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Lets put the money down and get him one time! I hope it happens!
15th Jul 2013 11:54
15th Jul 2013 11:55
"Maybe he is just not a target and the brazilian wonderkid is"
15th Jul 2013 11:56
"so all this cr-ap about us going after all these big names appears to be just talk we have made no offers yet for any big names, "
15th Jul 2013 11:58
"Well this is getting frustrating. "
15th Jul 2013 12:01
"Just hurry up Brendan, what else are you doing"
15th Jul 2013 12:06
"DELAYS cost us dearly last season. Before that, the disurbing decision to sell MEIRILESS helped Chelsea win the CL and cost us a CL place. We need an international class CM to lead when Gerrard is not in the team. Act now or pay dearly yet again."
15th Jul 2013 12:12
"If BR & FSG have any ambition of winning league les & competing in the Champions League this is the type of acquisition we need."
15th Jul 2013 12:23
"More bull coming from r great club Americans just dont understand r club and will never spend another made season finish "
15th Jul 2013 12:25
"Never spend their money and another mid table season ty for making r club a laughing stock "
15th Jul 2013 12:27
"omfg cmon br please make an official bid. apparently we will be making one very soon "
15th Jul 2013 12:39
"To be honest, I hope we get Shaqiri instead. Followed that guy since he was in Basel... he is amazing"
15th Jul 2013 12:40
"i rate shaqiri and bernard higher than him, but eriksen is the one most likely to join liverpool. just get one of them and make us happy!"
Innocent man
15th Jul 2013 12:42
"I can see that choice is BR`s problem but by now you should have made that out of Eriksen and Bernard so that you can concentrate on defender and good striker if the ingrate Suarez moves."
15th Jul 2013 12:44
"StRoth where says we making offer soon link please, i really hope what your aying is true because he is class & is only going to get better "
15th Jul 2013 12:44
"pls cod sm1 tel me ds a liar 4rm sky sports just abt 10min ago dat liverpol had not make any enquiry 4 ereksin pls what are we waitin 4 haba."
15th Jul 2013 12:51
"So do we actually have the money? and if so, A/ Does Eriksen want to come to LFC (he should)? B/ Will the EPL pace mean he doesn't get the time on the ball he has in Holland? We could turn a £15 mil player into £8 mil in a season."
15th Jul 2013 12:56
"Maybe with no CL and 7th place last season, he doesn't see us as a team thats 'bigger than Ajax in every way' - who knows..."
15th Jul 2013 13:09
"If we are selling Luis for the reported 25/30 mil. I want to see big names, I want to see this man in red."
15th Jul 2013 13:14
"LFC is bigger than Ajax mate so it should be an easy decision. Or, playing and getting knocked out in the CL groups stages is what you call 'big' then stay where you are. These young lads need to get some humility about them, if he rejects us it is for the better probably."
15th Jul 2013 13:16
"dont think were in for bernard or eriksen tbh :/ "
15th Jul 2013 13:20
"BR what r u waiting for!!!"
15th Jul 2013 13:21
"All the signs are clear, we won't get him....why too sluggish once again to a most wanted player!"
15th Jul 2013 13:22
"The boy has confirmed he has hasn't had an offer yet so what's to turn down. He hasn't rejected us because we haven't been given permission by Ajax to discuss terms. The balls in LFC's court & as ever with potential big signings we're doing nothing!!!!"
15th Jul 2013 13:24
"hope we miss out on Erisken, dont rate the lad, bernard is better in every way, eriksen goes missing in games! only people who have not seen him play would rate him..."
15th Jul 2013 13:31
"so Erikson himself hasn't heard of interest or any offers, and yet the manager has said "i will not stand in his way if he wants to go to anfield" i dont understand. do they not ask the players?"
15th Jul 2013 14:07
""..a club bigger than Ajax in every way" - They have won the league and have gained CL qualification the last 4 years..history is close with 4 wins to our 5..amazing academy. The only thing we have over Ajax right now is that we are in the PL..doesnt sound like we will be successful even if we do bid. I'd write this one off personally. Just trying to be objective. YNWA"
15th Jul 2013 14:10
"Aah Hhhh this is getting so frustrating...plz l.f.c n the owners..get us quality we can fight for all the cups...u people are gonna gv me a heart attack now"
15th Jul 2013 14:13
"erikson..alderweild..bernard...alonso..n lets get rooney..n suarez out...we ready to go.....yesssssss"
15th Jul 2013 14:31
"cool..lfc hahaha get rooney quality jokes you just made my day thank you"
15th Jul 2013 14:40
"I along with every Liverpool fan will be furious if no big signings are made during this TW. Without European football, you have no excuses Brendan Rodgers. Top 4 is our main objective next season. You will lose the faith with over half the fans if you fail to accomplish this. "
15th Jul 2013 14:46
"All of you people calling out for bernard"The wonderkid" .. have you Even watched him play? Amazing what kind of power The media has on naive peoples opinions "
15th Jul 2013 15:21
"Anyone who is frustrated with transfer dealings right now--IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT!! Everyone should know by now not to get too attached to anything these rags print. LFC has always done business behind closed doors, then announce signings, sell o, and loans once they actually happen. Contd..."
15th Jul 2013 15:25
"...Nothing has changed in that regard, nor will it ever. To those demanding this and demanding that and saying we are doing nothing- How do you know?!? Fact is- you DON'T!!! Demands are useless- Do you LOVE LFC UNCONDITIONALLY or NOT?!?!? Real supporters do and always will."
15th Jul 2013 15:44
"I think BR is waiting for Suarez to be sold so that he has enough funds available"
15th Jul 2013 20:41
"pecclehead, the manager was asked whether he will allow Erickson to go to other clubs with no champions league football like Liverpool, and he gave that reply, it doesn't necessarily mean we are close to signing him. "
16th Jul 2013 7:48
"I don't even think we're in for him. After signing Luis Alberto Ian Ayre said that he was top of our shopping list. We're now seeing lousy ownership from another set of Americans who only care about making profit and not winning things in football. In the words of Bill Shankly, if you're first, you're first. If you're second, you're nothing. Well what is 7th?"