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Just do the business for us the right and getting in the national squad my happen on its own. YNWA Samba boys
19th Jul 2013 6:44
19th Jul 2013 7:56
"RESPECT Lucas! Do well in the coming games and you and Phillipe will definitely have a chance to be called up for the World Cup! YNWA!"
19th Jul 2013 7:56
"Hope you guys make it 'cos you deserve it more. Can't see Oscar as a better option to Cou"
19th Jul 2013 9:14
"Stick to talking about Liverpool here Lucas (& others) This is a Liverpool website and we pay your wages. Seriously, I find any talk about "my World Cup hopes", "my hopes for MY future"' "furthering my career" etc. etc. to be downright selfish and an insult to the club and it's SUPPORTERS. Rant over! YNWA! JFT96!"
19th Jul 2013 10:36
"highway36 if you watch the video Lucas was asked the question about going to the world cup and he was just being honest. Stop nit picking at players who are only answering the questions the interviewers (who work for the club in this case) are asking. YNWA JFT96"
19th Jul 2013 11:07
"philg83, it's not nit-picking. For a few years a number of players have spoken about Liverpool being a step in "furthering their careers", hence the "(& others)" in my 1st post. I believe this to be disrespectful. Am I "telling the truth"? No, I'm giving my opinion, hence why I acknowledged that it was a rant and why I would never tell another SUPPORTER what to do or what not to do. YNWA! JFT96!"
19th Jul 2013 11:35
"highway 36 - Lucas being Brazilian and the next world cup being in Brazil, I can sympathise with him wanting to go really badly because its a once in a lifetime opportunity and it's every player's dream. I don't think it's disrespectful to the club because it, it doesn't harm Liverpool in any way for a player wanting to be in the national squad. "
19th Jul 2013 11:35
"When you say stuff about furthering their career however its only disrespectful in the case of Suarez where he goes back on everything he says previously, if they are honest from the start then I don't see a major problem, we just wouldn't be attached to the player as much and treat them more like an employee than a loyal friend."
19th Jul 2013 12:32
"These two players will be vital for us next season. Rumours about Agger and Reina are unhelpful. Agger MUST stay with us."
19th Jul 2013 13:26
"The comments here reminds me of the time LFCTV featured some players relaxing by playing pool at Melwood, and a fan wrote in to tell them to stop goofing around and get back to training. Come to think of it, highway36, were you the one?"
19th Jul 2013 15:01
"All players want to play for their country.......people moaning about players having ambition to play for their country are ridiculous. These players will only get into the Natiopnal team, by playing well for their club, so players who want to represent their country will play well for us."
19th Jul 2013 15:06
"A team of Internationals is something for us as supporters to be proud of.....remember the good days Grobs - Zimbabwe, Gillespie - Scotland, Hansen - Scotland, Nicol - Scotland, Whelan - Rep Ireland, Houghton - Rep Ireland, Molby - Denmark, Barnes - England, Beardsley - England, Rush - Wales, and even our subs were full internationals. "
Dede 7
19th Jul 2013 18:21
"Good luck. This is a big season for many players and more so for our club. YWNWA."
19th Jul 2013 22:56
"I Really hope both of them make it into the squad! When was the last time 2 players from Liverpool were in a Brazil world cup squad? Never! Future is bright! YNWA (Maybe Bernard will join to make it 3)"