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Jordon Ibe should be given more chances this season, however do not rush the lad and I am sure he will be quite a player :)
15th Jul 2013 9:49
15th Jul 2013 9:50
"Football Manager IS just like real life then!"
15th Jul 2013 9:51
"Looks like a great prospect. Modest and hardworking. It's great to have a competition between him and Raheem. "
15th Jul 2013 10:10
"both players had a great game, both scored goals :)"
15th Jul 2013 10:28
"This lad could become a better player then sterling. ... He runs at defenders at will and hardly plays the ball back. .. loads of confidence at a tender age. Keep going Ibe, your hard work will pay off. YNWA!"
15th Jul 2013 11:00
"Ibe excited me, at least we can use him at the right times and not over do it, like we did with Sterling due to unforeseen cirstances."
15th Jul 2013 11:29
"Ibe will get chances this season. Also off the bench will be useful with his pace."
I told you so
15th Jul 2013 13:07
"Lovely lad, big future. Hope the club has learned from Sterling's experience, who I think was thrown into the deep end to much, and missed the 2nd half of the season through fatigue / little knocks. "
15th Jul 2013 13:13
"will get a few chances this season and rightly so, looks very promising"
15th Jul 2013 14:28
"We have real up and coming quality imagine in a few years time with them playing alongside a more experienced Coutinho, Sturridge etc. Future is looking good. But without challenging for top 4 or the league in the here and now our top performers e.g. Suarez will keep wanting to leave. 2 or 3 quality signings I feel are still required for this seasons push. "
15th Jul 2013 15:42
"Fabio Borini has a lot to learn still. Sterling and Ibe seem better finishers than Fabio. "
15th Jul 2013 19:44
"A future star i reckon..All the talk about Sterling last year but Ibe for me will shine more..Great future for the youngsters at our club..Good to see!"
15th Jul 2013 21:22
"I think he could become a cracking player in the future like Sterling and many other of our youngsters. The 'shoot on sight' instruction is likely there to try and give him confidence in front of goal although sometimes better passes are available. Still, I look forward to seeing him progress. Just hope we don't rush the lad too soon."