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We are losing Reina and Suarez and possibly Agger too. We are being fed bull crap about the major signings, trust me! We won't be getting anyone else.
20th Jul 2013 13:14
20th Jul 2013 13:22
"Looking at the bench in lndonesia today, one can see the lack of depth. Borini,Assaidi,Ibe and Hendo are the only potentials we have there. We need another keeper in case of an injury to Mignolet. there is no defensive midfielder besides Lucas in the first 11. I hope to see Assaidi getting more game time coz he is certainly a goal threat. Waiting for the game to start"
20th Jul 2013 13:22
"Shut up, Dingodouche. "
20th Jul 2013 13:26
"We r getting stripped of r best players yanks and Arye r just jokes set on destroying r club i think its time for them to go before we r a mid table team. The yankees have spent about 3 mill max of own money the rest have been made through sales. Its killing me what they r doing to liverpool fc look at rangers thats what we have got to look forward to"
20th Jul 2013 13:36
"i trust BR that he will make the signings we are waiting for its not easy to persuade players to come to liverpool without cl football eg mikhitaryan thats why the signings of top players are taking so long because he is trying to persuade them by talking about his plans for the club"
20th Jul 2013 13:41
"We have lost Shelvey, Reina, Possibly Suarez and Agger. 4 out and 4 in how is that building a squad and if he gets 2 more in im sure 2 more will leave, so we are back where we started I have my doubts about BR talks a good game but nothing else."
20th Jul 2013 13:43
"will you chill out were not going to lose agger and we still have over month of the window left there is plenty of time to get things done. people are acting like were going to accept any bid that comes along for our players if rodgers doesnt want them to leave theyre not going to leave."
20th Jul 2013 13:51
"Aww shut up DingoPower! Your kind of talk is exactly what we do not need! Where do you get your news from/ I have my trust in Brendan and we will do better this season! That kind of talk even before the EPL has even started? Really? Get a life and support some other team! YNWA! "
20th Jul 2013 13:53
"The four signings so far can hardly be described as up market, Toure is way past his sell by date (Free actually) Are Aspas & Alberto actually better than the youngsters we already have? Suso, Pacheco, Texeirs, Ibe, Morgan etc? "
20th Jul 2013 13:56
"Forgot to mention Raheem the Dream in last comment."
20th Jul 2013 13:57
"Aldan21 - have you forgotten that Sturridge and Suarez are missing? How big do you think a subs bench is? Far too many fickle fans expecting too much too soon. YNWA"
20th Jul 2013 14:00
"We should just wait and see, and take stock when the season starts or the window closes. We'll know all we need to know come 2nd Sept(I think) when the transfer mania is over! "
20th Jul 2013 14:00
"Loz99 has just proved that we have a lot of excellent young strength in depth who will flourish this year wherever they will be"
20th Jul 2013 14:01
"DingoPower, yep Reina gone, Suarez desperate to leave, now Barcelona sniffing round Agger. All 3 [IMO] are key players we can't afford to lose. Really hope BR statements of looking at first XI players does not come back to haunt him and that something is happening in the background as most of our so called targets we are yet to make a bid for. "
20th Jul 2013 14:15
"Liverpool = bull crap fed up off same old crap day in day out "
20th Jul 2013 14:15
"Liverpool = bull crap fed up off same old crap day in day out "
20th Jul 2013 14:19
"We need another four players at least! Sell players we don't need who won't be playing next season - reports of Reina going on loan? crazy why not sell him to get some money if he is not staying, Napoli just got 55m for Cavani, Spearing can go, Assaidi, Pacheco, Coates - there is five players who can be sold!"
20th Jul 2013 14:24
"I cant get over the decision to let Pepe go out on loan, Rafa knows how good Pepe is and will be delighted that Pepe will be at Napoli. That is unbelievable and I thing its totally out of order, I'm still in shock, What is going on at LFC, I HAD A LOT OF EXSPECTATIONS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEW SEASON, BUT NOW IT'S GONE BECAUSE OF THE WAY THE CLUB IS HEADING, NOT LOOKING GOOD,, YNWA "
20th Jul 2013 14:24
"I cant get over the decision to let Pepe go out on loan, Rafa knows how good Pepe is and will be delighted that Pepe will be at Napoli. That is unbelievable and I thing its totally out of order, I'm still in shock, What is going on at LFC, I HAD A LOT OF EXSPECTATIONS LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEW SEASON, BUT NOW IT'S GONE BECAUSE OF THE WAY THE CLUB IS HEADING, NOT LOOKING GOOD,, YNWA "
20th Jul 2013 14:29
"Report has it dat intends swapping Higuain & £20million for Luis suarez,i feel is best BR cash in on suarez besides it's also a fair deal,rather than having an unhappy player in d team wch in turn can make d team unhappy as a whole.BR pls sign players with EPL physicallity not d likes of Borini"
20th Jul 2013 14:29
"DingoPower we have lost Reina on loan and thats it. stop sensationalising the tiny scraps of info we do get. every years its the same, thousands of media stories and we all should know by now that 99.9% of them are fake, so stop ing because quite simply IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU"
20th Jul 2013 14:39
"Lets not get to carried away here. We need to keep the faith and believe in BR! Ok pepe is going on loan but can be recalled if needed so where is the problem?Agger is not going any were this is only paper talk and get £40 mill for rat boy and he can F**K off in the night!!!No issues!!!!!"
20th Jul 2013 14:50
" GOAL! Philippe Coutinho: The Brazilian bursts into the penalty area and rolls the ball home for 1-0 ,,, This kid is ''MR GENIOUS''. He is the best signing for L.F.C. since ''KING KENNY''. L.F.C."
20th Jul 2013 15:12
"Philippe Coutinho is the best signing beside Suarez... We really need 3-4 more signings in order to get top 4."
20th Jul 2013 15:31
"Agger to stay and be our next vice captain !!"
20th Jul 2013 15:55
"Dingo must be part of the back room staff at Anfield. No-one knows who is coming and going apart from them. "
Natural Poolie
20th Jul 2013 16:41
"Lie no.1 comes out, so much for Mignolet being brought in to push Pepe, push him out was the actual plan. To send him out on loan, at least sell him and get some money for him. Lies, lies and lack of ambition that's all FSG seem capable of, our LFC are being made to look a bunch of fools, Our best keeper out on loan...what a bunch of A...holes!"
20th Jul 2013 16:49
"DingoPower, who needs supporters with an atude like yours. You should support chelski or have more in common with their supporters I think. "
20th Jul 2013 16:55
"Why are people getting so upset with my views. I love Liverpool FC and ave supported them for over 25 years. I just know what is going to happen. I have hated seeing our club drop down the pecking order and become a top 8 team at best. The only way we will start to challenge again is when we get a rich Russian or Arab and ten we can talk about major signings etc!"
Natural Poolie
20th Jul 2013 16:56
"BR said "I've spoke to Pepe about bringing in quality competition for the goalkeeper position and he agrees" did he agree to go out on loan. 9-11 million for one keeper then let a better one go out loan, i don't get it, its a joke, just not a funny one :-S"
20th Jul 2013 16:57
"Glad to see the LFC Scouts reporting back send Ian to get us that player to finish off that jigsaw.YNWA IndoReds big Up to Liverpool!!!"
20th Jul 2013 17:02
"The big football stars of today only care about the huge amounts they will get paid, CL Football and what colour Bentley they will buy. They don't care about the history of the clubs or have any loyalty to them. Torres, Suarez case in point. They kiss our badge one day and they are dragging the name of our great club through the dirt the next! That's why we won't get any BIG name players!"
20th Jul 2013 17:06
"Dingopower is an absolute tool"
20th Jul 2013 17:15
"towerburger very constructive mate! Lets hear your word of wisdom then! Real football is not like FUT you know! Go back to your Fifa!"
20th Jul 2013 17:25
"The number of new players Rodgers hopes to recruit has gone down from two or three a couple of weeks ago to only one or two now. I think a couple more would be the absolute minimum. Another one would be disappointing. Still, as far as the transfer window is concerned, it ain't over till the metabolically challenged breasted person sings."
Natural Poolie
20th Jul 2013 17:25
"Towerburger please don't become abusive, especially when you have nothing to add to the debate, its not dingopower that that makes look like a tool mate!"
20th Jul 2013 17:45
"Its a sad fact but top players are no longer lining up to sign for us. We are now in the queue to sign them and nowhere near the top. I still believe we will sign a few quality players but at the end of the window and from those who are left. Thats where the club is at, untill we get back on OUR perch again."
20th Jul 2013 17:52
"No offense but Reina was losing his touch last season so it's a good move to sign Mignolet. Reina requested for loan move I believe. Even if we loose Suarez it's for a good amount of money which we can spend on other good players. We're not losing Agger. So, just wait & see mates."
njero 8
20th Jul 2013 18:34
"Pliz we need quality n world class players not these good 4 nothing signings,me thinks br thinks we are in the mood of swansea huh coz he gets excited wit players that are not good enuf 4 the fallen giants liverpool,we need classy 2 compete at the highest level"
20th Jul 2013 18:48
"I wonder if the club use the same excuses next year about not having enough strength and depth 4 in 3 out we really r strengthening the squad r MD disscution continue about players yes he was right but he ment the ones leaving no chance of use getting into top 4 poor BR no support from the club YNWA to all true liverpool fans "
Vosta Lee
20th Jul 2013 19:11
"The following players are no longer with LFC: 1. Danny Wilson 2. Peter Gulasci 3. Jonjo Shelvey 4. Jamie Carragher The following joined Liverpool: 1. Iago Aspas 2. Luis Alberto 3. Simon Mignolet 4. Kolo Toure On loan: 1. Suso 2. Coady When did LFC say that Agger, Suarez and Reina are gone? One day at a time people."
20th Jul 2013 19:12
"we are losing agger reina and suarez so we get much money in future.why we dont buy hummels,reus or lewandowski for our team ?why we dont buy eriksen or gundogan ?why we dont buy sakho ?why we dont buy aguero ?why and why and why ?we'll trust you BR.our team is the best in england and why we dont buy special and legend player ?plz sign a good player very quickly.plzplzplz"
Save us Kenny
20th Jul 2013 19:26
"4th July 2013 - Brendan Rodgers expects Liverpool to benefit from Pepe Reina and Simon Mignolet's fight for the No.1 shirt. 19th July 2013 - Reina loaned out"
20th Jul 2013 20:01
"to Dingopower, what a muppet you are! such a small minded individual, FSG and BR are building a great team and it is clear we are getting a couple more quality players, the last 6 months of last season we were the second best performing in the prem, only Manu took 3 more points than us, things are looking great!"
Save us Kenny
20th Jul 2013 20:05
"Thelight - I told you they wouldnt spend 9m on a reserve keeper and that Reina will go, and you said I was being purposely negative. Can you apologise to me please?"
20th Jul 2013 20:31
"thelight I am no muppet! Come back to me at to end of the 31st August and ten we will see is a muppet! I think Save Us Kenny needs an apology from yourself. Muppet! "
Bib l f c
20th Jul 2013 20:53
"Save us Kenny, brilliant! "
20th Jul 2013 21:14
"muppets don't apologise,"
Natural Poolie
20th Jul 2013 21:17
"The light - firstly I love your endless positivity but you can't go on a chosen 6 months of a season. We didn't have the quality to challenge the top 4 then over a WHOLE season, having lost our best defender and goalkeeper and not improved the quality in any position on the field, how do you come to the conclusion BR and FSG are building a superb team? ..."
Natural Poolie
20th Jul 2013 21:24
"Most fans aren't even angry at the team or players put together, its the lies, contradictions and lack of ambition and passion from FSG. Yes we have no CL next season but most people around the world still view us as a world class team, look at the response in Jakarta.... we haven't bought world class players simply because we ain't put an offer in, simple."
20th Jul 2013 21:46
"Reina leaving was a nap!Suarez,rightly or wrongly,let,s not forget his goal contribution and maybe Agger? Big mistake, quality defender!That,s practically the spine of the team?"
20th Jul 2013 21:46
"Reina leaving was a nap!Suarez,rightly or wrongly,let,s not forget his goal contribution and maybe Agger? Big mistake, quality defender!That,s practically the spine of the team?"
20th Jul 2013 22:16
"The folks talking about losing this and that player, and us not spending millions are just talking utter rubbish. Let BR do his job and judge him when the season ends. "
20th Jul 2013 22:18
"Was Coutinho a star when we signed him? I rate Aspas, Mignolet and Alberto a lot. And Toure was great business as an experienced replacement for Carra. Reina was on £120,000 a week, Mignolet was player of the North East last season so he is world class or heading that way. "
20th Jul 2013 22:18
"So what if Luis goes, am sure we can get someone just as good.And Agger will not go anywhere. Football is a business, with FIFA's new laws, a club can't spend excess amounts without getting the required income. "
20th Jul 2013 22:18
"All the dudes not happy about LFC, who want instead glory should just support some other team. It's shameful to write so much crap when you don't know how it works behind the scene or without giving the team a chance. YNWA to the other real reds."
20th Jul 2013 22:25
"can we trust br to do his job please"
Save us Kenny
20th Jul 2013 22:29
"Neoscorpio - "Mignolet was player of the North East last season so he is world class" - ha ha brilliant quote. We have had a whole season to judge and it was rubbish, now we are downgrading the remaining few decent players we have. If FSG wont compete for the le, do we need them?"
Natural Poolie
20th Jul 2013 22:52
"How well did the north east teams do again neoscorpio? Mignolet only really had Cabaye as competition! Toure is only a couple of years younger than Carra so not really a re placement is he? Mignolet as supposed competition for Reina, what's happened to Reina again"
Natural Poolie
20th Jul 2013 23:05
"The other two buys are by BR's own admission squad fillers. If you don't want LFC to have glory, why do you bother supporting anyone? I do agree that we don't need Suarez, Higuain plus 20 mill would b superb. Use the 20 mill on a cheeky bid for Rooney then our original kitty on Papadopolis ( forgive spelling)!"
20th Jul 2013 23:38
"We were initially told by BR that Mignolet has been signed to provide competition for Pepe but now we know the truth in that FSG has been planning to offload Pepe due to his huge weekly salary. BR has failed to secure a top striker given that Suarez may leave and Sturridge is injury prone. BR is changing the team rightly so but not to be a CL contender?"
21st Jul 2013 0:05
"My only concern out of this story is why BR will know more once he`s in Melbourne??? Is it someone we are tracking from Melbourne Victory? M. Rojas?I don`t want stars, they are costly and arrogant,if BR is right man with his philosophy we will be great club again! YNWA"
21st Jul 2013 0:18
"Bye bye suarez, u ain't worthy, good player but no loyalty. Don't let reina go not even on loan, erikson, papodopalis and shaqiri, get them and we get top four finish. COME ON LFC, SORT IT OUT"
21st Jul 2013 0:21
"lol at any fan who judges things on preseason."
21st Jul 2013 0:44
"Good man u tell them"
Natural Poolie
21st Jul 2013 1:10
"We can only judge on what we see, last year was a disaster, only shining light was Coutinho and Suarez, others were far too unpredictable. We have thus far improved the depth but not the quality, BR said himself that we're not even close to anyone else! Beaten in the league by Everton, NO LFC fan can possibly be happy with this."
21st Jul 2013 1:30
"We need some top signings desperately. The Arse stuffed Indonesia 7 nil. We managed 2. We are falling well behind if we continue to sell the best and only buy prospects forget Europe or trophies."
21st Jul 2013 4:16
"Fsg are doing great. Rather have on the while decent Americans as owners rather than dictators from Arabia or Russia. As for ars winning 7-0 , well united lost in Asia so wot ur point?"
21st Jul 2013 5:11
"We must do our best to keep Agger. Frankly if Suarez wants to go then let him, but not to ARSEnal."
21st Jul 2013 5:27
"We are LFC! the greatest club in the world."
21st Jul 2013 8:47
"We sit 9th (alphabetically) on the ladder before a ball is kicked and I'm not so certain we can better this before the new campaign ends...with a squad level team, no Suarez or Reina. Please get the players needed to challenge!"
21st Jul 2013 9:46
Lucky Number 13
21st Jul 2013 10:18
21st Jul 2013 10:36
"Higuain will be unhappy at Liverpool this will never happen! He won't be ale to see the vision."
Save us Kenny
21st Jul 2013 12:08
"Higuain is going to Napoli for 35m according to sky sports. If this goes through, expect Suarez bid soon. 50m minimum or he stays put, in my opinion, irreplaceable unique player"
21st Jul 2013 12:15
"DingoPower, Aldin21, Dringy72, are all idiots! Dont post comments if you dont know what your talking call yourselves fans! You dont deserve to be on this site. "
21st Jul 2013 12:15
"now rodgers is moaning on the wage bill, what top player would want to come to this club and whay would saurez stay anyone who saw the match yesterday knows with this squad 7th is the top we can get"
21st Jul 2013 12:19
"Save us Kenny - Why should any club bid over 50M when his buy out clause is 40M? No doubt once this has been triggered, it is out of Liverpools hand. I would prefer him joining RM rather than a rival team in the EPL. 20M + Higuain sounds like perfect business. "
Save us Kenny
21st Jul 2013 12:37
"Higuain is not a suitable replacement for Suarez, Luis is much better, and he is probably going to Napoli anyway. Also apparently Sheff Utd are very close to signing a LFC midfielder on loan? "
21st Jul 2013 14:28
"Save us Kenny - Higuain is actually a good replacement for Suarez. Check out his stats before commenting next time. Suarez only had 1 good season with us but he is also a liability and will no doubt bring shame to this club again. I'm in mixed minds about Suarez but I feel Liverpool will benefit either way. "
Save us Kenny
21st Jul 2013 14:51
"Hes done OK in Spain, unproven in England, so its yet another unnecessary risk. Why would he come here now, with nobody decent to partner him? Niether does he have the skill and unpredictability of Luis, a matchwinner. And what happens to the other 20m?"
21st Jul 2013 17:06
"Reina is going this week."
Champions Of Europe
21st Jul 2013 17:35
"I'd strongly encourage all to read this excellent fair & unbiased article that really puts LFCs position, past & present, into perspective:"
21st Jul 2013 18:28
"just stick a 50mil price tag on suarez and he will stay dont think anyone wants to pay that for him, he comes with too much baggage, but the 20mil plus and higuain offer from real is tempting thats a good offer "
21st Jul 2013 18:30
"ChampionsOfEurope 21st Jul 2013 17:35. At last an article that is a true reflection of where LFC is at this point. Everyone complaining about experienced squad members leaving have to realise they didn't get us top 4. were they not good enough?"
21st Jul 2013 22:19
"I saying to all negative enoying persons in here like Stewie Griffin have said. Hey...shut up!"
Champions Of Europe
21st Jul 2013 22:31
"Forever_Red_LFC 21st Jul 2013 18:30 Wish people would look at our position realistically instead of with rose tinted glasses of the 80s. Just because we're no longer the force we once were wont stop me supporting my club, it just makes me more passionate we're trying to get there again. All the posters who claim BR/FSG are doing it wrong have put forward NO realistic business plan at all."
22nd Jul 2013 8:25
"i think a lot of ums fans want us to take a chance an pay over the odds for players who potentially might not cut it in the p.l. we can,t afford to do that we have done it in the past. "
22nd Jul 2013 8:26
"cont: me personally think we will improve a lot this season. all are players are confident on the ball and going forward we look dangerous. if the players are confident an brave the sky is the limit. heads up red army were moving in the right direction. YNWA"