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good news now we can focus on good targets :) apparently we have agreed an 18mil pound deal for eriksen :) perfect. and sterling is coming along so well, if luis does leaveplay sterling and coutinho on the wings
22nd Jul 2013 13:24
22nd Jul 2013 13:30
"BR mentioned a few more marquis signings. Looks like the good ones are slowly being taken up by others. Cant see where these are coming to LFC.."
LFC 05
22nd Jul 2013 13:33
"Any chance of us making at least 1 big signing this summer"
22nd Jul 2013 13:39
22nd Jul 2013 13:45
"do bud, go to arsenal, win nothing, make champions league, dont get past the quarters, then once your decent get sold for a hefty profit. shut up wenger ya clown your not signing anyone."
22nd Jul 2013 13:52
"lol spuddy, you've got Arsene's number!"
22nd Jul 2013 14:01
"StRoth, are you sure that lfc have agreed on signing eriksen? "
22nd Jul 2013 14:36
"Wenger said this report is not true. *shrugs* "
22nd Jul 2013 14:41
"st roth: you clearly haven't see the lad play if you don't think hes good, hes the type of signing we need! and were is your proof of an eriksen agreement?"
22nd Jul 2013 15:47
"Was always just a dream..."
22nd Jul 2013 15:47
"I'd love bernard to come in. Exactly the type of player we need. I think with alberto likely to llay centrally and coutinho able to also we wont go after eriksen"
22nd Jul 2013 16:32
"too all of you asking where i got eriksens info: sto reading about bs players and type in to google "christian eriksen liverpool 18mill deal" or "christian eriksen liverpool 21mill euro deal" there are about 8 different sources from different countries stating this. and ive watched bernard play, he is a trickster but eriksen has a vision and a knack for creating something out of nothing"
22nd Jul 2013 17:16
"This is b/s. Arse nal will not spend that kind of money on one player. "
Natural Poolie
22nd Jul 2013 17:45
"I would of liked to of seen this guy come to LFC, not looking likely "
23rd Jul 2013 12:16
"Arsenal will spend big money this year cos their fans are growing very impatient. As long as they dont get luis I dont care cos I cant stand them! Not sure if bernard is one of their targets but if he is I'm calling on a move for Shaqiri. Seriously talented winger. Good replacement for downing"