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Very high hopes for Raheem this season. Reckon he's gonna take the prem by storm.
16th Jul 2013 9:55
16th Jul 2013 10:33
"The attack BR is putting together may not be the biggest in the league, but one thing is for sure it will be one of the quickest."
16th Jul 2013 10:55
" "
16th Jul 2013 11:03
"Kop - injured ... Surprise you didn't know"
16th Jul 2013 11:16
16th Jul 2013 11:17
"And your hair lad: Fix it up."
16th Jul 2013 11:22
"not just his hair but also his running style as well..ouch"
16th Jul 2013 12:05
"So Raheem will be using that spectacular loaf. What good news. He must have guts too, by looking at him."
16th Jul 2013 12:14
"i think raheem has stolen enrique le as carpet head "
16th Jul 2013 12:18
"Who cares what he runs like or the way he likes his hair.. He just need to work hard ;) got the potential to be a very good player YNWA Sterling "
16th Jul 2013 14:03
"sterling and Coutinho running at defenders could be very exciting this season. Who plays and how the team shapes up remains to be seen."
16th Jul 2013 14:45
"I know this is not about this story but is anyone else totally gutted that Dani Pacheco hasn't been included into the squad for the upcoming tour. Really hope he is not leaving as think he could be massive for us if given the chance"
16th Jul 2013 15:23
"Rushjob - no pressure then? The lad doesn't need that type of statement."
16th Jul 2013 18:23
"If he stays, i like suarez up front, with coutinho behind and sterling and ibe on the wings..... mmm tasty YNWA"
16th Jul 2013 22:05
"Kingwillis. My opinion pal. He walks the walk, time to show the world his talents. This is Liverpool Football Club- it's all about the pressure, handling it, and delivering. It's sink or swim- and I reckon Raheem is gonna be boss this season."
16th Jul 2013 22:12
"6 years ago we were playing in the champions Lge final because we had players capable of handling said pressure. Yes Raheem is young, but he is also very very talented. There's no excuses for anybody this season. This is it. No hiding places. No more 'transition season' BS. "
17th Jul 2013 2:13
"rushjob, readin between the lines of what you say, you seem to be wanting Rodgers to fail... why? it will take 2 full seasons to rotate the squad completely to fill it with the players he needs to compete for the league, he said this clearly when he joined, Rodgers is going to be here for a long time..."
17th Jul 2013 3:39
"Raheem .. i now have doubts u will make the grade at LFC. Ibe looks promising than u .. Buck up , be humble and work hard..maybe u will make it .."