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Good luck Pepe, you have given your best and you are the tops.
29th Jul 2013 11:01
29th Jul 2013 11:05
"A True Legend. A True gentleman. Thanks for everything Pepe. YNWA."
29th Jul 2013 11:08
"Find it difficult to understand why LFC decided to loan out a top keeper who wanted to extend his contract. Pepe wrote on his website that he didn't know about the loan move till the deal was already done. Explain that Brendan."
29th Jul 2013 11:10
"We have got the better keeper on lower wages. it's a shame to see servants leave but no time for sentiment. Needed to be done. He could have not moaned about it all though, don't need that stuff when Luis is playing his tricks. YNWA Pepe."
29th Jul 2013 11:11
"We need an explanation. This is not done. Reina wasn't informed. And such a cold farewell to a player who was so passionate for the club. Its sad."
29th Jul 2013 11:12
"Thanks for the memories Pepe.True red,always red.My respect from Greece."
29th Jul 2013 11:14
"What an absolute legend. I'm sure the team will miss him on the pitch and in the dressing room. A real character. LFC's true #1. YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 11:15
"Sad to see that he actually wanted to fight for his place and was loaned without being told! Good luck anyway Pepe! YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 11:16
"Pepe said he was surprised disapointed and he did not know he was going out on loan-'apparently he has written an open letter to liverpool fans"
29th Jul 2013 11:17
"I dont think I am alone when I say getting rid of Reina is the worst decision that BR has made so far, and also in this manner. Eight great years and this is how Pepe gets treated! what happens if the new keeper gets injured? we have Jones! I am gutted Pepe is gone."
29th Jul 2013 11:17
"Good Luck Pepe. YNWA. Such a shame that the club have let you go like this. What happened to competition for places LFC? Yet again we're a laughing stock. "
29th Jul 2013 11:17
"I don't make a habit of criticising the football club or anyone associated with it, but the way Pepe has been treated, the sheer lack of respect towards a great and loyal servant to the club, irrespective of his form over the last 12 months, has been disgraceful. Not the Liverpool way. Good luck Pepe, hope to see you back next year."
29th Jul 2013 11:18
"Great keeper for us over the last few years , but i would have like to see u stay and fight for the number 1 spot, not run off to rafa , should have stayed Pepe but good luck for the future, and hope you get to play for Baca as you want to soon"
29th Jul 2013 11:19
"Not happy, it looks to me like Rodgers panicked that Reina was leaving for Barcelona and bought Mignolet to replace him, then Reina stayed. It's no way to treat one of our top players but at least it's only a loan so if Mignolet doesn't play well then maybe Pepe will come back ?"
29th Jul 2013 11:20
"Yes, I would also very much like to read full explanations about how it was possible to do loan move without Pepe's discussion? "
29th Jul 2013 11:20
"Cant believe its taken this long for the club to put this on the site! I was informed by a chelsea fan over a week ago that this had happened and he even had quotes from BR about it. Should be the first place for club news but unfortunately not :("
29th Jul 2013 11:21
"If what I have just read in way of his open letter then this whole move has been handled in a very shabby way considering how good a player he has been and still is."
29th Jul 2013 11:22
"Thank-you Pepe! A loyal servant and beloved legend of the club! I hope you get the send off you deserve on your return from loan! YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 11:23
"It's a bit sad to see Pepe go on loan although it seems like maybe the best solution for Pepe and the club at present.Fantastic character and still a top class keeper. Good luck Pepe, hope it all works out well for you at Napoli. Love the movie & adverts. I'm sure you will have another successful career in acting when you retire from football. "
29th Jul 2013 11:24
"I love Pepe but he does want his cake and eat it. After all, he asked LFC to consider any offer from Barcelona but was happy to stay if one wasn't forthcoming. It is hardly surprising LFC protected themselves, since the club was second choice now for Pepe."
29th Jul 2013 11:28
"Gone - just like that! Really sorry to see you go Pepe, you've been a brilliant keeper for us through good and bad times. And such a character in the squad - a real leader! Good luck with you time at Napoli - you must be looking fwd to getting back with Rafa. You will however always be one of us. YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 11:28
"if its true that we agreed a loan deal with Napoli without telling pepe that's bad form by lfc and not our high standard of fair play good luck pepe in Italy and the future ynwa "
29th Jul 2013 11:28
"Gutted to see you leave. Always a fans favorite and a great person. Ow, and a fantastic goalkeeper ofcourse;)"
29th Jul 2013 11:29
"I just hope Rodgers knows what he is doing! Let's see where we are at Christmas!!"
29th Jul 2013 11:34
"Ayre need some explanation to do on this issue . We love u reina, u will always be in our heart. "
29th Jul 2013 11:37
"A quality signing by Rafa - Obviously he knows what he is going to get at Napoli. Mignolet must be some keeper to dislodge Pepe so quickly. Many thanks for the service and for being such a great ambassador for the club off the field and leader on the field. "
29th Jul 2013 11:37
"what a shame he needs to leave! Was a very loyal and humble lad! Good luck Pepe! At least one LFC player having europaen Football..."
29th Jul 2013 11:38
"The real news is on Pepe's web site!"
29th Jul 2013 11:38
"All the best Pepe! Great letter! I suppose the club felt that 100k a wk player could be sitting on the bench at times this season & decided to look to the future w/ u likely taking the Barca Opportunity. U are a real legend! "
29th Jul 2013 11:40
"Is this the best that can be said for one of the best GKs in the BPL? Methinks somebody has done a whoopsy !!"
29th Jul 2013 11:40
"Is cestip the only one seeing clearly here? I have always been a massive reina fan, however he made his intentions clear and players shouldn't have it all their own way. I wish him all the best, but this is exactly how I want to see our club's management operate from here out. In the best interest of our club with those who are 100% commited to our cause. Walk on Pepe"
29th Jul 2013 11:41
"When you don't have money to invest, then sell the Club! There is only one month left till transfer window shuts and we have not made any progress besides breaking even. All our top targets are sold. We're not even prepared to pay 25M pounds for our top target!"
29th Jul 2013 11:42
"Apparently he wasn't involved in the discussions... I really hope that wasn't true."
29th Jul 2013 11:42
"Absolutely gutted... understand from a wages point of view but he deserves better for sticking with us when much better teams wanted him!"
29th Jul 2013 11:43
"True LFC did'nt notify him of the loan move initially however, filling time on and off the bench on 100k a wk whilst waitin for a Barca move would'nt quite fair on the club either. Either ur a legend & u'll be back a Anfield in some form. "
29th Jul 2013 11:50
"Reina Napoli is good for you, it will keep your hope for the coming WC. The new players signed by BR will bring LFC to no where. This is because of the FAILED vision adapted by the americans. All they thought is players big crowds...just wont work. Bring ARAMCO they are big spender....get out american! "
29th Jul 2013 11:50
"LFC board are becoming ruthless in terms of player negotiations. "
29th Jul 2013 11:57
"The Club need to start showing a bit of respect to Pepe! How about thanking him for all he's done for the Club! He's a legend and deserves to be treated better. I hope he come back next season but can't see it now!"
29th Jul 2013 11:57
"Why don't Pepe say NO i am not gong i want to stay and fight for the number 1 spot,and fight for it, i am sure every Liverpool fan would get behind him just what we need, although he did want to go to Baca and leave us but understand that, going home , so why go to Italy, refuse and fight Pepe you will have the backing of the fans "
29th Jul 2013 11:58
"Pity he had to go but for me its barca's fault that he left. hope that next year he will get the chance to play for them."
29th Jul 2013 12:02
"Thank you Pepe. You will always be a Great to us. You didn't deserve to be treated this shabbily by the Management. Hope it works out very well for you. "
29th Jul 2013 12:06
"ruthless BR."
29th Jul 2013 12:07
"thanks for everything you have done for the club pepe legend in my eyes ynwa..."
29th Jul 2013 12:08
"Just read SSN article on pepe: Really liked him Great keeper done us proud but you can't turn round & say if barca don't come in for him I'll extend my stay, sorry pepe as a club we can't stand still. Thank you for your service"
29th Jul 2013 12:08
"Funny how ppl say no one is bigger than the club but then back an individual over the club. Whether the club have dealt w/ the issue badly or not the club should always be backed before an individual. The club will always be there. (barring financial meltdown). "
convict liverpool supporter
29th Jul 2013 12:09
"Pepe put the club second by wanting to go to Barcelona if the opportunity arose. Tough and correct decision BR. No explanation needed. Good luck Pepe!"
29th Jul 2013 12:10
"ErikMeijer - agree w/ u. He's a legend. But the club has to protect its interests long-term. "
29th Jul 2013 12:12
"I think it is sad to see Pepe go but you don't tell your club you can't say no to Barcelona when the offer arrives, so surely the club must act fast to get someone who really wants to play here. Good Luck man. "
29th Jul 2013 12:18
"I think it's a disgrace how he has been treated by the club! being loaned out without knowing anything about it. They treat a player who wanted to stay and is loyal to the club like this but bend over backwards for suarez who is doing his best to get out!!!!!! It's an absolute joke!!! wrong player being sent out imo"
29th Jul 2013 12:19
"Thank you Pepe, great athlete! YNWA. As for those attacking LFC management, Pepe informed the club first if Barcelona came calling he would leave. They have to think club first, and if he's disappointed they did this deal, then he shouldn't have told them he wanted to leave."
29th Jul 2013 12:20
"you guys have some serious explaining to do on this one. He is our heart and his heart is for the reds. for the first time i can say, BR and Management NOT HAPPY. Liverpool Fans go to his facebook page and read his letter"
29th Jul 2013 12:22
"Good Luck at Napoli!"
29th Jul 2013 12:24
"Noone is bigger than CLUB,true.But,Pepe was one of the LFC legends in last decade.Last season was pretty bad,fact.However,Pepe deserved second keeper place,at least.Jones?He is not good enough for PL.Pepe,YNWA>"
29th Jul 2013 12:26
29th Jul 2013 12:28
"This from Pepe's website:"If I have one regret, it is the way that I am leaving," said the 30-year-old. "It is only natural that I would be disappointed that the Liverpool management agreed to loan me to Napoli without telling me first. I thought that I deserved better than that even though I understand that difficult decisions have to be taken in football." "
29th Jul 2013 12:30
"I think it's absolutely appalling that LFC have published such a short and feeble article over a man who has shown great faith and commitment to the club over the last 8 years. In these times where there is virtually no player loyalty towards clubs (e.g. Luis Suarez), the club should make more of an effort to thank Pepe for his efforts. Legend."
29th Jul 2013 12:30
""I told the manager that I wanted to play for Liverpool and that Barcelona would only become an option for me if the opportunity arrived, like the rumours said it would, as it would be a chance for me to go back home. When it didn't come I was happy to fight for my place so I was surprised that Liverpool decided it was in the club's interests to send me to Napoli instead." "
29th Jul 2013 12:31
"To those questioning this move; Pepe stated that he wanted to go if Barcelona came in for him... LFC can't sit around waiting for that so they had to reinforce with Mignolet. Reina is throwing his toys out of the pram because he wanted his cake and to eat it too. This player was actively looking for a move which didn't materialise, he got what he deserved."
29th Jul 2013 12:31
"- So sad to see you go Pepe, - you are a true adopted son of 'The Reds' and your high skill & 'personality' will be sorely missed. Rafa will always be part 'Red', so he will take good care of you, and you will no doubt be happy to chat about 'Anfield Days'! GOOD LUCK! YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 12:32
"Dear Mrs Reina, I love you, but there's an even fitter woman than you interested in me and I may leave you for her. However, if she doesnt make a move for me- can we renew our wedding vows please? Muchas Gracias Pepe, but you cant have your cake and eat it amigo."
29th Jul 2013 12:33
"sorry to see such a devoted red pushed out the door in this way ,oh how the mighty have fallen ,im gutted "
29th Jul 2013 12:35
""My children consider Liverpool to be their home and hopefully their love for the city and also for the club will only grow while we are away." "
29th Jul 2013 12:36
"I wish all the best for José! Best of luck and good games for you in Napoli shirt! YNWA!"
29th Jul 2013 12:36
"With regards to ppl saying the club is bending over backwards for a player (suarez) who doesn't want to stay. & not for one who does I think is wrong. The club are handling suarez perfectly by not being taken for a ride by an individua. Just like the Nancy's are with Gooney!"
29th Jul 2013 12:40
"Do you reckon Bob Paisley and Bill Shankly cared about sentiment when making decisions? Football isnt 'how it used to be'. Times have changed. Its a ruthless business and as a club we have to act in that way too."
29th Jul 2013 12:40
"What a shame LFC. Why in the first place FSG have bought LFC ? You don't have any money to spend & only profit you want to make. Please sell LFC to someone that have true LFC blood. This season : 7th - 9th "
29th Jul 2013 12:41
"Ment to say Mancs but Nancy's will do ha ha"
29th Jul 2013 12:41
"Easily our best keeper in Premier League era. - please could you show the open letter on your website?"
29th Jul 2013 12:41
"Otherwise we end up as a cashcow and back in the very mess that H&G put us in. This decision has been taken in the best interests of our club, just as Pepe would have gone to Barca for his best interests. Just how it is. "
29th Jul 2013 12:42
"disgraceful way to treat a Liverpool Legend!! Its better to sell him than to loan him out!! YNWA PEPE!! "
29th Jul 2013 12:42
"Mignolet is a very very good goalkeeper. That I have no doubt."
29th Jul 2013 12:43
"A disgrace. The guy stayed loyal when all others jumped ship since Benitez last season and this is the thanks he gets? Because his wages are too high? I understand the transfer policy these days is to only buy mediocre cheap players but to also sell the bit of quality we have is really taking the biscuit."
29th Jul 2013 12:43
"If Barcelona would have wanted him last year, he would have left us with only Jones as back up. And also this year if he could have left he would of left us, so this is the wrong time to think BR or LFC did not inform him before. Thanks for the good memories Pepe and good luck with Raffa in Napoli"
29th Jul 2013 12:44
" Thank you for everything. Good luck. I will see you soon. Pepe Reina. "
29th Jul 2013 12:45
"Not forgetting his 'ordinary' form for the past 2 years. There are 30 odd days left of the window. Lets see if FSG mean business or not. This is the time for them to back BR, get the players in, and invest. There really is no excuses."
29th Jul 2013 12:49
"I am deeply disgusted about the way that the lfc hierarchy have treated one of our heros, although we have seen a recent dip in form of our no 25 I believe that form is temporary and class is permenant..... and yet mingoloid is apparently the best keeper in Europe according to BR .... Rant over YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 12:49
"A thank you for his services on the article would have been nice like.!"
29th Jul 2013 12:55
"lack of repect for reina by ayre and rodgers if were not getting quality just quany then who next out the door.theres arumour about fsg wanting to sell well they might as well having rodgers as manager and allowing him to get shut of quality and bring in quany"
Save us Kenny
29th Jul 2013 12:57
"Good luck Pepe YNWA, another true red that has been treated like absolute shugar, didnt even get a send off or a thanks, disgraceful."
29th Jul 2013 13:05
"Gutted! I love Pepe, can't believe we have let him go. Good Luck Pepe you will be missed!"
29th Jul 2013 13:09
"really not happy with this move. he has stated he was willing to stay and fight for his place, the move was done behind his back! If this is true then its a joke. Brad Jones or Pepe Reina? I know which one i would choose. We need to sign another back up keeper coz Jones aint up to the job"
29th Jul 2013 13:11
"true red, true legend, Pepe will never walk alone.. shame he didn`t get a big red send off... will he be back???"
29th Jul 2013 13:15
"Even though I think that general public don't know the full story behind this but Pepe had it coming... Once he started to make noises about Barca it was clear that his days at the club were numbered one way or the other. Unfortunate for Pepe it happened not the way HE wanted. You can't blame BR for signing Mignolet just in case Pepe is leaving. And we simply can't afford two good keepers. "
Always A Red
29th Jul 2013 13:20
"sad to see you go Pepe, but you kept on and on about wanting to go back to Barca, LFC's goalkeeping situation had to be addressed. Jones is not yet a No.1. Looks like we are not getting Soldado then!"
29th Jul 2013 13:21
"I am so disappointed you are leaving, you are up there with the greatest keepers to ever represent our amazing club, I can only wish you the best for the future and hopefully, one day, you will be back at the club in some capacity. You are an absolute legend! YNWA!! "
29th Jul 2013 13:22
"Your passion was clear Pepe, all reds hope to see you return to Anfield YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 13:27
"So we expect Suarez to show us loyalty when this is how we treat our long serving players not wanted at the club. kicking them out through the back door. The whole affair has left a bad taste in the mouth from the lies by BR about Mignolet being competition to the manner of the loan move. Disgraceful behaviour and not the LFC way. "
29th Jul 2013 13:28
"we were told porkies about pepe, first SM was compet.ition then the truth comes out, so sad to see pepe go."
29th Jul 2013 13:30
"In my eyes, you are still the best goalkeeper in the world. We will miss you dearly. "
29th Jul 2013 13:31
"Not convinced by this move. I have backed BR since he started but this baffles me. What happened to strong competition for the GK position? Have a good season Pepe!"
29th Jul 2013 13:41
"When BR signed the new keeper it was supposedly for him and Pepe to compete for top the position. BR talks with forked tongue. That on top of Suarez wanting to leave Britain supposedly because of the British Press and then pushing to sign for Arsenal makes you wonder if you can believe ANYTHING LFC tell you."
29th Jul 2013 13:46
"so im guessing you fans heard reina's interview about not wanting to leave lfc and not being informed at all. a loyal servant and this is how fsg and BR treat him????Disgusted!!!!"
29th Jul 2013 13:48
"sg4lfc and lfcfan128 i'm with you guys. it's such a digusting way of treating a loyal servant."
29th Jul 2013 13:53
"What loads of waste send him loan then buy new keeper. Waste 9millions... Pepe give him go see how goes this season he will be back strong than last season bit mistake just little...why send him off loan? He is first choice we don't need other keeper we bought.. "
29th Jul 2013 14:09
"´best of lucky"
29th Jul 2013 14:11
"We no he wanted to stay & fight for his place bcoz barca didnt come knocking, if they did he would of left us short. Simon is the future & is hungry & wants to be number 1. Maybe it wasn't ideal how he left. Pepe was & still is a legend & will never be forgotten. Should have a decent send off thou agreed!"
29th Jul 2013 14:15
"Doesn't this make BR double standards when he goes on about loyalty? "
29th Jul 2013 14:18
"What's wrong with having 2 top quality keepers in pepe and mignolet? Sad to see pepe go and it is a shame that Liverpool let him!!"
29th Jul 2013 14:21
"Disagree with the ppl saying pepe should stay. Hasn't been up to scratch for a couple of years now and is taking v high wages. He loves the club and we love him back, sorry but mignolet is the future, we NEED to get back to the top and sentiment won't get us there"
29th Jul 2013 14:23
"Ok, Reina told the club wanted to go to Barca if they made a bid and by all accounts it was almost certain that they would. That would have left us with Jones and very little backup. Rodgers went out and signed a replacement in Mignolet, possibly a better keeper anyway."
29th Jul 2013 14:31
"barometer1955 29th Jul 2013 12:26 "PEPE AND RAFA ARE TRUE LEGEND. RODGERS AND THE OWNERS DO NOT HAVE A CLUE ABOUT FOOTBALL. LFC SHOULD BE SOLD TO SAUDI GASOLINE COMPANY" Because Saudi Gasoline Companies know so much about football. This comment is a joke."
29th Jul 2013 14:31
"I'm backing the club on this - Pepe is a legend, but there is no-one bigger than the club. Mignolet will prove to be a very good signing, and maybe Reina can get his dream move to Barcelona next season. If they don't have their sights set on someone like ter Stegen."
29th Jul 2013 14:32
"Whats best for the club comes become an individuals personal agenda. The had to make a executive decision and made it rather than being left high & dry. When a player indicates that he would prefer to be elsewhere in an offer comes then the club has to make plans "
29th Jul 2013 14:34
"Why can't we have two No1's? 100K a wk "
29th Jul 2013 14:36
"Rushjob 12.41- brutal assesment mate but true -its how it is today but theres no loyalty and thats poor"
29th Jul 2013 14:38
"Some people really like drama, and a chance to get on their soapbox in a negative way. "
29th Jul 2013 14:39
"I am in no way suggesting that Reina is a bad keeper, but considering the situation he put us in, I think the club did the right thing in bringing in a top class replacement. And rather than have Reina sit on the bench for the year (excluding cup comps) and lose value due to lack of match fitness, we have loaned him to a club where he'll feature prominently and possibly even increase his value..."
29th Jul 2013 14:39
"The goalkeeper?? Is it me is that a bit disrespectful. He's a person not a thing and he's been a great servant. Show some respect. "
29th Jul 2013 14:39
"disgraceful,what a way to treat loyalty,loan him out without even telling him first."
29th Jul 2013 14:40
"I DONT Actually see the point BRs making.SURELY we could have alternated keeprs to keep them Both fresh and hungry as he put it.look at Manure and what they do with two "good keeprs.Money has to be a big factor but am bitterly disappointed for Pepe IF HE WAS willing to stay and fight for place? After we got rid of Maxi and Dirk for Pennies, Nothin surprise me!!"
29th Jul 2013 14:41
"He's was showing loyalty by stating he wanted to leave for Barca????"
29th Jul 2013 14:43
"Come on folks, let's not forget he's still a Liverpool player.. Perhapse the loan was a bit of a punishment for him cus he was after Barcelona move... but if he has a great season and still wants liverpool, maybe he will be back. Who knows"
29th Jul 2013 14:45
"... Although having said that, suarez has asked for transfer, and weve treated him the opposite way! Telling everyone "hands off""
29th Jul 2013 14:50
"Good luck with rafa. Hope they can win the serie A. If he was happy to stay as reported we should have kept him. 2 world class keepers keeping each other on their toes is always nice to have."
29th Jul 2013 14:53
"I think I'll have a bit of that 66/1 for Napoli to win CL......"
29th Jul 2013 14:55
"Cannot believe the senior management mis-handled Pepe situation, a loyal servant to LFC and it's cause yet treated very shabbily... Why?why?why? Shame on the Liverpool hierarchy ... Pepe Rina thank you and see you soon in a year!!! Where you belong good luck YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 14:55
"So sorry, Pepe. Do hope you will keep us in your heart. You have been so good. YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 15:02
"pepe was a terrific keeper for us but he had been struggling the last couple of season's. minolet has been a superb keeper and gives us a long term solution. Good move all round although handled a little shabbily."
29th Jul 2013 15:03
"Joke - Why didn't we put him on the transfer list and get some money. Lots of clubs would have been interested."
29th Jul 2013 15:06
"71kopite. I guess you didn't know pepe told the "liverpool hierarchy" he expected barca to make a bid for him this window and that he wanted to go? They did the best thing for the good of the club. To me pepe is a legend and a good man, but his time is up now and it's someone else's turn to become a legend. Step up simon mignolet it's your turn now"
29th Jul 2013 15:07
""I would like nothing better than to come back at the end of my year away and for Liverpool to be back where they belong." i.e. If Liverpool are in Top 4 and get that extra 60 million for being so, then you can afford me on their payroll.. Best wishes, Pepe and good luck"
29th Jul 2013 15:10
"This is ridiculous, we're getting rid of our top players and buying average or potential. Yet we're apparently in a good position for top 4 THIS YEAR? WHAT? If we lose Reina and Suarez... are we in a better position? really? The only position we've strengthened is the right wing with Aspas, but we're weaker in other area's now. FSG - OUT."
29th Jul 2013 15:13
"Wage cutting once again, I swear we were wage cutting to enable us to bring in other top players? We're wage cutting, to then bring in cheap waged, average or potentially good players. It's ridiculous. "
29th Jul 2013 15:13
"Why can't people see all FSG want is big profits, to any business you need to spend to recieve (champs league) We're buying average or potiental, which isn't good enough in comparison to other clubs with the same ambitions than us. "
29th Jul 2013 15:19
"If he has a blinder of a run in cl and a couple of appearances in WC, with 2 years left on his contract next summer, he might be worth 8-10 million more plus the 4.5million or so savings on his wages - could be a win-win. And if there is an injury to mignolet, we can always recall him!"
29th Jul 2013 15:19
"I am too much dissapointed because emotionally he is the only one keeper since i started supporting the club, second he wanted to extend his contract and fight for the place, that means he should have been atleast given chance but i really hope pepe returns next season and fight for his place..!! YNWA pepe..,"
29th Jul 2013 15:28
"Bottom line is Mignolet is fancied as our num 1 by Rodgers which I agree, he's young hungry & our future. Pepe has been loaned out coz of wages plus would of left for barca if wanted. Your telling me pepe would of sat on the bench week in week out with a World Cup round the corner? Reina will always be a RED. We'r just guessing no1 no's all the facts!"
29th Jul 2013 15:31
"An absolutely stupid thing to do. Get rid of a great keeper instead of a useless manager. We should loan BR to Accrington Stanley, that's about his level."
29th Jul 2013 15:32
"Next season Brendan might say Simon is no.1, but then itll be you. I read that Reina is unhappy at how this happened and handled by management. Good luck Pep, joined Liverpool at an odd time, American owners trying to make money not improve the club. YNWA PEP WORLD CLASS"
29th Jul 2013 15:33
"Really sorry to see you go Pepe. Went to my first game against Zenit and will hold the memories fondly of watching one of LIverpools best players. Good luck in Italy. YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 15:36
"cestip "I love Pepe but he does want his cake and eat it". Absolutely spot on, one of the very rare comments on this article that hits the nail on the head. Pepe has been angling for a move for the majority of his Liverpool career(Read his book) If it wasn't for the club turning down bids in the past he would be long gone. "
29th Jul 2013 15:36
"I for one think Mignolet is and will be far superior to Reina so I wish him all the best in Napoli and for the future but we have to move forward and stop blaming the club for everything and anything. THIS WAS PEPE'S DOING!"
29th Jul 2013 15:57
"In His open letter Pepe says all there is to say.. Can Anyone REALLY see him coming or wanting to come back after a seasons loan to Napoli with Rafa I//c.?IF Mignolet Injured we can Only turn to Jones..Dont care the reason why BR did this.ifs buts and whys...If your Granny had balls hed have been your granda!! Stupid move when Reina WANTED to stay!!"
29th Jul 2013 15:59
"This is no way to treat a loyal player like Pepe!! He certainly deserves more respect! Good luck to you!"
29th Jul 2013 16:03
"This is not the way we treat players like Pepe. I was looking forward to two top goalkeepers fighting it out but apparently we cant afford it. What happens if new guy gets injured? This is poor"
29th Jul 2013 16:06
"..fair enough hard decisions need to be made for the good of LFC but not informing Pepe? That's not the Lfc way and never will be..they should apologise to him and it should come from BR"
29th Jul 2013 16:12
"Whatever happened to that competition i heard so much about? And Reina stuck with use when he should of left 4 years ago. Lets be honest club has no money, no real signings and if anything by the end of the window the club could be in worse position to last season. I love this club and i fear for what will happen."
29th Jul 2013 16:16
"8 years he serve this club..and he a top goalkeeper..never thought this is happen.. "
29th Jul 2013 16:24
"Miss you , still dont understand why , would have liked you to stay , anyway good luck pepe"
29th Jul 2013 16:27
"F.S.G. get out , sell us to someone that can bring back the glory , your killing the club"
29th Jul 2013 16:31
"Good luck Pepe. Hope u are successful at Napoli. Going to miss you..."
29th Jul 2013 16:32
"This and other moves of players will only make sense if the money gets re-invested in QUALITY additions. FSG have til the end of this window to prove that they are worthy custodians of our club. It is that simple."
29th Jul 2013 16:32
"What is wrong with LFC fans? I like Pepe BUT he was going to go back to Spain and if Barca came calling he would have. A decision was made to get cover, Barca did not materialise, so BR though okay 2 good goalies but neither will concede and one on 150k per week, owners probably said no way are we gonna have a guy sitting on the bench on and off at 150k"
29th Jul 2013 16:34
"so he is loaned out, maybe the manner in which it was done may not be the best, but if it had been Barca calling and he went then what would have happened. Wake up and be realistic. 150k per week is a lot of money and when you have SM, who is brilliant as well you really do not need two keepers of that stature."
29th Jul 2013 16:35
"dan62- Its 110k a week pal. "
29th Jul 2013 16:36
"I dont like the talk of having 2 good keepers if the intention was all along to get rid of Reina. Hopefully Mignolet will be an improvement.agree with cake and eating it comments. We hopefully will still get a top attacking player and leftback before window shut"
Gerrard o ya beauty
29th Jul 2013 16:37
"Good luck pepe! I think he shot himself in the foot when he said he would go to barca if the chance came along, I also think Simon Mignolet has been very solid at the back and we look stong defensively but we haven't played a good team yet so we will see if it was the right decision around Xmas time when we've played some league games YNWA"
notts red till dead
29th Jul 2013 16:38
"all pepe shouldve said in his open letter is thank you, appreciated, respected, loved and bye. sour grapes to talk about the way the moved happened. to fans who are moaning, would you have preferred he was sold to barca without first finding an adequate/better replacement? good management sometimes means tough management. in br i trust. ynwa"
29th Jul 2013 16:38
"I was hoping for a centreback and defensive mid also but fairly happy with transfers if we get either attacking mid and play coutinho higher up or play coutinho deeper and get a player who can play both on the wing and center up front"
29th Jul 2013 16:40
"sorry I got the figures wrong I think it should say 100k"
29th Jul 2013 16:42
"yes Pepe would hav left (only) if Barca came callin but club+player were informed this was not going to happen this season.BR went+got Simon just in case. fact is we hav no money! Pepe going on loan screams this load+clear. Aspas+Alberto for Carroll, Toure free, Carra retired,Mignolet for shelvey and saving on Pepes wages, we havent spent anything yet! Still a month to go, 2/3 big signings please!"
29th Jul 2013 16:53
"Why?? really can't understand this one...I hope he comes back, he has the LFC spirit and we need him. I really hope Brendan wasn't forced..."
29th Jul 2013 17:01
"I think Pepe got the short end of the stick in the hole Valdes saga. I do understand him in wanting to go home to Spain and end his time in goal for Barcelona. Shame it ended this way couse he´s a real Liverpool player and a great personality. Sorry to see him go and hope all works out for him. "
29th Jul 2013 17:02
"I was saddened to read Pepe's take on this. Has done well for us and should have been shown more respect! I wish him and his family well"
29th Jul 2013 17:05
"and people who think the article should have been longer and more respectful, he hasn´t been sold yet, he has been loaned out."
South African Scouser.
29th Jul 2013 17:05
"Out of the many mistakes Brendan Rodgers has made, getting rid of Pepe Reina is easily the BIGGEST mistake... one that will not only cost Liverpool, but also cost him his job. Reminds me of when Leonardo came into AC Milan and got rid of Andrea Pirlo. Look at Pirlo now lol"
29th Jul 2013 17:06
"did Pepe have the right to refuse the loan ? or did lfc say we are reduceing our wage bill you are going ?. The total situation was created by Pepe making his Barcelona feelings known, lfc for once did not get caught out."
29th Jul 2013 17:06
"i can see last day problems coming again, and us fighting for a europa league place again next yr, fsg will not buy proven quality players they will buy young players that might turn out good quality ,our experience -inexperience balance as gone "
Gerrard o ya beauty
29th Jul 2013 17:07
"I've got a feeling there won't be much more if any new signings coming in, we need another countiho and we are good to go, he is the best midfield buy in years for LFC just got a feeling there won't be much more activity in this window, hope I'm wrong. "
29th Jul 2013 17:07
"and I would wait moaning until the transfer window shuts ,only then we will we see FSG ambitions. if we get a left back and a attacking player I would be pleased, but I would be over the moon if we got another centre back and defensive mid too. sometimes change is good when you haven´t been successful for a very long time! (even if it´s good players like reina, skrtl, kuyt, )"
29th Jul 2013 17:10
"Good luck Pepe...Sorry about the dirty tricks."
29th Jul 2013 17:14
"Lets be honest all this clubs problems started when Americans came to Liverpool, then Rafa decided to treat Xabi terrible because he believed Barry was better. Nothing changes more americans promising the world gave use nothing. Club has gotten worse since the arrival. Yes they put initial money into the club, but theyve taken everything since."
29th Jul 2013 17:23
"Come back next season pepe!!! A legend in the kop hearts deserves better....YNWA!!"
29th Jul 2013 17:26
"No THANK YOU for Your GREAT Services To LFC over The Years from the Author- James Carroll!!! YNWA Mr Reina- The Very Best of Luck in your New Club."
Tracy YNWA....
29th Jul 2013 17:28
"The Liverpool way has changed. Liverpool no longer treat their players with respect. First AC is forced out and now our Liverpool legend Pepe is also disrespected. I agree our new keeper is very good BUT shame on you LFC for your underhand tactics... PEPE will never walk alone because at least the fans respect him "
29th Jul 2013 17:31
"Sad to see him go under the cirstances. Best of luck for the future, Pepe. YNWA!"
29th Jul 2013 17:41
""JACKHIGH" When a player is loaned they get no say, Reina is owned by the club, the club can put him were they like. That's why he's so annoyed, this reminds me of the Alonso saga."
29th Jul 2013 17:43
"good luck brother ynwa"
29th Jul 2013 17:43
"For a goalie of Pepe's stature this really surprised me, how can a goalie like Pepe be slipped out the back door on the quiet when everyone is looking the other way. I don't like this, it's unprincipled, not nice at all. We may live to regret this. Is this squad going to be stripped of quality & quality players?"
29th Jul 2013 17:44
29th Jul 2013 17:46
"sg4. thats life mate. time to get behind whats come in a pray. changes need to be made, we all no that. lookin into my crystal ball i think we will suprise a lot of doubters this season. lets keep are heads up red army an get behind the squad. YNWA "
29th Jul 2013 17:59
"This is a poor decision from Bredan. Simon is a good goalkeeper, but he should not have been given the number 1 spot straight off. I wish Pepe all the best. He will be dearly missed. Hopefully, his loan move doesn't end up like Carroll's."
29th Jul 2013 17:59
"I think this is disgusting news!!! How can we loan out 1 of the best keepers in the prem?? Whats the reason for this BR???"
29th Jul 2013 18:02
"How can BR do that to Pepe?? A true legend!!! BR has only signed second rate players and expects us to put up with this. A disgrace too our club. "
29th Jul 2013 18:09
"I am soooo P!ssed at this right now. SACK BR before he rids us of all our talent. Is this why Jamie retired?? Is Saurez and Gerrard next?? Im sure its ok in the long run?? Is that why we signed Sh!t like Aspas,Alberto,Allan,Toure?????? SACK BR>>>>"
29th Jul 2013 18:11
"great work from BR. reina asked the club he'd want to go should barca come for him, so BR got his work done in case. people talking about respect should understand the respect BR was showing the club, to not get caught out. i imagine the figure for mignolet would have gone well beyond reasonable should reina have already left for barca. well done BR. "
29th Jul 2013 18:13
"rids us of all our talent? have you watched the pre season matches? did u see last season at all? mingnolet is already a step above pep, and will only improve. sure pep is a legend, but hard decisions must be made to reach top 4, and i for one am glad we have a manager willing to make them to improve our team, no matter. "
29th Jul 2013 18:15
"Should we be surprised after the way Fenway treated King Kenny!!! Its not BR that needs to go, its the yanks. "
29th Jul 2013 18:16
"Thanks for everything Pepe but please do not say you are disappointed at the club for releasing you on loan because you stated if Barcelona came in for you then you would have left so without a second thought for the club - the fact is they don't want you and you now have egg on your face."
29th Jul 2013 18:16
"I do find it hard to believe that neither Reina or his agent were not aware of a potential loan deal with Napoli. At that point its up to the player to agree to the loan & an agreement is struck by the two clubs. "
29th Jul 2013 18:17
"12 months later when BR is kicked out Pepe will come back.why on earth BR is afraid of the competition between two good GKs from which the club will be benefited.Jones is not a compeor to any GK in the league .he is inferior."
29th Jul 2013 18:20
"Really disgusted at how it seems better was treated.sad to hear his time at LFC will be marred by how sneaky it seems the club have been. Dont believe we will see him at Anfield again. A season at Napoli whilst be awaits the space at Barca ð"
29th Jul 2013 18:21
"Great keeper with a commanding presence. I would wish him all the very best and hope he was, privately, informed better than he says. I think the club needs to communicate their picture. Good and loyal players matter, past or present. That's our heritage and culture."
29th Jul 2013 18:22
"HabeshaKop - 100k a wk player sitting on the bench waiting for a move to Barca is the issue, rather than a competition issue. "
29th Jul 2013 18:25
"If a club says they've agreed a loan deal w/ another club. The player has the right not to agree. "
29th Jul 2013 18:26
""My children consider Liverpool to be their home and hopefully their love for the city and also for the club will only grow while we are away," he said. "I would have liked to have been able to say goodbye in a different way but because of the way the move came about this was not possible. "
29th Jul 2013 18:28
"Big questions have to be asked of BR's management style, he has clearly lied on a few occasions and also publicly. He lied about Mignolet coming in as providing competition to Pepe whilst all along he has been planning to get rid of him. Why? Because its all about money for the Americans. How come they haven't forked out money for a notch player? "
29th Jul 2013 18:33
29th Jul 2013 18:33
"Feel sorry for Pepe all players have a dip in form in their career but Pepe is pure quality and he loves Liverpool and he admits it openly. So why would this unproven and unsuccessful manager wants to offload Pepe that is because BR is as mediocre as are the owners. If he stays Manager, Liverpool will not win silverware nor qualify for CL. Best wishes to Pepe & his family."
29th Jul 2013 18:35
"we do seem to be getting rid of all the big names 1 by 1, so sad to see pepe go for me hes been in top3 in prem every year,lets hope we get a couple of new signings soon to cheer all up,YNWA."
29th Jul 2013 18:40
"Pepe we will miss you so much. Can't imagine not seeing you run out an Anfield. Have a great loan spell and hope to see you back next season. Love to you and Rafa. YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 18:42
"come on people kenny was crap. he is my hero but he was past sell by date. get over kenny and reina. come on. i no i will get criticism for what i,m typing but its true there past there best mignolet is boom. move forward BR is the future get behind him not against him "
29th Jul 2013 18:43
"Disgusted at Pepe's treatment and BR's lies. I understand the Barca situation but BR said Mignolet was for competition. If the Barca move did not materialise, why couldn't Mignolet go on loan in Jan if one had to...he's the future, Pepe is the present. His loyalty deserved soooo much more. Very disappointing BR. Don't ever lie to us fans again."
29th Jul 2013 18:45
"To me this is double standards! Suarez owes us due to us standing by him, but we do not owe Pepe due to him standing by us???!!! His form at the end of last season was excellent! BR explain!!!"
29th Jul 2013 18:45
"Looks Like Pepe got a raw deal from management according to the Daily Mirror. Liverpool Management shipped him to Napoli without telling him. They did it and then informed him. "
29th Jul 2013 18:45
"Sorry to see you go, Pepe. Sounds a right mess to me! Please come back YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 18:45
"Looks Like Pepe got a raw deal from management according to the Daily Mirror. Liverpool Management shipped him to Napoli without telling him. They did it and then informed him. "
29th Jul 2013 18:46
"What a poor send off from LFC. Disappointed to say the least considering his service towards liverpool"
29th Jul 2013 18:47
"Thanks for everything, Pepe. Hope to see you in 12 months time. YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 18:48
"don't understand, best keeper in the prem. should just be automatic first choice for years to come. madness"
29th Jul 2013 18:49
"Does anyone agree with me that this thing was done in a very shabby way? First Mignolet is welcomed in the front door with fanfare, then to reassure us we are told that Pepe looks forward to the competition, BR even said he told Pepe he needed competition. Then during the Far East Tour (Minus Pepe) Pepe is shuffled out the back door and taken away in unmarked car? Is this The NEW Liverpool Way?"
29th Jul 2013 18:50
"ghs50 are you mad listening to tabloids. "the daily mirror" you clown. papers full of s**t. lets get real here. nothing gets spoken about until deal is done fact. come on just wish him your best an crack on. to everyone out their who would you rather have than BR. give the man a chance "
29th Jul 2013 18:50
"BR has brought in average players and he has to sell Suarez to balance the books even though he & Ayre repeatedly say that Suarez is not for sale. They want to sell him for £50 M or over to recoupe money wasted on Carroll, Downing, Allen and Borini. Why will you pick Mignolet ahead of Pepe. BR is a hypocrite and a first class liar- a disgrace to Liverpool FC."
29th Jul 2013 18:50
"Is it BR just setting up his team and getting rid of the old guard or is it a case of Pepe needing to go somewhere now that Barca don't want him.I think it may be the first suggestion. You deserved to be treated better. A loan move is not the way to end your Liverpool career. If Rafa wanted you then BR should have insisted on a permanent move. YNWA Pepe..!! "
29th Jul 2013 18:52
"Good Luck and best wishes, Sorry to see you go. YNWA Val x"
29th Jul 2013 18:57
"BRENDAN RODGERS IS A LIAR & A HYPOCRITE for the way he has treated Pepe Reina. The truth is out there. I will trust what Pepe says as he has been a servant to this club. Even though his dream move to Barca didn't materialise he still remains heads & shoulders above Mignolet. BR is a puppet in the hands of the owners!!!!"
29th Jul 2013 19:01
"2 sides to the story as always. big thanks for your service over the last few years Pepe and the best of luck but BR and team have done what looks to be the right thing. Protect LFC 1st and foremost - anybody who thinks or talks of going to apparently higher things needs addressing immediately (that also means you LS) contd"
29th Jul 2013 19:03
"oliver your crazy get real nget a grip. we are not city os chelski. watch a film called moneyball. educate your mind reina has get grow some an move on. he is past it end of mignolet is better ill bet my caravan on it"
29th Jul 2013 19:03
"Apparently pepe was also waiting on arsenal bid. Therefore it would make sense to rush through a loan deal out of this country, rather than let him join a rival. Good swift business (all dealt with on the hush hush) by BR and LFC."
29th Jul 2013 19:05
"For this is the reason Iv always preferred home grown talent or foreign talent that understands the LFC philosophy and remembers what an honour it should be to play for this club despite the current position. BR has my full support this season - he seems to be going about things the right way. Of course (contd)"
Save us Kenny
29th Jul 2013 19:05
"Reina is best keeper in prem, makes no sense, why not loan out Mignolet or sell Brad Jones if we cant afford it? Its all about the wages, money, money, money, with our owners. We are after CB, so whos next? Agger? Skrtel? Coates? "
29th Jul 2013 19:05
"A mistake. Will miss you."
29th Jul 2013 19:06
"the above praise will be revoked if he sells or loans out Hendo:)"
29th Jul 2013 19:12
"Anderson (John Vernon) in the movie 'Josie Wales' says "Don't P-i-ss down my back and tell me it's raining"."
29th Jul 2013 19:14
"I'm sorry but a Loan agreement can be accepted or rejected by the player. "
29th Jul 2013 19:19
"Loz99 - Pepe's form has dipped severely the last couple of seasons. Mignolet looks Razor sharp/Has years ahead of him/PL experience at a club that probably gets attacked more than most. Providing he maintains or improves and doesn't get injured what have we got to lose? U have got a point about the getaway car though:) Lets meet up this time next year and discuss BRs decision in hindsight!"
Save us Kenny
29th Jul 2013 19:19
"I dont think any Liverpool fan would have been too upset replacing Pepe with Mignolet, they are both good keepers, its all the BS and lack of transparency that offends. There was no need for BR to flannel on about competition for places, cant he just be quiet when necessary"
29th Jul 2013 19:21
"Buzzabethal, I agree we should give BR a chance but come on this is not the liverpool way of doing business. By the way my I am actually a circus clown for real. Jokes on you buddy!"
29th Jul 2013 19:23
"Buzzabethal, I agree we should give BR a chance but come on this is not the liverpool way of doing business. By the way my I am actually a circus clown for real. Jokes on you buddy!"
29th Jul 2013 19:24
"GHS50 - Your tag should be GSH50:)"
29th Jul 2013 19:32
"Once again Liverpool Football Club shame themselves in treating Club legends so poorly. And shame on the LFC website for giving Reina loan move two or three lines. They guy is a Liverpool legend."
29th Jul 2013 19:34
"5eurochamps, BR signs does he, Coutinho, Sturridge are are they? I don't think so. Allen had a hard time but looked good the other day as for the rest they have just joined, unless you have a crystal ball how do you know how well they will do. you Probably said the same of Sturridge and Coutinho when they came in"
29th Jul 2013 19:35
"Really gutted. Think Mignolet is gonna be a good buy, but how can you replace the best? The guy has got some huge boots to fill.... Good luck Pepe & thanks for the memories. YNWA!"
29th Jul 2013 19:42
"Pepe has informed the club he wants to go to Barcelona if they make an offer. Translation: "he wants to leave Liverpool!" What is the club supposed to do wait until the last day for a Barca offer? No, they found a replacement early on, which was great. When Barcelona didn't make an offer, now all of a sudden Pepe wants to fight for his place? I'm sorry but his wage is too high for a backup keeper"
29th Jul 2013 19:47
"gs are you a clown? wow is right sounds exciting. do you no how you kill a circus "
29th Jul 2013 19:52
"Disgusting Rodgers, sign of how our club is now being run"
29th Jul 2013 19:57
"can someone say BR that you find better replacement on every good you're trying sell. I know its revolution but we can't go on field with less experienced player. Hope your card works because all you doing is big gamble."
29th Jul 2013 19:58
"R-E-D-A-H-E-N-D-O 29th Jul 2013 19:19, Just the way it was done annoyed me and obviously Pepe himself. Mignolet is a superb young goalie, who may go on to be the best in the EPL, Pepe's bad days may have not been all his fault with the howlers by Skirtel and Enrique at times leaving him vunerable. Pepe is a bit weak on crosses. I loved the guy and will miss him. "
29th Jul 2013 19:58
"The actual statement "A lot has been made about me informing the club that if an offer came in from Barcelona that I would have liked them to consider it. But I had also spoken to the club about the possibility of extending my contract if the offer was not made." "
29th Jul 2013 19:59
"I told the manager that I wanted to play for Liverpool and that Barcelona would only become an option for me if the opportunity arrived""
29th Jul 2013 19:59
"Am now seriously worried with the lack of experience in the current squad. I don't trust Rodgers because he is an FSG yes man and he's a liar! Will we ever challenge for the top prizes ever again? FSG should have replaced Kenny with a proven, experienced manager who could attract better quality players. Please Rodgers, no more bs or excuses!"
29th Jul 2013 20:02
"RedHendo, When replacing old guard with new it's never an easy process and they say you can't make an omelete without breaking eggs, at times like this it's very important to do things in a decent principled way that earns respect from all concerned."
29th Jul 2013 20:07
"Loz99 - I do agree with you to a point about the way it looks like it was handled but if Pepe thought the grass was greener then BR needs to show the team that if you think it is then you're going to have to be pretty sure before you open your mouth - Suarez next - bring it on! They won't be grazing on our fair and pleasant pasture!"
29th Jul 2013 20:11
"Feel this Pepe situation was decided by Henry and Werner, it has a real steely businessman feel about it you know "Nuthin' personal, purely business" type of thing. Like they were sending out a message, 'no one messes or dictates to us' type of thing, BR just being a good soldier carrying out orders. Don't believe this was a BR decision one bit. Has the Kenny Dalglish scenario feel about it. "
29th Jul 2013 20:12
"I for one cannot believe the way the club have treated pepe after everything he has done over the years. I feel I'm speaking for a huge majority of fans in saying sorry on the clubs behalf. I am also annoyed at the lies that Brendan has told us already this doesn't bode well. Anyway good luck pepe and see you next year and once again in sorry"
29th Jul 2013 20:13
"It would've been interesting to see the comments if Mignolet wasn't bought when Pepe said he'd leave for Barca & then he left. People talking about his loyalty to LFC, when was there ever a bid for him? In a perfect world, Pepe & Simon would have fought for the No1 spot, but Pepe is on 100k/wk & if he's not playing because SM is plying better is it right to keep him?"
29th Jul 2013 20:15
"Also remember, he's still an LFC player. Good luck at Napoli, things may have been handled better (but we've only heard one side of the story), but it doesn't befit you to slate your employers who also stuck by you."
29th Jul 2013 20:17
"Why? Pepe is still world class and still our number 1 keeper ! I can't understand Brendan's way of thinking "
29th Jul 2013 20:18
"This whole saga is so un-Liverpool like. These times are so different. We continue to court a player who shows such disrespect to our club and we treat a player with 8 years service so poorly. This is the Yanks way of doing business. Time to come clean BR and be man enough to fall on your sword. Only time will tell. YNWA "
29th Jul 2013 20:20
"Once again we have co cked it up in the transfer market! We jumped the gun signing a keeper. Reina is top class and proven. We'll see what mignolet brings us. BR must be praying every night he plays okay! Or it'll be his head!"
29th Jul 2013 20:22
"First I just want to thank pepe for his great service to our club he has been am outstanding keeper and was the best in the premier league his first 3years to this transfer B.R has said that pepes agent informed the club last year that Barcelona would be making a bid foe pepe and that when they do he would like to go there "
29th Jul 2013 20:25
"He wanted to go to Barcelona; he told that to the newspapers! So, BR brought someone really good and younger to replace him. Sorry Pepe if Barcelona move did not materialize! Besides, we lost about 10 points last season when Pepe spilled or mishandled some easy balls! "
29th Jul 2013 20:30
"Loads of contradictions by BR over thgis matter but ultimately its in the best interest for the club the outcome that was brought forward. I just wished it was done with a bit more sensitivity as Reina will always be fondly remembered by this club and deserved a bit more respect imo. Maybe a learning curve for BR"
South African Scouser.
29th Jul 2013 20:31
"Whats really sad is that BR was not a good or smart enough manager to realize that Simon would have learnt a lot and grow as a keeper in the presents of Pepe Reina on a day to day basis. And thats what an unproven manager whos never won/achieved anything comes with, SILLY MISTAKES LIKE THIS."
29th Jul 2013 20:32
"Pepe, LFC have treated you in a shoddy manner and I as a scouse apologise on their behalf."
29th Jul 2013 20:35
"Unexplainable....example of Mr Rodgers inexperience..we all make mistakes. Pepe is a world class keeper. We have too few world class players with loyalty and dignity. The boss slipped up. "
29th Jul 2013 20:51
"Rushjob9,redrivelino,bazzabethel only ones talking sense: Rodgers can't win with some of u on here, he signs inexperienced players he's crap, he signs to old players, he's crap, he knew reina might not be sticking around so signed a QUALITY keeper, he's crap. Wake up we don't have untold wealth FACT. Reina wants first team football that's why he AGREED to go on loan!!!"
29th Jul 2013 21:01
"Every time there is a video of a challenge (keepy uppy etc) with some of the squad they always say Pepe is the best and he's the most compeive. The fact that we have hurt one of our greatest servants is very sad to me. Yet again its pressofficedisaster. Sort it out please. Good luck Pepe. Come back to join us in the CL next season. (Or if not in the CL with a new manager)."
29th Jul 2013 21:04
"Erickmeijer the below statement says it all, but people just want to have a go at BR for whatever reason, yes it could have been handled better, but that's it. "I told the manager that I wanted to play for Liverpool and that Barcelona would only become an option for me if the opportunity arrived"""
29th Jul 2013 21:07
"Pepe Reina is one of the greatest goalies ever to play for Liverpool, not long ago we were the envy of the EPL having Pepe Reina between the posts, I believe he was the best in England, why has he gone? He's only 30 yrs old, He will replace Casillas for Spain, he is brilliant. FSG are behind this to cut wages. Won't be the same without him."
29th Jul 2013 21:09
"JDmayn1. Couldn't agree more with u on his been a very loyal servant but do u not think its belittling LFC a bit by saying if barca come in I would go? If he loves LFC as much as he says he does why not keep quiet & end your career with them, think he made a rod for his own back to b fair. Still a legend thou & always will be!"
29th Jul 2013 21:12
"After reading Pepe's letter, this is WHY I will NEVER fully support BR. Treating players like Reina and Carroll, like they are pieces of meat. We respect ALL players at LFC Brendan, you better learn that quick!"
29th Jul 2013 21:13
"I believe you have been badly done by Pepe. You have been a tremendous ambassador for Liverpool. I wish you all the best at Napoli."
29th Jul 2013 21:15
"absolutely gutted to see reina go on loan. especially when he wasnt informed and didnt want to. BR has jumped the gun here, if mignolet dont perform, who have we got to put in his place??? lfc need to sort this out, we are finding it hard to keep hold of players, so the loyal ones should be treated with respect, not thrown out in the cold. get a grip LFC. once again a laughing stock"
29th Jul 2013 21:24
"Redhendo- wow your on form with your comments today lad- evryg said correct"
29th Jul 2013 21:26
"I'm very disappointed to see him go - in my opinion our best goalkeeper since Clemence. Thanks and good luck Pepe! "
29th Jul 2013 21:29
"Read Pepe's feelings about wanting to fight for his place at LFC instead of being loaned out. Rodgers, you didn't think a Reina - Mignolet keeper set-up be possibly the best in the league? Let's see how you perform this year! Points difference from the 'contenders' plus our position on the table last season means I still have to put up with the crap from friends who support those others."
29th Jul 2013 21:39
"we haven't added to the squad whatsoever,we just brought in like for like,reina gone,suarez probably next and maybe there is some truth to fsg wanting to sell as not a penny has been spent as players signed were used with money received,we are no where near challenging 4th spot ,"
29th Jul 2013 21:40
"The fans at this club stand by our own through thick & thin. I for one & unhappy with the way Pepe has been treated & based on the statements made when Mignolet was signed feel lied to. BR is the manager & picks the team but we the fans are waiting for a big signing, if it doesn't happen we'd of been lied to again!!"
29th Jul 2013 21:42
"So LFC throw Reina out because although he wants to sign a new contract he would be interested in talking to Barca if they inquired about him. Suarez wants to go to anyone and they fight like mad to keep him. Why dump a guy who loves LFC and keep a guy who doesn't care. If you wanna go Suarez then clear off!!!!!!"
29th Jul 2013 21:49
"I CAN NOT believe what has happened to reina! that Brendan is NOT the sort of club Liverpool is he has served the club very well and to just ship him out to Italy was disrespectful to a man who has wore the liver bird with pride and a family of true reds and this is how he is treated, just terrible!!!!!"
29th Jul 2013 21:55
"How would fans, BR & the club feel if Barca came in for Reina on the transfer deadline. Pepe would have left & and left us scrambling for a keeper. Pepe was biding his time for Barca or wanted to keep his fat contract. LFC had other plans. Good decision. "
29th Jul 2013 22:03
"I didn't realise he had a contract until that case sending him on loan is an awful mistake. We have sent HIM the message he's no longer needed, and also sent the message to future buyers that as well. I don't expect any SERIOUS bids for his service, and could be loaned out year after year until his contract ends, then they'll take him on a free or a pittance like Aquilani."
29th Jul 2013 22:14
"According to Press reports Pepe was happy to join Barca and I don`t want any Liverpool player to stay with the Club with that mind set. Never understood why Clemence went but he was up and away "
29th Jul 2013 22:14
"Far too many fans on here are blind. Brendan is just protecting our great club, if Pepe had of moved to Barca, you would all be screaming blue murder, as we would have had no time to get a suitable replacement. Good luck Pepe with your new move, and good decision Brendan. YNWA"
29th Jul 2013 22:22
"Why don't you publish Pepe's letter to the fans instead of this brusque statement? Perhaps it's because you don't want to publicize the fact that you've treated a loyal (and great) player pretty shoddily! Steve B"
29th Jul 2013 22:27
"No disrespect to anyone, but Pepe did us well. He may've not been 100% as good last year, but everyone has good and bad days. He was interested in Barca, but who wouldn't be? I think we owe him and shipping him off to Napoli against his wishes is disrespectful."
Champions Of Europe
29th Jul 2013 22:29
"July 1st 2013, LFC decide not to pursue Mignolet & trust Reina to stay with LFC. Sept 2nd 2300hrs, Barca come in with a deal for Pepe who earlier in the summer suggested he will leave if Barca come in for him - Pepe signs, leaving LFC with no No1 GK. 1hr to go in the TW & BR goes back for Mignolet. Knowing LFC's desperate situation, Di Canio now want 20mill for Mignolet."
29th Jul 2013 22:47
"to ChampionsofEurope, well said!!, Pepe knew everything that was going on and created his situation all on his own! BR acted like a responsible manager, no player goes on loan without knowing what is happening, that is complete bull, he simply does not like the fact that Rodgers Calls the shots and not the senior players anymore, you make your bed and you have to lie in it!"
29th Jul 2013 22:51
"to arcee... are you for real, he will never leave for free, even if he runs hos contract out, if we loan him out for the remainder of his contract we will be saving over 4 million per year in wages, so thats a minimum of 12 mill for him, this is how business works... not fifa manager..."
29th Jul 2013 22:53
"WHAT are you fans smoking out there?? FSG should have directed that to some of you fans instead of Arsenal. Firstly, he is loaned out not sold. Secondly, he said he would consider Barca if they were interested. I love pepe, though his form has dipped but you can't forget the wonderful service he once produced. Thanks from the heart and try to move on and ofcourse departing wasn't gonna be easy."
29th Jul 2013 22:55
"Good luck Pepe! You will go down as one of the best goalkeepers in Liverpool history. I always supported you even though you had your share of criticism these last few years... 8 unforgettable years... YNWA Pepe"
29th Jul 2013 22:55
"any fan who does not understand why this has been done is complete blinkered to the truth of this situation and has to be immature in terms of how football works!"
29th Jul 2013 23:07
"TheLight.. they are"
29th Jul 2013 23:08
29th Jul 2013 23:08
"for those who want to read the letter in FULL"
29th Jul 2013 23:13
"Why am I reading Pepe Reina's open letter to fans via this website from SKY. I know Pepe has one or two negatives about how his loan was handled but the club should have the guts to print it. On his day Pepe was world class but in my view he had areas of weakness. "
29th Jul 2013 23:22
"to Dan62, I know, it is utterly gobsmacking that a fan cannot understand why this has been done, it protects LFC."
29th Jul 2013 23:26
"Surely would have made more sense to loan Mignolet back to Sunderland?"
29th Jul 2013 23:26
"I have no problem with Mignolet, I think he will be a solid GK. It's the manner in which the club treated Reina which concerns me [and he is not the first player)it just isn't the LFC way. But the real issue I have is with BR and his constant excuses, lies and bulls***. Reina was a popular member of the squad and no doubt there are a few players unhappy with his treatment. "
29th Jul 2013 23:38
"All the best Pepe, you'll be sorely missed. As much as I love you I'm glad the club was proactive for once. For the clueless saying show Pepe loyalty, he's made it clear for a long time he would go if Barca came calling, he would have gone this summer if they asked. He put the club in this position to start with.."
29th Jul 2013 23:41
"TheLight I don't get it, I like Pepe he was great for us and was good to LFC but when you openly say what he did what choice to the club have, not only that if you read his full letter in the Telegraph he actually confirms it as well. He can't have it both ways."
29th Jul 2013 23:41
"Good luck Pepe! I'm going to Anfield for the first time in December and I'm gutted that I won't see you play :(. Good luck with Napoli YNWA!"
29th Jul 2013 23:50
"Pepe is a top class goalie. Its a shame that this is the best appreciation we can give a loyal player like Pepe. I hope he reads this. I still remember his passion and joy in the CL final..You are a LFC legend I hope you are involved in our club in the future a goalie trainer maybe.. We all love you for your passion and loyalty.."
29th Jul 2013 23:53
"Enjoy your season and big respect from one of your fans."
29th Jul 2013 23:57
"To those who talk about no time for sentiment and cr*p like that. Its a sad reflection on your upbringing. There is a right and honest way to do things, a way that acknowledges his connection to fans his loyalty and leaves the door open for future..Thats the LFc way. "
30th Jul 2013 0:02
"BR has blatantly lied to the fans about Pepe Reina and the meals that he has with him about his future etc... BR is buying average players to keep the owners' bank balance ticking. He is clearly out of his depths and it shows with the handling of Pepe's loan transfer. Very low IQ .....indeed and a liar. He has been lying to fans since last summer. "
30th Jul 2013 0:07
"LFCfan128 This is definitely not a the worst decision.. Rewind 6 months. If Pepe got injured we had Jones, now we still have Jones as back up but with a younger keeper full of potential on half the wages! Everyone loves Pepe and respects all he has done but it's clear he wants to replace Valdes at Barca next season so BR has moved swiftly to get a top notch replacement! "
30th Jul 2013 0:08
"The Light........Might as well loan Suarez out as well until his contract runs out, I'm sure we'll save a few million there too.........."
30th Jul 2013 0:09
"why rodger loan out pepe...he is better then mignolet...i really dont understand it.."
30th Jul 2013 0:12
"i will wait for you to come back next season to play for liverpool in champion league. you're my favourite liverpool player"
30th Jul 2013 0:21
"I think it is a disgrace if it is true what Pepe is claiming about not knowing the loan move was completed before he was told. That is not the way the LFC I know would treat a good servant of the club - is this the new 'young' manager's style or imported 'cowboy style. Explanation required and apology to Pepe if true."
30th Jul 2013 0:26
"It's only a loan deal guys, relax. Thanks for the memories Pepe, hope to see you next season! YNWA"
30th Jul 2013 0:39
"Loyalty=Stevie G + Carra who committed to LFC for life. LFC ways have to change to compete in the modern world of the premiership. This is why we have been left behind. Manure had Smeichel and Van der Sar but left them go when the time came. BR is trying to build his TEAM."
30th Jul 2013 0:41
"I love what Pepe has done for the past 8 years but even he said that he would take an offer from Barca. There is no sentment there. I wish him the best of luck in the future.YNWA Pepe."
30th Jul 2013 1:06
"Pepe=fantastic GK but you people are blind idiots to think a player can say he'll ditch LFC for Barca and not end up at least loaned. LFC would be fools to not IMMEDIATELY find a replacement. Legend or not, no one bigger than the club."
red robbie
30th Jul 2013 1:10
"He'll get his move to Barca next year.Now if some one would just offer the right money for LS he can go too. We don't need players who don't respect the jersey or the fans. Don't forget they're the ones looking to leave us. "
30th Jul 2013 1:16
"Absolute disgrace the way he's been treated. After showing no loyalty ourselves, we have no right to tell Suarez what to do. Very very disappointed !"
30th Jul 2013 1:38
"Thanks for everything pepe. One of the best keepers in our history. YNWA"
30th Jul 2013 2:19
"Goodluck! YNWA. not happy with the way it happened though."
30th Jul 2013 2:36
"YNWA Pepe, forever red. Regards to Rafa."
30th Jul 2013 2:50
"BR must give an explanation to this... Pepe, you are the still among the top keepers in the world! ... YNWA! "
30th Jul 2013 4:44
"I really like Pepe, but he was about to jump to Barcelona if Valdes left, he wanted to do what was best for himself, because of that BR covered LFC A$$ by replacing him...."
30th Jul 2013 5:18
"One of the true modern greats. SO disappointed in this transfer. YNWA PEPE YOUR PRESENCE WILL BE MISSED."
30th Jul 2013 6:13
"Good Luck Pepe! you're still the best we had in years!! YNWA"
30th Jul 2013 6:24
"What is this cold goodbye by our staff?? Wheres the "good luck's" and other manners they usually take with every other deeparting player?? I demand some clarifacation to this whole Reina saga as it doesnt look good at all"
30th Jul 2013 6:34
"Typical average manager mistake. Should keep a veteran keeper for a special game. All your best Pepe and we will miss you."
30th Jul 2013 6:50
"Feeling sorry for SG coz BR and Femwick never back him for League le. The new season has not start yet but already hate BR the average mid table manager."
30th Jul 2013 7:02
"As Rafa did treat Xabi, the same way Pepe has been treated by BR. Why fight to keep luis when we we let club's servants go just like that? Now I underst BR and FSG has no intention of getting us where we belong but to balance the books. If LFC is such a huge club to hundle then leave it. Pepe has done so much to be treated so!"
30th Jul 2013 7:11
"If it is true that Pepe was dealt with such lack of compassion then it is very disappointing to know. After all he has done he deserved more."
30th Jul 2013 7:29
"There must be more than this than meets the eye. I heard if a bid came in from Barca he wanted to go. So may be we had to take advantage of grabbing the best goal keeper about at the moment, knowing Pepe was going to be leaving next year anyway. We would have been left in the lurch."
30th Jul 2013 7:45
"listen to farawayfan 70. he,s speakin sense."
30th Jul 2013 7:51
"Why club & Manager let Reina loaned to Napoli. He's been fantastic and loyal and also he's been my favourite guy with his good character and leadership.. so dissapointed "
30th Jul 2013 7:53
"agree with u who dissapointed with Reina Loaned by BR & Club"
30th Jul 2013 7:56
"i believe brendan rogers is going to be the best british manager in this country in the next few years. man is only 40, he,s be given a massive job. and i personally think were moving in the right direction. cont. "
30th Jul 2013 8:01
"he is getting rid of dead wood and he has signed good players. you all no who i mean and aspas looks good. he,s the guy who,ll be their for them little tap ins alberto will be quality and mignolet is top[ quality. BRis a great manager a great man and the future of LFC lets go on a limb here the new Shanks. lets stick together an show support please red army "
30th Jul 2013 8:09
"the light an champions of europe no what their talkin about. well said guys respect"
30th Jul 2013 8:16
"Tracy put the kettle on tracey put the kettle on tracey put the kettle on we,ll all have t"
30th Jul 2013 8:21
"Well done BR , if Barce come in he's off so cheers Pepe good luck etc "
30th Jul 2013 10:46
"Peep"I am disappointed I wanted to sign a new contract IF the Barcelona offer does not happen. That in my opinion is huge disrespect when you have had a very shaky 2 seasons at best brave and correct decision by be and club when they were told about situation If valdes had not have changed his mind peep would have been thanking the club disappointed at lack of 2 more years at 110 k a week"
30th Jul 2013 13:22
"Pepe is a top Keeper (good luck in Napoli, hope you return next year), However, BR's decision looks sound in the cirstances. If Pepe ahd left before a replacement, then LFC would have been exposed (no disrespect to Brad) so replacement was necessary. But then, why keep two top keepers - better find a way to give both experience!"
30th Jul 2013 20:32
"Am I missing something here. 'If baca come calling, please listen coz I think they are a bigger insution & I'd like to be part of their project.' Why shouldn't Brendan & co protect the club's best interests & ship you out ?! Thanx for the memories josé. Reflect over the coming year and come back a slightly more loyal individual :("
30th Jul 2013 22:06
"It's a disgrace what they have done to Pepe Reina he is the best goalie they have had I will truly miss him. "
30th Jul 2013 22:36
"Liverpool seem to get rid of all their best players"
31st Jul 2013 18:48
" Not sure that competition statement was for you lot. Why should Brendan show his hand to potential suitors. Value of an unwanted player is always gonna be lower than that of one you want to keep. Lie on Brendan - in Brendan we trust. "
31st Jul 2013 21:14
"Pepe, I hold you in the highest regards. True pro and you will be missed. Good luck back with Rafa... Napoli my 2nd team next season !! ;0)"