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That's the problem, we talk and wish and never put an offer or bid, that's what happened with Henrihk Mkhitaryan, let's put a bid or shut up, we are not in the CL and we will always be the last option, never entertain selling LUIS especial;y to the opposition locally.
15th Jul 2013 12:45
15th Jul 2013 12:58
"I still believe br knows what he is doing.. "
15th Jul 2013 12:59
"If we don't bid the we probably don't want him"
15th Jul 2013 13:02
"please please make a bid for him, he would be an absolutely amazing addition to our squad. him and alderweireld. imagine mingolet-kelly-agger-skrtel(alderweireld)-johnson-lucas-gerrard-eriksen-coutinho-aspas-sturridge = pure class"
15th Jul 2013 13:11
"That's really make us so worry about losing out on the quality players. Sometime taking too much time to analysis and dragging around, would annoy players and fans. I hope recruitment team & BR could react fast to secure potential 1st team player ASAP. "
15th Jul 2013 13:21
"Butholwzwe if you want to keep Suarez after 7 different comments from the Rat asking to leave, then you are a fickle fool. In relation to this 'story', they are all stories; some fans need to come to the realisation that they may be BS. Instead of moaning that we aren't doing antyhing, HOW DO YOU KNOW? HOW DO YOU KNOW WE HAVENT BID FOR A PLAYER?"
The True Red Fan
15th Jul 2013 13:41
"Guys i'm 100% sure we are not interested in this player hence explaining why we haven't put in a bid.... I do believe however we may be interested in Bernard"
15th Jul 2013 22:44
"Sick and tired of the same crap everyday. To much talking and no ACTION. Hope this one does not end like the Mkhitaryan saga."
15th Jul 2013 23:21
"Inside futball broke the news that Mkhitaryan was less than 3 days from medical at anfield about three weeks ago. Keep us posted we are hanging on your every pearl of wisdom."