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Pepe wont be here. No chance. Mignolet was signed as No 1.
19th Jul 2013 9:36
19th Jul 2013 9:37
"This keeper means business and i think very confident Reina beware"
19th Jul 2013 9:40
"Mignolet will be amazing for us! "
19th Jul 2013 9:46
"I hope Henderson will play a big part in the coming season. His atude is second to none, he has all the attribute to be a top top player. And he is still relatively young, I think he will be a perfect replacement when SG retires."
19th Jul 2013 10:12
"two good keepers now,what we need now is a couple of signings for the starting 11, no more Swansea type players we can't finish 7th again next season and be 2nd best in Liverpool "
19th Jul 2013 10:15
"Redhotliverpool yes jordans a hard worker,but theres no way he can be our next SG, steve was banging in goals aT his age,sorry but jh will never be a stevie"
19th Jul 2013 10:23
"I really like Jordan as he gives you that feeling that if he can make it....anybody can, He has revived my hope of getting a game! "
19th Jul 2013 10:30
"stuthebru Jordan scored 8 goals in all comps last season so that side of his game is deffo improving. Watching that interview he comes across as a very level headed young lad and I can only see him improving playing for us. YNWA"
19th Jul 2013 10:33
"Mind you, when Doni lefet nobody replaced him! Therefore we had that extra place for a keeper! But I'm not too worried about the stopper position because we have some good shot stoppers in the academy! YNWA!"
19th Jul 2013 10:37
"Pepe will not be here for long, Barcelona or Napoli is my guess. Mignolet is going to be No1 with Jones as No2, and Ward as No3"
19th Jul 2013 10:45
"Reina will be off - Benitez preparing a bid! Hopefully Mignolet is stronger in the air to combat the anti-football, long ball bullies!"
19th Jul 2013 10:48
"I agree with 'Redhotliverpool', I've been saying the same thing for the past 2 seasons. stushebru : Henderson scored 6 goals last season at the age of 23, the same number that Gerrard scored at that age. It was only in 05/06 that he really started scoring regularly. I'm not trying to say that Hendo will be just as good as Stevie but I think he has a lot of similar traits..."
19th Jul 2013 10:51
"As for Mignolet, I think he has world class potential but I still think Pepe is #1. He had a rough start last season bu looked almost back to his best when he returned to the side after Jones had a run in the side. Just needed the competition to get him fired up..."
19th Jul 2013 10:52
"it will be a blessing if he leaves.IN LFC only those should stay and who want to of the s should leave immediately.we need ppl with a lot of love affair with are history for us."
19th Jul 2013 11:48
"Pepe is on 110k.per week , which he will not get anywhere else . The same deal will be struck with him as with big Andy ie a huge payoff . Lets get rid of all the overpaid ,underperforming individuals . "
19th Jul 2013 12:19
"Rushjob...Agreed.FSG want Reina's wages off the books. BTW was thinking maybe me (and others) are hyping Erikssen up too much.Maybe Hendo can pick up where he left off last year and become the English Erikssen"
19th Jul 2013 12:22
"I don't get the negative comments towards pepe?! He's a proper scouse now, runs the lengh of the pitch to jump on his team mates shoulders when we score.. And is still one of the best.. Great with his feat, quick off his line and brilliant shot stopper. So how about some loyalty towards him eh people?"
19th Jul 2013 12:27
"LMAN- I reckon Eriksen is overhyped and indeed Henderson can be our answer. I went to Preston and although only a friendly etc, Henderson was excellent for the 45 he played. "
19th Jul 2013 12:29
"Its a 'world cup year'. If Pepe is sat on the bench he wont even make the Spain squad. Just how it is. And we haven't spent 9 million on a sub goalie who has Belgium aspirations. Not too hard to work out is it."
19th Jul 2013 12:29
"Hope reina stays "
19th Jul 2013 12:29
"Great to see the naysayers are being proven wrong about hendo. He is showing more and more that he will be lfc captain after sg retires. I would make him vice captain right now. minolet looks like a terrific signing and if pepe goes next season we will have no worries here."
19th Jul 2013 12:42
"Rafa wants Reina but I do hope he stays."
19th Jul 2013 13:03
"cordoso- 2nd that."
19th Jul 2013 13:05
"Rushjob- check out kopkillah post 12.39- reds renew sponsors"
19th Jul 2013 13:16
"all of a sudden reina is rubbish and mignolet is better hes rubbish he come from sunderland who could have been relegated last season the only thing hes got in common with reina is the both wear goalie tops "
19th Jul 2013 13:18
"hendo its time opr you and downer to get ye findger out youv'e been here long enough no more excuses better players have gone and yu and downer are still here"
19th Jul 2013 13:25
"Do one hulksmash! How many games did you watch last season?"
19th Jul 2013 13:44
"What a superb signing by B.rodgers, bt i will miss d presence of reina wen he leaves, which i knw he will. Gr8 times ahead 4 our gr8 club. YNWA....."
19th Jul 2013 13:58
"I don't believe that many would want to see Pepe leave but however settled he is on Merseyside I could not see him playing second fiddle to any other keeper.FSG have been trying to reverse the mistakes they believe were made with regards to large salaries and I would imagine that they probably believe they could get 10 mil for Reina and Mignolet is probably on half pepe's salary."
scitzo soldier
19th Jul 2013 14:08
"Im a liverpool fan, and can't believe some people's atude on here. BR is the manager, he sees a lot more of the players than any of us and still people think they know better. It's laughable. And whats with everybody's aweful spelling and grammer? Are any of you educated?"
19th Jul 2013 14:59
"Mute Witness I don't know if it is Reina or Henderson you talk about, but who ever you are talking about it is totally wrong what your saying."
19th Jul 2013 15:23
"Scitzo- I too am occasionally annoyed by the lack of grammar and spelling- especially when it's a doomsayer on an incomprehensible rant. However, I have to laugh- I think the word is "Awful", unless they spell it different where you live!! :D"
19th Jul 2013 15:25
"...also it's "grammar"."
19th Jul 2013 15:30
"I have all the love in the world for Pepe, and he will never walk alone. However, this guy Mignolet is the real deal as well. Also loving the support that Hendo is getting from most supporters on here. I don't know if he should vice-captain just yet, though. Dagger and Lucas are a step ahead of him in my book. Definite leadership potential and a great example of a guy who works for the shirt."
scitzo soldier
19th Jul 2013 15:36
"POOLBOYUSA- I new somebody would pick me up on grammar, as soon as i hit post i realised. But as for aweful i'm english and in the english launguage that is how its spelt. However I forgive the lazy way Americans choose to spell words."
scitzo soldier
19th Jul 2013 15:40
"POOLBOYUSA- I do have to agree with you, as regards to the players."
19th Jul 2013 15:48
"Scitzo- glad to see you're taking my jibe in the manner intended- good clean fun with all due respect. You're right- Americans are lazy- no doubt. Still- I am a big fan of words, their usage and etymology, so just for fun I'm going to do a bit of research on the English version of "Aweful". Oxford English Dictionary- here I come! :D"
19th Jul 2013 15:50
"I hope not Pepe doesn't need to be sold !!! PERIOD ! "
19th Jul 2013 17:18
"BR wants competion on the goalieposition, so there is no need talking about Reina leaving. If he have said this, then surely Reina have agreed this and welcome the competition to get back his old form. "
19th Jul 2013 17:19
"mignolet will be no1! reinas going, and hendo will be important this season hes getting better and better"
19th Jul 2013 20:08
"I'm not sure Pepe will leaving this summer, but would expect it next year when Valdes' contract at Barca expires. Would be a shame to see him leave since he's been a fantastic keeper for us, but wouldn't hold it against him. "
20th Jul 2013 1:34
"Pepe's pooped off to ava a laffa wi Rafa "
I told you so
20th Jul 2013 6:45
"Bye Pepe, you've been a legend, but you've got to think about your career.. Napoli is a great club, with top fans & they'll love you.. Wonder if your family will be going with you? Or if that really is it for you in Liverpool? "
20th Jul 2013 7:23
"Our #1"
20th Jul 2013 9:10
"still wish reina stays, but with all the rumours flying about one can't really know what to expect well hope both stay together cuz i know competition sometime is what really helps"