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We need a marquee signing to show a statement of intent going forward for next season, still think we are lacking a quailty right winger but by the way rodgers plays ball, the team interchanges on the pitches anyway. Cant wait for the season to start....In my eyes here in Dublin on the 10th. :)
17th Jul 2013 9:19
Jimmy 123456789
17th Jul 2013 9:21
"In Brendon...WE TRUST..!!!!"
Jimmy 123456789
17th Jul 2013 9:21
"In Brendon...WE TRUST..!!!!"
17th Jul 2013 9:23
"we made investment yes and the players added look good but we need more then SQUAD players to compete YNWA"
17th Jul 2013 10:21
"I just heard that west ham asked liverpool for downing for 8million... Anyways if suarez stays than we will surely b le contendors"
17th Jul 2013 10:22
"he definitely had a gift, not sure about managment yet."
I told you so
17th Jul 2013 10:52
"Got the job 5 years too soon & that showed first 1/2 of season. But he's here now so gets support. Finished season well, but he'd already blown our chances by then making crucial errors like not buying Sturridge until Xmas (saved 3m, cost us the season) and turning down Van Gaal as DoF. Still yet to win vs top teams."
17th Jul 2013 11:07
"You cant being positive eh?"
17th Jul 2013 11:08
"Should read you cant beat being positive eh? "
17th Jul 2013 11:27
"Why do some still keep talking about a marque signing? Has the Coutinho buy not woken this folks up. This acquisition has showed what a clever man BR is. We bought the 2 best players of last season in Sturridge and Coutinho. We have already bought some players who will light up the league. Pipe down moaners. "
17th Jul 2013 11:43
"rodgers can only buy whats in front of him and with the budget hes got, i wouldnt mind us getting rooney in with the money we get of suarez if we manage to sell him "
17th Jul 2013 12:58
"I told you so im still waiting for you to add a productive & positive comment guess il be waiting a while & why are you still yapping on about last season you have to take a totally positive article & p'ss on it"
17th Jul 2013 13:18
"he seems to lack that bit of knoledge of better players we are not Swansea,we can't keep buying from McDonalds while spurs are in the steakhouse,"
17th Jul 2013 13:38
"lacks knoledge of the better player we ain't Swansea "
17th Jul 2013 13:41
"bit confused why spearing is on tour with us why couldn't we take someone else from the u 21's"
17th Jul 2013 14:52
"A man of vision, honesty and determination - tactile too. Must be great to be a young player under Brendan but lets not forget Colin Pascoe's influence. A strong willed and industrious Welshman in the mould of Toshack accept Colin is quiet and aloof. Move over Clough and Taylor YNWA"
17th Jul 2013 15:27
"one consistently mid 20s proven player is required preferably a creative midfielder or a striker. "
17th Jul 2013 15:57
"Brendan has had to learn a lot in his first season and he has had to reverse out of some tight corners. Brendan has combined what he inherited with some astute signings to create a compeive squad and we really don't need a big name unless we lose suarez."
17th Jul 2013 17:08
"He's a like able guy alright!"
17th Jul 2013 17:16
"As long we don't offer CL, we won't be the 1st destination for those marquee signings kopking 100, the LUIS SUAREZ should stay to take us there and win the league than run away to look for CL. BIG NOT FOR SALE PLACARD ON HIM. That's what we bought him for CL positions and challenging for the League. PERIOD. "
17th Jul 2013 23:03
"There's so much negativity which comes out of false expectation. After January I realised that BR's vision can work but I stated on here that it will be the next 3 transfer windows that define BR's foundations, not just this summer. Bit by bit the culture at this club is changing and it's needed. We can't do things quickly but we caused delays last year. Time to get behind the exciting BR plans."
17th Jul 2013 23:13
"I don't want to see fans settle for second best. Not at this club. But what has always made this club worth supporting is the fact that we have always been great supporters. We don't want to be a chelsea or city and we have to think outside of the box. For what it's worth, as soon as we sacked rafa we should have stripped it back but we put Hodgson in charge and spent badly with kk. Get behind BR!"