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What are we waiting for ?? Snap him up !!
15th Jul 2013 9:16
15th Jul 2013 9:36
"Come and join this new exciting team..."
15th Jul 2013 9:43
"Recycle of yesterday story. Hope we get him though."
15th Jul 2013 9:47
"Hopefully we catch him before Mancs."
15th Jul 2013 9:50
"Eriksen is a quality player, no doubt, but so is Aquilani and he just couldn't do himself justice in the prem. Not saying the same for Eriksen but the possibility is there."
15th Jul 2013 10:10
"get this deal done. if suarez is ready to leave, trade him for higuain and alonso plus 10mill, keeping both suarez and higuain out of arsenal hands and ensuring he does not play against us in the future."
15th Jul 2013 10:31
"lol "snap him up!" you realise noone else is comin in, until people go out right? that potential eriksen and toby deal wont unless suarez leaves (thats if there is actual interest in them)"
15th Jul 2013 10:35
"Samajax ... The Glass is Half empty huh? .. thats the risc of every single signing that every single Club makes... There Are never Any guarantees that a player Will succeed .. "
15th Jul 2013 10:37
"TangoLFC... And you know this how?"
15th Jul 2013 10:49
"In 5 days he will sign for Roma."
15th Jul 2013 11:02
"TangoLFC seeing as you know our transfer budget is £4million all we had to spend ? thats lesser than championship teams. & also can i ask who you expect to be leaving ? ive heard a few downing to WH rumors but nothing else"
15th Jul 2013 11:10
"Rodgers has stated we are planning on keeping saurez and signing two first teamers, so if saurez goes we will have to replace him! people saying we have to buy to sell is just moronic, we have signed so great quality so far and people are not happy still"
15th Jul 2013 11:11
"and it is not LFC being slow in getting Eriksen, if you read all the articles he is taking his time choosing were he goes next, I for one dont like that atude, the lad thinks too much of himself! I would prefer bernard!!!!!"
15th Jul 2013 11:19
"TheLight i agree & disagree i only want players who want to be LFC but i dont think him taking his time means he has bad atude if he does make the move he will play his best for us im sure."
15th Jul 2013 11:27
"Im fed up with all this talk of new players coming in as i said before BR knows who he wants its just ian ayre been slow not doing his job properly i want the right players for lfc i wantg us to be great again "
15th Jul 2013 11:46
"hey alex at 1119, I get the feeling he is to big for his boots, he seems to be holding out for madrid or barcelona, I would prefer him to want to come, if not move our attention to another target similar to how we have dropped out interest in Ince and I bet he is now regretting it playing hard ball with us...."
15th Jul 2013 11:48
"to lach96.... Ayre slow... we signed 4 players before the window opened..... Now BR is targeting buying two first team players which means the higher profile of those players will probably make for a longer process of negotiation...."
15th Jul 2013 11:50
"This when I don't unerstand! Obviously Eriksen and his Belgian defender team mate are interested to come to the EPL but Brendan has suddenly gone cold! Or has the money has run dry? If we have to sell the Uruguayan please do to get the money but make sure he sends in his rensfer request first! To think Inused to adore him! YNWA!"
15th Jul 2013 11:54
"Gemboy, I am sure we dont need to sell to buy, and none of us know even if these two are targets with the amount of names being thrown around, the same goes the armenian guy, which we never even contacted his club about...confirmed by the club president."
15th Jul 2013 12:32
"pls wat a we waitin pls liva pol get ds ereksin nd benard plus shaqdri pls we dnt av much tim anymor"
15th Jul 2013 13:41
"FSG should be coughing up to buy these young players. So far we haven't even spent much of our transfer budget which should be around 30m. That 30m would buy Eriksen and Bernard. Then sale Coates covers the funds for Alder from Ajax. Then Suarez wants to go, buy two strikers."
I told you so
15th Jul 2013 14:49
"An actual quote rather than 'sources close to the player say'.. He's been touted as the next big thing for a few years now. I like him and if he lives up to his billing he could end up very, very good imo. First few times I saw him he didn't impress me at all, but he's grown in confidence and boy can he pass a ball! Sign him."