not a striker"
22nd Jul 2013 15:49
"This is speculation, they found Suarez may be staying and needed a story to make out LFC are planning for life without Suarez. You all fall for it too....."
22nd Jul 2013 16:02
"Suarez must be going then... hopefully we can get him for 20-25m and use the remaining 20-15m to sign erikson "
22nd Jul 2013 16:58
"If Suarez stays, he is still suspended for 6 more games, and will undoubtedly pic up another at some point, even if its just for cards. Sturridge has battled injury problems on and off for most of his career. I have no problem trying to secure another classy forward. As far as being too old he's 28 not 35. "
22nd Jul 2013 17:20
"liverpool1736, So Sturridge needs to finish better? 12 goals in 16 games is not good enough for you? Soldado can score in every game? ok, so we cancount on him scoring 45-46 goals in league + cup games next season?You want Sturride to warm the bench next season? you cant see a problem in buying him?We have no money!!"
22nd Jul 2013 17:21
"CONT; And finally Arsenal will beat us to Bernard who along with with Sakho should have been our main targets!! Grow up, you know nothing about LFC. "
Natural Poolie
22nd Jul 2013 17:47
"I only think we would consider this if Suarez went "
22nd Jul 2013 17:57
"cont;Its a must read for all LFC fans worldwide. Thank you for sharing this page and subject. YNWA"
22nd Jul 2013 21:22
"i didnt say that sturridge will always be on the bench i mean when he is injured and comes back to play he needs some games to play top level of his game i dint say im not pleased with him i said that he needs a litle bit work with his finishing in fact i said he is brilliant "
22nd Jul 2013 21:27
"with his 3 month injury do you expect him to continue his performances with few time before the start of the season to train ?"
22nd Jul 2013 21:31
"i didnt say we neeed soldado i just said if we do buy him he surez and sturridge will be unstopable. even city and man u have strikers on the bench that can change the game whenever they want and thats something we need when the team doesnt play well eg west brom southampton"
Red Rum
22nd Jul 2013 23:18
"Diame please. Missing link in the squad. 1. If Lucas gets tired / injured he can fill in. 2 . If Gerard wants a rest at the end of a game he is perfect to come on and steady the ship. 3. Good tall player good in the air to defend corners. 4. Experience. 5. Strength. 6. Underrated and relatively cheap."
23rd Jul 2013 0:32
"With the danger of sounding like a broken record,we do need to sort out the Surez situ. If his value to Lfc isn,t matched yes it is all immaterial,but the quicker it,s sorted,BR will have a clearer idea of priorities/positions needed to strengthen."
23rd Jul 2013 4:55
"Toooooo expensive and old.. Get BERNARD instead plzzzzzz"
23rd Jul 2013 12:14
"Not too old but expensive yes. We dont need another striker. The comment about Diame I support. I'm a fan of his. We got good numbers up top. But again I say it. We need wingers!!"