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pls i beg you BR, stop waiting and get this guy ASAP!
15th Jul 2013 10:50
15th Jul 2013 10:55
"God these media reports can cause serious injuries. I nearly fell of my chair when i read this ;):):)"
15th Jul 2013 10:58
"its still really early in the window but we need to be faster or we will lose our targets to other EPL teams. this is still LFC everton or liverpool ? no brainer"
15th Jul 2013 11:10
"if we drag our heels others will jump in ahead of us and sign players we've got our eyes on, first in first served so to speak.have Arsenal signed Suarez yet ha!they do things like this to deflect attention away from the fact that they haven't spent any of their £100 mill yet ha! their owners would a relapse if they thought they had to spend money to keep the rabble happy."
15th Jul 2013 11:18
"Now I am getting worried. Come on our club, please....."
15th Jul 2013 11:24
"oooooooooh its in media watch so it must be true. all big sisgnings will wait as long as possible (their agents advice) to allow a bidding war thus bigger agent fee to sign for the "Lucky winner" "
15th Jul 2013 11:24
"I trust BR knows who to get to strengthen starting 11. Just have to be patient. Can't see same mistakes made as last year - maybe they weren't mistakes, glad we didn't get Dempsey and money grabber Sigurd, we probably wouldn't have got Sturro and Court10 otherwise."
15th Jul 2013 11:26
"On a much brighter note: Moyes is putting his foot in his mouth already. "Rooney to be back up for RVP" HAAAA!! Looks like bye bye Wazza, unless he wants to sit on wood all season."
15th Jul 2013 12:09
"What on Earth is causing the SNAIL PACE of doing things at LFC these days? "
15th Jul 2013 12:19
"Get Alderweireld for 8m, sell Coates. Alderweireld is class, captain and quality player ready to play now!"
15th Jul 2013 12:50
"We don;t bid or offer but expect players to just come t0o us. Just don't selll LUIS SUAREZ. PERIOD."
15th Jul 2013 13:49
"bet u wazza loves sitting on wood!!"
15th Jul 2013 15:10
"Stevie G has said he is excited about the future of LFC when he signed a extension to his contract today, so there must be something good going on within the club. I hope its good news on either Toby, Eriksen, Bernard, Shaqi or the 2 Brazilians we have been linked with, come on LFC push the boat and get them in, YNWA"
15th Jul 2013 16:34
"I've never heared the likes of us competing with bitters for a player before these truly are sad times "
15th Jul 2013 19:26
"I don't think this guy is coming, if he was when all the talk about joining Norwich we would have bid to stop him joining them."
coutinho star
15th Jul 2013 22:31
"ha ha ha if everton land him it means the guy is stupid why leave ajax for them clowns"
15th Jul 2013 23:35
"It cant be true because Inside Futball never get it right before my granma has had her shirt signed by the player."
16th Jul 2013 1:22
"BR you have to look at bringing in Eriksen, Bernard and Higuian. Suarez has disappointed us all and believe he should no longer be part of the liverpool revolution. YNWA "