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just check thisisanfield and liverpoolecho, they tell you that Reina is loaned to Napoli. Liv -> Napoli -> Barca.
22nd Jul 2013 4:32
22nd Jul 2013 5:12
"The storytelling continues and the fans are no fools. We know what was mentioned when Mignolet was purchased and we did know back then that Liverpool wanted to sell Reina. I just hope all you on top know what you're doing!"
22nd Jul 2013 5:19
"BR told liverpool echo pepe as been loaned out....,,, but on here says opposite....,,,,,,,which one is it? Poor realy poor"
22nd Jul 2013 5:28
"On the liverpool echo website BR says pepe is loaned out but on here says the opposite....... Which one is it?? ........ Poor realy poor"
22nd Jul 2013 5:33
"Im sad to see Reina leave hes one of the greats of this club and will always be remembered. For strikers get either Higuain Soldado or Damiao"
22nd Jul 2013 5:35
"Does this mean Rodgers is satisfied with Skrtel and Coates for the center half position after that horrible last season?"
22nd Jul 2013 6:36
"Whenever BR mentions 'cover/competition for the existing players', I begin to shudder. "
22nd Jul 2013 7:02
"With Brendan in charge I 'm feeling confident in front of the new season. Good signings so far and with a few more quality additions the pundits who are writing us off will have to eat their words!! Come on mighty Reds !!! YNWA"
22nd Jul 2013 7:21
"It will be sad o see reina go as he's served the club v well.All good things come to an end but i believe rogers knows what he's doing.Also we've got a quality belgium international keeper which means he must be good."
22nd Jul 2013 7:36
"How many times has Mignolet made us mad when we met S-land? Look at the games.. You'll see that Mignolet is the perfect replacement for Reina.. Pepe wants CL and success.. and he thinks it's not gonna happen here in LFC.. så why keep a player who doesn't believe in his team? I prefer to have it hard to compete in the PL than have CL with no heart... like PSG or City... thank you very much.. :P"
22nd Jul 2013 7:42
"Pepe will replace Valdes at Barca next summer. We need to look out for ourselves hence Mignolet. If we waited until next summer i suppose some of u would be complaining that we should have saw this coming..."
22nd Jul 2013 7:43
"By the hunch is Real Madrid will move for Kun Aguero. "
22nd Jul 2013 7:45
"9xcommander, wow the echo and thisisanfield have the total precise scoop do they? grow up. The negatives, get it right Pepe wanted to leave, why are you all so bitter? "
22nd Jul 2013 7:50
"for god sake sign a couple of decent players and stop the blarney,our current squad is still 7th best,all we doing s downgrading to cheaper midtable players sort it or go,"
22nd Jul 2013 7:53
"FSG and BR are rebuilding the club into a profitable mid table mcdonalds franchise and some customers are lapping it up. They can't rebuild the local faithful into mid table supporters though. Calls for patience will be a waste of breath if this season is as bad ad last season."
22nd Jul 2013 8:04
"I would loan reina to barca with mascherano loaned the other way with barca paying both their wages. For a left back, I like the look of the Argentine, Cristian Ansaldi, who can also play as rightback or wingback and is fast and a strong tackler- Rubin Kazan finished outside top 6 so could be persuaded to sell- kept messi quiet in cl ties...."
22nd Jul 2013 8:40
"Why is it accepted as normal to be lied to by a club whos fans spend money supporting them. Why even the need to lie?"
22nd Jul 2013 8:41
"It is great how honest and genuine Rodgers is for the fans benefit, only a moron would doubt him, he has the highest levels of integrity and the club are lucky to have a him as our manager and FSG as our benevolent custodians!"
22nd Jul 2013 8:45
"I am happy with Rodgers and believe he should be given a least 2 more seasons to keep the project going. However, I understand the impatience of a portion of supporters and they are enled to their opinions- they are not morons, just part of our diverse supporters worldwide. Cont..."
22nd Jul 2013 8:46
"if the season started in january we would have finished 2nd in the table, thats more than enough information than any fan should need to understand what a wonderful job Rodgers is doing, anyone who doubts his work has a weird childish hidden agenda..."
22nd Jul 2013 8:49
"But it is so egocentric to dismiss differing opinions and label supporters as morons because they disagree with one's own- but the choice of name confirms the narcissistic traits of the poster"
22nd Jul 2013 8:52
"For last two seasons I´ve felt we need backup/competition for Lucas. Defensive midfielder who allow Gerrard to play little bit higher up the field. We missed Lucas when he was injured and maybe someone like Matuidi could fit the bill."
22nd Jul 2013 8:58
"BR is here to put us in the middle table didn't you all see that .the FSG juz want profit buy cheap and sell to profit .that all we are going to be a selling club.The fsg juz want it to be done as Arsenal."
22nd Jul 2013 9:15
"Sad to hear about pepe, but to be honest I don't think we could have asked for better cirstances, replacement in before any talk started (so we don't get taken for a ride by selling club), young, very talented and probably on considerably less wages - BR is doing things the right way IMO and I'm so excited for this season!"
22nd Jul 2013 9:20
"I thought he'd go for a L-Back, but we really only started improving when Lucas played better after his comeback, so we really need another DM."
22nd Jul 2013 9:43
"Get over it, he was asked a number of questions here and basically confirmed what he was being asked. What do you want to him to do? Lie? Maybe Reina was going out on loan but it wasn't a done deal at this time of interview. Anyway, we have a better keeper. We have IMPROVED. Some fans need to honestly look at the bigger picture. IN BRENDON WE TRUST"
22nd Jul 2013 9:48
"This is ridiculous, is Reina that bad you want to loan him??? Seriously no sense in this move all because you have signed another keeper! Wake up Rogers"
22nd Jul 2013 10:21
"Napoli is a stop gap for the year, shrewd bit of work by Benitez getting reina for a full season, knew he would go there!"
22nd Jul 2013 10:27
"We were told a few weeks ago that Mignolet was bought to provide competition for Reina. So can we now conclude that the competition has been won by Mignolet without kicking a compeive ball for LFC. It would have been nice if BR and the club comes out honest with us."
22nd Jul 2013 10:33
"BR is looking just like another Yes-man; brought in to say yes to the money men. To win things you need a strong team. Why sell or worse still loan-out Reina when we are not quite sure that Mignolet would really be that good for us yet. When is this re-building going to be up for a progress report?"
22nd Jul 2013 10:56
"Tank8- have u read the echo? Have a look lad(front page top right hand corner) the comment made are BRs not the papers. It says "why i sold pepe"yet on here BR days the opposite!!! So why is he saying two different things? The usual posts on here know i support BR AND FSG so im no neg"
22nd Jul 2013 10:59
"BR said that he was keeping Pepe and he bought Mignolet to add competition, in my opinion he has weakened the goalkeeping position. "
22nd Jul 2013 11:02
"We'd have been better off keeping Pepe and putting the £9m or whatever towards strengthening in other vmore vital areas."
22nd Jul 2013 11:03
"BR said that that Suarez is staying, given his comments regarding Pepe Reina does this mean that Suarez is going."
22nd Jul 2013 11:15
"Looking to Arsenal as a model to be emulated. The goons are crap. The only project going on is cost cutting."
22nd Jul 2013 11:50
"Well I will be stunned if we don't get a top class centre back into the team. We need 3 top quality signings to get that top 4 place as Chelski, City, S, Arsenal and Spurs will spend big on quality for sure. Roll on new season"
22nd Jul 2013 12:25
"Firepower/goals are the key to success - another skillful attacking winger/mid and a goal scoring striker. Add an additional defender and the squad will be able to compete."
22nd Jul 2013 12:38
"He has just said "The latest was that there was an offer to take him on loan but that's something that hasn't been discussed any further." To the would be Managers that means perhaps what was on the table and discussed before did not suit all parties. What does anyone else know other than those involved with Pepe's future... Not the Echo & Whoisanfield? "
22nd Jul 2013 13:10
"A loan deal for pepe don't make sense,Napoli have money to burn so make them pay the 10 mil upfront!we are always too soft with other clubs in the transfer market."
22nd Jul 2013 13:18
"reina who got more medals than soft joe going on loan why to save money mingolet who was in goal for sland who could have been relegated last season. as been made no.1 choice lol weres the centre half we need cos agger and skertel cant play together.kolo is not the answer fsg stop penny piching give rodgers money if hes gunna do it is way show him the money "
22nd Jul 2013 13:23
"that means LS is going when we get a bid of 40m our club is doomed br hasn't s clue fsg are the puppet master pulling his strings,god help our club we are doomed,"
22nd Jul 2013 13:23
"let rodgers ship out who he wants at the end of the day hes the manager when it goes wrong he will get all the flak"
22nd Jul 2013 13:35
"WheresmeTea - ha ha. That's nearly as funny as your username. I think you need a lie down mate!"
22nd Jul 2013 13:36
"Come on people. I like Reina as much as we all do. But compared to the Reina of the last 2 seasons Mignolet is just a better keeper."
22nd Jul 2013 13:38
"Moone, am with you on that one. "
22nd Jul 2013 13:43
"There is no 40 mil release clause,where has this come from? More rubbish from the papers!"
22nd Jul 2013 14:08
"I think some people are blinded by how much we love pepe, I was at first but the I thought we have a quality keeper in Simon, Reina is being loaned to Rafa so we know he will be playing for a top side and he will be playing regular first team football so if need be we can recall a gk ready for games instead of one that's had no action all season."
22nd Jul 2013 14:28
reds rising
22nd Jul 2013 14:47
"People need to get a grip saying oh I would do this an I would do that... Do yers even know how negotiations work no don't think so, also mignolet is quality an will give us more consistency then pepe will, everyone moaned last season an the season before how he wasn't the same an now its been sorted yers are still moanin sort ya heads out do me ed in lar"
22nd Jul 2013 15:01
"Pepe should go, "
22nd Jul 2013 15:02
"I dont care where Pepe ends up, he said he can't say no to Barca, so why keep him in the first place. Good riddance if the deal is finally pushed through."
22nd Jul 2013 15:15
"An ageement between valencia and LFC for Cissokho could be agreed in next couple of hours (twitter)"
22nd Jul 2013 15:18
"So sick of the negative fans having a go at BR and FSG when the season hasn't even started and the transfer window is still open. Man City excluded no other club in the top half has done the business in the transfer window But I guess some people think they know better than the club."
22nd Jul 2013 15:24
"Bit weird, yesterday the BBC and Sky had articles with quotes from BR explaining his reasons for Reina leaving. So looks like a LB and an AM or winger to come in. So no DM cover or CB, surprised as for me defending not attacking was the issue last year. "
22nd Jul 2013 15:34
"Defending wasnt the problem. Inconsistency was. A left back and a winger sounds good to me. I think the gaffer is doing a good job. Id like pepe to stay but thats a lot of wages sitting on the bench"
22nd Jul 2013 15:52
"BR seems to say whatever he thinks will pacify the fans.And that's ok if we perform next season as we did in the second half of last season.However if we are still way off 4th place at the end of the season and finish 7th or 8th then the natives will be mighty restless."
22nd Jul 2013 16:21
"Defending was our problem last year. We made some silly mistakes, not aggressive enough in cutting out corners, poor at defending in the air and major positional problems at right back. Interesting to see who comes in. Shame Sami Hyppia had to grow old!"
22nd Jul 2013 16:22
"Oops, should have said not aggressive enough at cutting out crosses in!!"
22nd Jul 2013 16:29
"LFC will benefit if Reina is loaned out this season by reducing their wage bill by 110kper week. Then sell to Barca next season when Valdes leaves.This makes good sense releasing funds for other players wages."
22nd Jul 2013 16:31
"LFC are playing in front of 85000 plus crowds overseas so why don't they build a new stadium of 100 000 seater. they will generate well needed money to challenge for top players etc."
22nd Jul 2013 16:42
"No new CB? I would've liked to see Alderweireld or Papadopoulos come in. Papa mainly so he can threaten to bite Luis' head off if he leaves. He's actually mad enough to come good on that threat aswell."
22nd Jul 2013 16:54
"No hiding place this season for all associated with LFC. Starting with the matchgoers. Them Indo fans put us to shame. Time for the Kop to rediscover its voice again and be the 12th man it used to be. Then the management, then the owners. We all have a part to play. Im still very sceptical however."
22nd Jul 2013 17:03
"were getting the taken out of us FACT 100 mill for Dalglish nothing for Rogers disgrace load of "
22nd Jul 2013 17:18
"Rushjob16.54 - interesting point, particulary 12th man"
22nd Jul 2013 17:35
"Agger, Skirtel, Toure, Coates, and KELLY. Another center back would be good, but we're thinner in other areas. Skirtel had a dip in form, but prior to that, Agger and Skirtel we're outstanding. Toure will help with that, Skirtel will want to play. Also Kelly can play in there no problem"
22nd Jul 2013 17:38
"I'd love to see Benard in over Ericksen, but wont be mad either way. I read we are bidding for Ilicic Josip, not sure if true, but he looks class. Now if Suarez does leave, bring in Jackson Martinez or Luis Monrael (spelling?)"
22nd Jul 2013 17:55
"Stop the kidology and give us the honest truth. Even BBC reported that he is gone to Napoli and they aren't supposed to report anything not true. Terrible decision if it is true."
22nd Jul 2013 18:04
"I smell b***! Point in spending 8mil on a keeper when you already have one of the best in the world. Granted the guys form has dropped, i'd openly admit that, but if that's the case thern why the hell is ALLEN still at the club. Start tellin us the truth & treating us like mugs! one minute mignolet is competition, now hes first choice!!!!"
22nd Jul 2013 18:17
"Crickey the Pepe situation has been handled v poorly. "
22nd Jul 2013 19:12
"cheerio scousers enjoy Leeds away with your Chelsea reserve coach hahahaha Maybe they'll loan you some players lool"
22nd Jul 2013 19:17
"absolutely agree with TheLight, 100%. reading between the lines, it seems that Pepe wanted out and would have left this year or next so i believe it was good bizz to get mignolet. and lets face it, goal-keeping for us last year was no where near good enough, so good decision all around.. "
22nd Jul 2013 19:30
"RedRivelino 22nd Jul 2013 7:43 Totally agree mate had a feelin' that R.Madrid went off Suarez, thinkin' that we might be desperste and could pinch him on the cheap, Suarez dreams of Madrid are gone forever, now he's just a little bit embarrassed and must now count his losses and make amends, that's our advantage, hope he stays and sorts himself out."
22nd Jul 2013 19:35
"Rushjob9 22nd Jul 2013 16:54 Who could argue with that, good points. "
22nd Jul 2013 19:55
"are lfc still payin reinas wages? if so how can the wage bill be going down?"
22nd Jul 2013 20:16
"Everyone knows Reina wanted to go, so when the media get a sniff they let everyone know it's in the pipline, that doesnt mean when Rodgers get questioned about it he can just let everyone know before it's a done deal."
22nd Jul 2013 20:35
"It seems by what BR is saying that he is not in the market for a central defender anymore. I guess Skirtel is staying then ?"
22nd Jul 2013 21:09
"Double speak seems to have become the norm now."
22nd Jul 2013 21:20
"WhelanR18.17- you know im a fan of BR and FSG, but your right abt how the pepe deal as been handled- poor!!!"
22nd Jul 2013 21:39
"Go on rodgers, make the scousers as good as swansea hahahaa "
22nd Jul 2013 21:52
"Loz- just my thoughts but cheers pal. "
22nd Jul 2013 21:59
"Centre circle 2110. As Rodgers has said-he doesn't do sentiment, and out of the two efforts put into sorting out Suarez is more important to an outgoing keeper who earns a fortune and has been replaced by likely a better cheaper alternative???"
Champions Of Europe
22nd Jul 2013 22:22
"May be worth checking the timings of the Reina stories on the LFC website & on the Liverpool Echo. Given someone posted a comment at 22nd Jul 2013 4:32 and the Echo's report was timed at release 22 Jul 2013 09:53, shows the LFC site posted the story hours before the Echo posted theirs & so the situation may have changed in that time. Lets avoid attacking the manager at every opportunity."
22nd Jul 2013 22:34
"Champion europe . The echo printed they paper sunday night (to go out for sale monday morning) so BR must have spoked to the echo sometime before sunday might.-BR spoke in melbourne AFTER the echo print"
22nd Jul 2013 22:36
"Rushy- i know PRIORITIES hey....."
22nd Jul 2013 22:49
"Reina on loan, dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Why loan him for a year when it will just devalue his price as a player, Napoli just sold Cavani for mega bucks so sell him if he no longer has a future at LFC. We could get 10-12 million now as opposed to 5 or 6 next season. BR bad move here!"
22nd Jul 2013 22:49
"Lets see what the suarez/pepe soup opera brings tmrw - night all 12 hour shift tmrw- and remember we are liverpool today,tmrw and always"
Champions Of Europe
22nd Jul 2013 22:52
"Centrecircle1000 22nd Jul 2013 22:34 You may be right mate, just don't feel its becoming of LFC fans to instigate a witch-hunt with everything the club does. No manager has never not made a mistake, why should any of LFC's managers be any different. I know where you stand with BR/FSG, so I accept your frustration credible; the press/FA turned on LFC, just don't want the fans to."
22nd Jul 2013 22:53
"BR should buy Soldado, Eriksen and a defender (loan). With these players and hopefully Suarez staying we will not just qualify for CLbut even challenge for honours this year. Suarez will b boosted by the quality of these players and will want to stay and lead us into CL next season. Suarez wants to play with quality players not Borini or Hendo or Downing!!!"
22nd Jul 2013 23:11
"Maybe I'm just being paranoid but Suarez looks just a little awkward in those training pictures, his body language makes him look like a self conscious kid, sort of shy or something. there doesn't seem to be any chemistry between him and Aspas who, by the way looks like Alberto's siamese twin, are they glued together?"
23rd Jul 2013 0:16
"So much for improving the squad when we loan out a world class keeper I thought he was going to compete with mignolet?? Itl Be a tragedy if he is loaned out and we keep jones, so far we have brought in 4 and let the same go hardly boosting the numbers!!"
25th Jul 2013 21:17
"We'll miss you Pepe! Y.N.W.A. Good luck out there! ;("