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How many RBs still left from the academy.. Congrats Ryan. YNWA
19th Jul 2013 10:57
19th Jul 2013 10:58
"good news.. future is bright.. YNWA"
19th Jul 2013 11:03
"That is a mighty fine beard for 18! "
19th Jul 2013 11:09
"I have only heard good things about this lad. Congrats Ryan, keep improving"
19th Jul 2013 11:15
"Seen him playing several times. Very good player. Congrats "
19th Jul 2013 11:24
"great news"
19th Jul 2013 11:32
"Love this guy. Still, no chance at RB with Glen, Andre, Martin K and Flanno ahead of him...try compete at LB with Jose and Jack"
19th Jul 2013 11:33
"Great News! Fantastic player. Well done Ryan. The future is bright, the future is ... RED! YNWA! JFT96!"
19th Jul 2013 11:43
"This is fantastic news! One if the lads I am eager to see in the first team and hope he will make it. Very talented player, watched alot of him for the last year and very impressed! Well done Ryan, YNWA! :)"
19th Jul 2013 11:55
"I rate this lad , very quick , very brave could save the club a few bob if used correctly ."
19th Jul 2013 12:11
"Excellent news. A great prospect."
19th Jul 2013 12:31
"fantastic talent and is going to be a legend."
19th Jul 2013 13:34
"Great engine. Always fantastic commitment. Exciting and productive down the right flank. If he gets to grips with the defensive side of wing back duties Ryan could well become a top player. "
19th Jul 2013 13:46
"This is a real gem. Better than Flanno and more attacking than Kelly and Wisdom. This is our version of Alves. He wins penalties for fun and assists too. He needs games as the games given to Flanno are not improving him, get him out on loan and try this dude."
19th Jul 2013 14:03
"Why does he look like Wayne Shrek"
19th Jul 2013 14:21
"Awesome news Ryan! An absolute star in the making, I hope we can hold on to him long enough for him to get a chance in the first team.."
19th Jul 2013 15:40
"Play your heart out. Get in the first team. Then i'll bust my lungs supporting you every match. Fair deal eh?? "
19th Jul 2013 17:13
"gonna be a top player reminds me of dani alves the way he plays and bombs up the pitch"
19th Jul 2013 17:50
"I remember this time last year he marked Francesco Totti exquisitely. Have high hopes for this fella, was disappointed and surprised BR didn't even give him a Europa Run-out last year. Fingers crossed 2013/14 is the season! YNWA Ryan Mc!"
19th Jul 2013 20:05
"Personally see McLaughlin battling it out with Flanno to be our future RB. I see Kelly and Wisdom as developing into our versatile CB partnership TBH, like Carra did before he took place in the heart of defence. Would just leave future LB to sort out then. I think Robinson has the potential but he seems to have stalled in his development at the moment."
19th Jul 2013 20:51
"congrats ryan well done young man, very exciting young rightback/wingback for our future."
19th Jul 2013 22:09
"Excellent prospect with a superb beard.....Not enough beards in football these days. It takes a certain flair to sport a beard and still look cool....I should know...ahem....Kudos to Ryan."
I told you so
20th Jul 2013 6:38
"Really been impressed with this kid. Needs to bulk up a bit in order to cope with 1st team demands but he's only a teenager and has great skills and will make an excellent attacking FB for us imo."