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I'm a Dane, but I have to say Lucas Leiva.
19th Jul 2013 13:51
19th Jul 2013 13:53
"Agger for sure"
19th Jul 2013 13:56
"Agger for me, we need to look who is capable to step up when Stevie retires as well! "
19th Jul 2013 13:57
"Am itching to hear d manager's choice, hope it is agger or lucas. Bt d reason i wnt agger, inasmuch as for his undeniable luv, loyalty nd suuport 4 d club, i also wnt us to use it to commit him to d club. Nt dat i doubt his loyalty, bt i heard barca will soon bid 4 him. Hope its him, brenda. "
19th Jul 2013 13:57
"Has to be between Agger and Lucas"
19th Jul 2013 13:57
19th Jul 2013 13:59
"Agger for me"
19th Jul 2013 13:59
"Stevie knows maybe more about transfers? He's not naming Reina and Luis... It must be Agger if you ask me. "
19th Jul 2013 14:00
"Notice he did not mention Reina? Pepe on his way to Napoli?"
19th Jul 2013 14:04
"It must be Agger."
19th Jul 2013 14:04
19th Jul 2013 14:06
"agger reina (if he stay) toure johnson"
19th Jul 2013 14:06
"Mr G you can do both roles ... your Superman ... well Superman WISHES he was as good as you "
19th Jul 2013 14:08
"Daniel Agger fits "
19th Jul 2013 14:11
"Lucas for me too. You don't get any of that self interest and back stabbing from him. There must be a Portugese translation of the word "loyalty". Clearly there isn't one in Spanish!"
19th Jul 2013 14:16
"I would like Glen to have it. Him or dagger"
19th Jul 2013 14:18
"Dagger for me!"
19th Jul 2013 14:28
"obviously that should not be an Englishman.make it more global.stevie obviously be a captain til his retirement that i believe will happen in 2018.with stevie G u must have sm1 from outside UK.If No then he must be from Liverpool."
19th Jul 2013 14:49
"Could it just e a slip, that he didn't mention Reina ?"
19th Jul 2013 14:55
"Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but he doesn't mention Reina or Suarez. My pick would be Agger though."
19th Jul 2013 15:04
"He obviously isn't going to pick Luis or Pepe if he knows they will be gone within 12 months. Think about it!"
19th Jul 2013 15:13
"it must be agger !! if not then glen johnson deserves it !!!"
19th Jul 2013 15:21
"Reina's good at organizing the defence at corners and set pieces, which I hope he continues to do, but I'd pick Agger because he's further up the pitch and he has had relevant experience with the Danish national team. My only doubt is whether he's bossy enough."
19th Jul 2013 15:31
"strange no mention of Pepe for VC. Surely he would be odds on if he were staying. Made up with Mignolet so we're not going to be in the sh*te."
19th Jul 2013 15:33
"Not Reina???"
19th Jul 2013 15:36
"I would make Phillippe Coutinho the vice captain. He can then take over in a few years time as the Captain."
19th Jul 2013 15:45
"Daniel Agger. Captain of his national side and one of our longest serving players (assuming Barcelona don't nick him)."
19th Jul 2013 15:46
"for me is agger,he even tattoo YNWA on his fingers,he loves Liverpool just like me,he is the right man,my second is lucas"
19th Jul 2013 16:03
"RedBart- Love the comment. The Portuguese use 3 words for Loyalty- depending on the context. Lealdade, Fidelidade, and Lealismo. I think if we could combine all three you'd come up with "Lucas""
19th Jul 2013 16:06
"That is not to say that I am all set on him for VC. BOTH he and Dagger have earned the honor, so whichever BR chooses will be a great selection. Anyone else would be a surprise for me. I hope he will consult SG- I think he's earned the right to have a little input regarding his successor."
19th Jul 2013 16:08
"In case you're wondering- the Danish word is "Loyalitet"- pronounced loy-el-e-teet I believe."
19th Jul 2013 16:27
"Glen for me :)"
19th Jul 2013 16:42
"It's got to be Lucas"
19th Jul 2013 16:47
"No mention of Pepe as a candidate - does he know something?"
19th Jul 2013 17:12
"has to be agger or Johnson! stevie knows suarez and reina are pretty much gone "
Bib l f c
19th Jul 2013 17:24
"Saurez should be made captain not vice captain, that would give us good reason to add another £15 million to the asking price when he goes next week! Lucas for vice captain......"
19th Jul 2013 17:47
"Agger all the way."
19th Jul 2013 17:50
"Daniel Agger IMO."
Dede 7
19th Jul 2013 18:15
"I think Agger deserves it. "
19th Jul 2013 19:01
"Happy with Agger or Lucas...Glen would be nice too though"
19th Jul 2013 19:14
"i would of thought it was as simple as pepe reina his the only commanding figure in the team after the captain SG strange"
Vosta Lee
19th Jul 2013 19:30
"you are reading too much into his comments. Pepe and Suarez are on vacation, that's probably why he did not mention them as examples."
19th Jul 2013 19:51
"Has to be Lucas. He's handled himself extremely well last couple of years both on and off the field."
19th Jul 2013 20:38
19th Jul 2013 22:13
"Im a dane and I have to say Agger! by far hes alot more vocal than say Lucas in his game always shouting and dictating his teammates much like the great Carra "
19th Jul 2013 22:28
"interesting how he hasnt said reina!"
19th Jul 2013 22:34
"Forgetting money, cos I'm a football fan not a businessman- can anybody please explain the logic of us loaning Reina to Napoli cos I'm struggling with this one??????" "
19th Jul 2013 22:37
"Goes against BR saying how he's wanted two top keepers. Got to ask- who is lying to who here? Is Rodgers mugging us off, or are his bosses mugging him off. I'm confused. Yet again, as last summer with Rodgers/Carroll, things just don't add up. "
20th Jul 2013 0:19
"Rushjob, its quite simple really..Mignolet is going to be our 1st choice keeper and paves the way for Reina to take his uncertainty elsewhere. You should be applauding BR and co for being astute instead of raising your usual gripes. BR is not only a manager but a good marketer, so admitting Reina is surplus for requirement is not prudent business to maintain "
20th Jul 2013 0:24
"I would have thought it was pretty obvious that having 2 world class keepers in the squad is, not a happy camp make. But we would all be crucifying BR if Barca came in for Pepe and we had no adequate cover. Mignolet is our insurance policy to the temperamental situation and sends a signal of intent - that no one is bigger than the club. "
20th Jul 2013 0:33
"Buddah- loving the explanation. Will bew interesting to see how many still don't understand what's happened."
20th Jul 2013 0:45
"Its got to be one of Rafas players,either agger,reina,skertle,lucas or Johnson.Since Rafa was sacked the club has become a mid table mediocre laughing stock.hodgsons buys were laughable,the King wasted £130m and weve had no champs league.NWA Rafa"
20th Jul 2013 0:48
"Rafa has only signed a 2 year contract with Napoli so when Rodgers contract runs out in 2 years then surely Rafa has got to come back and try to build us up into europes best club again like last time he did." champs league finals now its only a dream since rafa left"
20th Jul 2013 2:34
"I loved Rafa when he was here, but I doubt the club would bring him back and I personally wouldn't want him back. It didn't go well the last time we brought back a former manager/club icon, now did it? Long term, I'd love to see Martin Kelly as club captain, if he can stay injury free. In the meantime Agger or Lucas would both be great as the VC."
20th Jul 2013 2:40
"Soooo let me get this right, now we're losing Pepe and saving on his wages, we have now lost 4 players in this window, gained 4 players and we have made a few quid.. I can't wait to see the new guys in action next season but seriously FSG pull your finger out and invest. You can't gamble with our club.. "
20th Jul 2013 4:05
"Daniel Agger! Why Q that? "
20th Jul 2013 4:06
"Is he sending a picture by not including Suarez and Pepe's names?"
20th Jul 2013 4:16
"Spot on! N we still need that definsive line 2 shine for 38 games in PL, and then some... On top of that i think a replacement 4 Suarez is the next major signing? Our midfield looks massive n strong. Think this is THE season were we've got the chance to strike back into Top 4. Go get 'em... YNWA"
20th Jul 2013 5:18
"Glen johnson"
20th Jul 2013 5:29
"It can't be Lucas, the amount of free kicks he gives away that teams score off or free kicks that lead to goals is horrible, and he is no where near as vocal as agger is, it has to be agger no question about it."
I told you so
20th Jul 2013 6:33
"IMO it was obvious as soon as BR bought in a new keeper that Pepe would be off. That's why he's not been mentioned and he's off to Napoli to link up with Rafa."
20th Jul 2013 6:54
"I think it will be Agger. For consistency, experience, and leadership. I think Lucas might be better if he doesnt have that pressure."
20th Jul 2013 7:19
"Agger or Leivaï¼"
20th Jul 2013 10:05
"It should be pepe. But lfc don't seem to want to keep our best players"