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would be nice to get eriksen,soldado and alderweld
22nd Jul 2013 8:22
22nd Jul 2013 8:29
"am bored with this story ..too long in the news and too taxing for me !!"
22nd Jul 2013 8:49
"so if this happens and I like a few have a few doubts about him, I hope this will quieten down the muppets screaming out for his signature...if this is the big signing you want, I want someone with more about him!"
22nd Jul 2013 8:57
"we should have made an offer on him long time ago. theres no point of making an offer now.. so let move forward and sign other player who is as good as eriksen or better than him.."
22nd Jul 2013 9:01
"If Suarez is staying, there is no need for him. Concentrate on a LB and DM. "
22nd Jul 2013 9:06
"Not sure how we can get him for 21 mil. FSG = no cash injection. "
22nd Jul 2013 9:15
"we are not going to get anything .... is juz bull from FSG and BR "
22nd Jul 2013 9:32
"No rat boy is not staying cause he makes me sick every time he is mentioned now....What we need to hear from him is sorry for all the crap he has been saying about our club and running it through the gutter...The sooner this excuse for a human being F**KS OF IN TO THE NIGHT THE BETTER!!!!!!"
22nd Jul 2013 9:36
"Doing me head in now sign up Eriksen & Toby Quick plzzzzzz ... "
22nd Jul 2013 9:51
"How 'concrete' does it get with a £21m bid? If Milan have tabled a more 'concrete' bid, how so? IS their bid more concrete because they have bid higher? Or, because they bid with 22 smiley faces at the bottom? If we have bid £21m, surely this is a 'concrete' bid, so how on earth is one bid more 'concrete' than another? A bid is a bid, god almighty!"
22nd Jul 2013 10:15
"Redcrusader. Why all the hate. As a dane i now that he always had said god thinks about liverpool. Dont trust what you red in the papers. Ynwa"
22nd Jul 2013 10:35
"I he's IN, I think we should offload either Downing/Henderson/ Lucas/Allen! Too many midfielders!"
22nd Jul 2013 10:42
"redrob, It would be very nice but I just wont happen,, ''Liverpool are believed to be'' I for 1 don't believe, Pepe went to Napoli for financial reasons? Until Saurez goes there will be no more signings. I just wish the club would be honest with the fans instead of leading us on as they have been doing for 6-8 weeks now,, YNWA LFC.I STILL LOVE THE BEST CLUB IN THE WORLD"
22nd Jul 2013 11:07
"flattering... I know LFC will not buy him, is another game of mind as it was played on HENRIK. watch out"
22nd Jul 2013 11:15
"First with Manure, Spuds, Dortmund, Roma, and now Milan. What is this all about?"
22nd Jul 2013 11:17
"Eriksen is a good player...but do we really need him? Isn't Alberto a similar player? Coutinho too? I would rather see some real grit in the team!"
22nd Jul 2013 11:21
"Any newz. Abt bernard"
22nd Jul 2013 11:26
"Typical. "However, it remains to be seen whether the Reds have left it too late to tempt Eriksen to Anfield," Why are we so slow."
22nd Jul 2013 11:29
"If we got the 21 mil for Erikson, we should have bid for Mkhitarian, who is much better than Erikson"
njero 8
22nd Jul 2013 12:02
"Load of rubbish dis da same who said mkhitaryan was camin 4 a medical,BR n ayre r total rubbish all they do is lie n lie,wr are da world class they wanda suarez wants out coz he can't us in champs lge.we need class players"
22nd Jul 2013 12:17
"Patience is a virtue...... 22 days into the transfer window & 4 weeks until the season starts. "
Natural Poolie
22nd Jul 2013 12:28
Natural Poolie
22nd Jul 2013 12:46
"Soldado would be good, we need LB cover as highlighted by BR, we still need permanent replacement for Carra, Toure not gonna cut it for much longer! Eriksen is undoubtedly a good player but possibly too inconsistent."
22nd Jul 2013 13:00
"ROFL InsideFutbol bring this story up every week just on the off chance we actually do make a move. if eriksen makes lfc great if not i wont break sweat about it"
22nd Jul 2013 13:12
"would be nice to get eriksen,soldado and alderweld, bernard. Sell Coates, Spearing, Pacheco, Reina."
22nd Jul 2013 13:33
"Sick of the dribble, for me shows major intent on trying to win things with a talented squad, Erikson brings that extra talent and experience we need as well as youth."
22nd Jul 2013 13:37
"Would be delighted to see him come to us but not at the expense of Hendo who is getting better and better.Was enjoying watching Hendo spray the ball about against Indonesia."
22nd Jul 2013 14:27
"i dont think we need eriksen we neeed a player like soldado to give us more expirience up front we need an lb i would prefer shaquiri cause he is versatile can play lb and score goals and bernard is good but we dont need other players in that area we got sterling and ibe who are great players and younger than bernard also suso"
22nd Jul 2013 15:51
"I disagree I think we need a more high profile named winger to come in because sterling and ibe are so young. Takes the pressure off them. We dont need soldado we dot sturridge, suarez borini and aspas. We dont need eriksen either as we have alberto coutinho gerrard can play there too"
22nd Jul 2013 19:01
"We won't sign a player until late in the window because we'll wait for the higher bidders to make their moves. Once the crazy money stars are bedded down, we'll sign who we're really after, and I'm betting it surprises the socks off all of us! "
22nd Jul 2013 20:34
"same rumours recycled again and again, too good to be true so it aint happening."
22nd Jul 2013 20:59
"Sell Suarez A.S.A.P then this will pave the way for Eriksen, Alderwielder, Aly and Soldado or Higuain. Look at our squad with four of those players in it and top four place will be much more possible with the four players already added.."
22nd Jul 2013 21:32
"we are not going to get anything unless we sell BR back to swan .lol mid table team not even going to top 4 "
23rd Jul 2013 0:29
"About damn time, get it done and signed like yesterday!"
23rd Jul 2013 0:35
"If reports are verified i hope this comes to fruition."
23rd Jul 2013 0:53
"AC Milan has CL football. We've left it too late IMO."
23rd Jul 2013 12:19
"Sell br to swans? Brainless comment. Hes had one season and inherited a poor squad. Hes already changex the way we play. Now lets see how we get on this season. "
23rd Jul 2013 17:16
"Kaashede I Believe that there is never smoke with out fire.....Suerez said he was flattered that arsenal had showen an interest and other stuff so if any of this was not true why did he not come out and denie it???"
23rd Jul 2013 17:24
"Storm69 are you a muppet???SELL BR TO THE SWANS WHAT AN ABSOLUTE CRAZY HALF WITTED COMMENT.. Please get real BR has had to take over From all the mistakes that were made previously For goodness sake give the guy a chance other ways we will end up like chelsky with that revolving door policy!!!"